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Heavenly Fight – Episode 31

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Episode 31


Lisa’s pov


I went back to school as the summer break came to an end The pain of losing Archie and Ashley really took a toil in us


Ashley’s mom still refused to believe that her daughter is gone, we just had to console her so she can take care of her baby


I got ready for school as I went downstairs


Lisa come and have your breakfast ” mom said


Am not hungry ” I said

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You can’t continue skipping meals, Ashley is gone and nothing can change that ” she said as tears gathered in my eyes


Can you just keep shut without talking about her” I yelled at my mom


What!!! She exclaimed as she was ready to pounce on me but thankfully we heard a car horn that stopped her


Ashley??? ” I called as I went outside


Good morning princess ” Liam greeted


Maybe I should really stop thinking about Ashley. I got my hopes up this time Are you ready let’s go” he said as I got into the car and he drove off



After some minutes drive we got to school


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I got down as I headed to class when I noticed everyone was staring at me She is her friend


I never knew she would hide such a thing from her Friend” they kept murmuring I wonder what’s going on


Archie would really be disappointed and break up with her So she is a witch no wonder her hair is originally white


She hasn’t even come to school not even Archie ” they kept saying


I got into the class as I settled down


When the Bella’s came to my sit


Hello cutie ” Annabella said as I waved at me but I ignored her


What about Ashley, did you guys quarrel, why didn’t you two come together ” she asked but I still ignored her


Ahhhhhh, you found out she is a witch, your best friend hid her black magic from you” she said


What the hell are you talking about ” I asked her angrily as she showed me the video of Ashley and clothes folding and entering into the box on it own


So where is your friend Ashley ” she asked


Don’t talk about Ashley ” I warned


Why, you are still siding her knowing that she is a witch and might kill you anytime ” she said Don’t talk about Ashley in that matter” I yelled at her


Wowwww, you are really siding her as her dog” she said as I slapped her Lisa” Liam called as she held me


I just wonder what Archie will do when he finds out” she kept on talking

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You are such a fool” I said


What” she exclaimed


Students already gathered around us including teachers Ashley ” I started calmly


Is no more” I said as everyone gasped


What is she talking about


Including Archie, both of them are no more” I said again as tears welled up Why, what are you talking about ” the asked


Lisa Ann what are you talking about” the principal who was also there asked


You are asking me what happened to them, should I tell you ” I said as I looked at everyone They had to leave, they had to sacrifice just for some ungrateful humans She had to totally leave this world because of you damn Humans


All she wanted was a free and happy life which she eventually got but it didn’t last because of….. ” I


stopped as I burst into tears


Yes is true. They two of them are not part of this world they are different from everyone of you” I yelled


I lost two important people because of everyone of you, I so much hate humans ” I yelled as my body


Oh no Lisa calm down ” Liam said


As everyone started murmuring




Liam’s pov


What’s happening to Lisa??? I asked love through the mind link


Her powers has been restored to her, she is now a goddess ” love said But she might misuse it now that she is angry ” I said


Then you have to stop her ” love said


I held Lisa


Is OK ” I told her


Ashley left a video message for you I ve sent it to your fine you can go on and watch it” I said as everyone brought out fones


While it was playing in the big screen


Hello everyone” she started


Am Ashley


I really want to thank everyone for making my days in school blissful


I want to thank the Bella’s specially, although they were troubles they made the school fun


By the time you are watching this video that means am no more


Am different from everyone of you


Am not a witch neither is Archie a wizard


We are not what you think we are


We had to leave to save a lot of things especially you humans, you guys are our first priority


Lisa and Liam I want to say thank you for the effort you guys put so far for this you are really the best I will miss you all


But always remember am there with you and I will definitely return The video ended


Guys I can’t explain in details but I have to go ” I said


So stop spreading useless rumours and Annabella if you want to live peacefully delete those videos I won’t be coming including Lisa so good bye” I said. What do you mean ” Lisa asked me


You got your…..


Liam nemesis is attacking come to the heavenly realms now ” goddess of love mind linked me There is trouble I said to Lisa as I teleported with her




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