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The Fallen Angel – Episode 25

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Chapter 25



Pumpkin’s POV


I hope their date is going smoothly..


Since jun pyo left,I have been feeling restless..


Maybe I am jealous…


I have even imagined them hugging and kissing themselves..


How I wish I was a human…

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I love jun pyo! I love him !! But why can’t he be mine?.


This is so unfair..



My feet felt heavy to carry my body..I slumped on the floor as tears flow freely from my eyes…


“I don’t want to go away from my jun pyo..i can’t live without him” I cried,hoping that any supernatural being out there,can hear my prayer and grant my wish..


Suddenly I felt a sharp pain in my chest..


“Ouch!! ” I screamed as I clutch my heart..


Oh my!! This is a sign that jun pyo is in danger…


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But he is supposed to be on his date..


What could have happened to him?


Maybe,I’m overreacting..


But the pain intensified with each passing second..


I don’t have a good feeling about this..


I decided to try connecting my heart to his..


I sat down and was about doing that,when I noticed that the pain has vanished..


This is a sign that he is out of danger..


“My jun pyo is saved now” I said and heaved a sigh of relief..


I quickly rushed downstairs and was about dialing his phone number when the door bell rang..


“Go get the door” I said to one of the helpers..


“Yes,my lady” she replied heading to the door…


She opened the door and to my surprise it was jun pyo..


“Jun pyo,you’re back” I happily said,heading to him..


But then my eyes fell on his clothes..They were stained with blood..


He couldn’t even walk properly..


“Are you okay?? Who did this to you” I worriedly asked as he sat on the couch..


“I don’t know..I was suddenly attacked by two men but thanks to the skills you taught me,I was able to beat hell out of them” he said.


“But who could have sent those men to hurt you”


“I don’t know,they refused to disclose the name of their boss to me” Enough is enough!!!


I have to find out who in the world is trying to hurt my jun pyo..


Since, I still have one chance to use my power,I will make use of that..


“Should I call the doctor” I asked almost crying..


“Don’t cry pumpkin,it’s just a minor injury..I will be fine” he said touching my chin..


“OK..let me assist you to your room,you need to rest”


“Get me the first aid box” I said to one of the helpers while assisting jun pyo to his room..


I helped him to his bed and cleaned up his wounds..


Before I could finish,he was already fast asleep…



“As long as I am here,I won’t let anybody harm you” I whispered into your ears and planted a soft kiss on his forehead..


“Get well soon” I muttered,covering him with his blanket before going to my room..


Its time to fulfill my MAIN MISSION on earth..


I locked the door to prevent disturbance..


I changed into my special white garment as I sat on the floor with my legs crossed…


Since the attackers has not gone far,it will be easy to locate them using the earth..


I closed my eyes,placed my hands on the floor and rendered some incantations..


“Oh mother earth! Mother earth!! I beg you to connect me to those who seeks the life of jun pyo” i kept on enchanting..


This ritual is risky but am ready to take the risk..


“Pay ears to my words mother earth”


I continued to say hoping she accepts my request..


All of a sudden,I was carried from my body into a dark world..


Looks like mother earth has finally heard my pleadings..


I heard some foot steps,so I headed to the direction..But came to a halt,when I heard some voices…


“Are you trying to tell me that the both of you couldn’t handle such an easy task??”


“Am sorry sir,we tried our best but he was too strong for us”



“What!! If you can’t do your duties well,then there is no need of me keeping you alive”


“Easy my have to calm down” A feminine voice said..


“How can I take it easy mum?? Each time I try to kill him,he manages to


escape..Because of jun pyo,I didn’t know what it feels to have a father..I know I am illegitimate son,but that doesn’t mean that My father should treat me like an out cast…I yearned for his love but no,he showered all of them on that stupid jun pyo..I hate him mother! I hate him !!”


“Don’t worry my boy,your mother is here..just as we sent his parents to hell,jun pyo will soon join them”


“Get ready jun pyo,we’re coming for you”


“Hahaha hahaha”They laughed in unison as their voice fades away…


I was shocked and terrified at this revelation..


So jun pyo has a step mom and brother who brutally murdered his parents and now after his own life..


I kept on shivering as I tried to comprehend what I just heard..


“Your body is weak,its time to go back” A voice said as a strong window blew,forcing me to come back into reality..


I slowly opened my eyes as I head a continuous banging on the door..







This is getting more interesting ♀ ♀ ♀



The fallen Angel



By Authoress Ruthie


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