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Dangerous Love Affairs – Episode 33

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C͙h͙l͙o͙e͙ H͙a͙s͙t͙i͙n͙gs͙



Author Viola’s Noveks



hє’ѕ α gαч







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We sat by the pool to a bottle of brandy. Jennifer, Chrisella, Rex, Daxton and I. We talked and laughed out loud but Daxton wasn’t participating in the conversation at all. We emptied the bottle of brandy and I went to get more. When I returned, I caught Daxton staring at a guy that was having drinks with his friends.


I switched my position and sat in beside him, blocking him from seeing the guy.

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“Chloe what are you doing?” Daxton asked


I looked at him “protecting you from yourself”


We poured out the brandy in our gla*sses and continued drinking.


“mind if I join you?” someone asked and I looked up to see the guy Daxton was staring at. He had left his friends and walked to our table with his drink.


“I don’t think so” I replied but Chrisella was already creating a chance for him beside her..


“sure” she said and he flashed her a smiled then sat beside her


Daxton looked at me “what are you thinking?”


“nothing” I drank from my gla*ss


“I’m Drake” the guy introduced himself


“I’m Chrisella” Chrisella picked up the introduction “and these are my friends, Jennifer, Chloe, Rex, and Daxton”


Drake smiled “Making new friends has always been my thing”


Jennifer emptied her gla*ss and filled it again “Sure.. It’s our pleasure to add you to the list”


“Who cares for a dance?” Drake asked but he was looking at our direction— I and Daxton.


“I love dancing” Chrisella got up and dragged Drake along “let’s dance”.


“alright.. Chrisella found a new mingle” Jennifer whispered to me




She shrugged “you’re the only female single now and…” she leaned forward and whispered “we know you’re not siblings”



I gasped


Jennifer smirked “I’ll go dance with my boyfriend”


“let’s go bae” Rex took her hand and they walked out, leaving Daxton and behind


“what now?” I asked Daxton


“we go to bed” he replied


I was already tired “better”


We walked out without informing the others and returned to the hotel. “What’s your room number?” Daxton asked me


“586” I replied then asked “what about you?”




“Just four rooms away” I said




We took the stairs and soon we were on the fifth floor.


“I know what you’re thinking” Daxton suddenly broke the long awkward silence


“about what?” I looked at him


“about that guy Drake”


Daxton was right. I was really thinking about the guy.


“I’m not thinking about him” I lied



“you are and I saw the way you looked at him and the way you blocked my view. I can tell a gay when I see one and that guy is one but trust me Chloe, I’m no longer in that era” Daxton said


I scoffed “why should I believe that when you sat there, checking him out”


Daxton chuckled and grabbed my hand “Chloe.. I wasn’t checking him out, there was a girl beside him you didn’t notice”


I was thrown aback “a what?”


“I wasn’t checking her out either” Daxton defended himself


I braced myself up and wriggled my hand from his grip. “I didn’t ask for an explanation”


“I know” he pushed his hair back “I just didn’t want you to misunderstand anything”


I shrugged “that wasn’t necessary”


“Goodnight” he said and walked out


I entered my room and dropped on my bed. I was really exhausted and I needed to sleep or just shoot into space. I had tried calling Dexter severally but he wasn’t taking my calls. I peeled off my clothes to go to bed when Pauline’s call came in. Grabbing a robe from my bed, I put it on and answered the call.


Good evening mom



Oh Chloe?! How u doing?



I’m doing great mom.. How you and dad?



Mom and dad are fine.. How’s Daxton?



He’s okay.. Having fun with his friends



and you’re not there with him?


I rolled my eyes



there are no women there



give Daxton the phone



alright.. Hang on



what’s your room number?






alright.. Give the phone to Daxton



I hurried out of my room and walked to Daxton’s room. With just one knock on the door, Daxton opened and walked out.


“your mom wants to speak with you” I told him


“then she should’ve just called me” Daxton sighed and took the phone from me then we entered his room.


Good evening mom



Are you with Chloe?


Daxton looked at me before replying






okay.. What’s you room number?





I gasped “no.. 586” I whispered to Daxton



give the phone to Chloe


Daxton shrugged and gave the phone to me.



Chloe are you crazy?






how could you stay in separate rooms



mom we are not married yet



but you live together



in separate rooms



I don’t want anything to go wrong there.. You both are acting weird and if anything goes wrong then I’m killing the both of you.


And she hung up. I sighed and brought the phone from my ear.


“What does she want now?” Daxton asked


I looked at him and I was shocked to see smoke puffing out from his mouth with a


stick of cigarette between his fingers.


“you smoke?”


He looked at me “yea”


“You.. You look too responsible to smoke”



Daxton chuckled and drew in smoke from the cigarette then he blew it out through his nose and mouth.


“I only smoke when I’m frustrated”


That statement alone weakened me. I sighed and moved closer to him. “what’s frustrating you?”


He puffed out more clouds of smoke “you can’t help it”


I drew closer and sat on the bed “but I can try”


“seriously you can’t”


I let out my breath slowly “you shouldn’t smoke no matter how frustrated you might be.. You just shouldn’t”


Daxton’s lips curved in a smile that wasn’t really a smile.




“Daxton I’m serious.. Put it out”


“if you can get me a pipe”


“you also smoke pipe?” I was shocked


“anything wrong with that?”


“you’re going to kill your lungs and you’re going to die. Isn’t there anything wrong with that?” I was scolding him


“there isn’t.. If I die today, then there’s no one to worry about my departure”


“your parents love and Dexter too. They’ll all be worried… Including me”


Daxton chuckled and walked to the window. “you should be out there having a girls night with your friends while it lasts”


“I know.. But I’m really exhausted you know”



He turned to me “goodnight then”


I stared at Daxton for a while then said “Goodnight” and walked out through the




















“let’s play Frisbee” Jennifer suggested


We were out on the beach, sitting on the sand.


“no” Rex objected “Let’s play volleyball instead.. The girls team against the boys”


“speaking of girls.. Where is Chrisella?” Jennifer searched around


“over there.. mingling” I pointed to the other side where Chrisella was playing in the water with Drake.


“Seriously?” Jennifer scoffed and walked off to get Chrisella. She got to them and after few minutes, she returned with both Drake and Chrisella.


“Alright.. Kill me later” Chrisella laughed and fell on the sand beside me “Chloe I’m so in love”


“well that’s good for you” I said and looked at Drake, he was talking to Daxton.


“There’s a volleyball court at the other side.. Let’s go see if it’s empty” Rex said


“it’s not fair playing against women” that was Daxton


Jennifer scoffed “we’ll beat you to it”



“lemme see you try” Drake chuckled


We got to the court and luckily it was empty with some people hanging around. I was happy cause we really needed to win the guys.


“I’ll go get the ball” Rex walked off and returned almost immediately with a ball.


“alright.. We’ll cast lot” Chrisella said


“no need. We’ll give you the advantage me ladies.. Let the go first” Drake said and winked at Chrisella




She mouthed something to him and they burst into laughter. We took our sides on the net and Jennifer served the ball. Rex hit it back and Jennifer was fast to return it but the guys missed it.


We jumped and hugged ourselves. Jennifer boasted to the guys, thumping her chest triumphantly.


“alright” Drake gave us the ball and Jennifer served again


We ball kept moving from each side of the net until we lost it.


“Shit!” Jennifer cussed under her breath


“we just got started” Chrisella said soothingly


Drake served and we missed it.


“What?” Jennifer yelled “I didn’t see that coming”


“give me the ball” Drake said and the guys exchanged high fives. We continued with the game and soon the people around gathered to watch us. .














The game finally ended and I went up to my room to shower. The guys won us with 17 points and Jennifer swore for a re-match but I was definitely not going to play that game again.


I walked out of the bathroom and wore a pair of baggy pants and a loose top. I was just preparing to take a nap when Dexter’s call came in.



Hello Dex



Chloe.. How you doing?



I’m good.. You haven’t been taking my calls



I’m really sorry, I’ve been busy



it’s okay. How’s LA?



nothing feels good without you here Chloe.


I giggled and dropped on my bed



Same here



How’s Daxton?



he’s okay



and you’re enjoying your vacation right?



sought of. I’ve made friends here and….


I paused when I heard someone calling Dexter from the background.



I’ll call you later.. My crew is here



alright bye



Dexter dropped the phone without ending the call and I could hear him talk from the other end.


“come on babe, I was just talking to my sister.. My mom is sick”




I was shocked


“whatever.. Let’s get going” a female voice said then the call ended


I sat up on the bed and tried to figure out what just happened. Did Dexter really refer to me as his sister or was I hearing things? It just couldn’t be what I was thinking.


Each time Dexter went to LA, he barely takes my calls. What if he has a date over there?


I wiped the tears that we’re rolling down my cheeks. It didn’t matter.. I wasn’t his girlfriend after all.


We were just attracted to each other and he never really asked me out.


I walked out of the room, leaving my phone behind. I walked past the club and decided to go inside. No one would notice me if I decided to cry.


I found a seat in a quiet area where there were just few people. The waiter served me wine and I drank, trying to forget what just happened.


But I couldn’t, tears kept rolling down my cheeks uncontrollably.


“I had no idea you club” I looked up and it was Daxton.


What is he doing here?


“You can’t sit alone and cry you know” he pulled out a seat and sat down “what if you pa*ss out”


I scoffed and gulped down the content of my gla*ss.


“what’s wrong with you?” Daxton asked


“I’m fine” I replied and asked “you teach me how to smoke?”


“are you frustrated?”




Daxton smiled “sure” he brought out a pack of cigarettes from his pocket and gave me a stick.


“put it between your lips” he instructed and I did then he lit the bottom with a lighter. “good.. Now take a draw”


I did and surprising it didn’t chock.


“let it go”


I slowly let out the smoke from my mouth and it felt good.


“one more time”


I did it again without instructions and soon I was puffing out clouds of smoke from my nose and mouth.


Daxton lit his own stick and started smoking.


“What’s frustrating you?” Daxton asked


I dragged on the cigarette and tried puffing it out when someone fell on me and I chocked.


“Chloe?!” Daxton picked me up and someone else dragged the man who hit me. He punched him severally and the man fell again, bleeding. The girls were screaming and the guys were taking coverage. No one was making any move to call the security.


“Let’s go” Daxton dragged me out and we went up to his room



“I lost my cigarette” I drawled when we were in his room


“me too” Daxton said “but I’ve got extra”


He gave me another stick and we continued smoking, standing on the balcony of his room and staring into space.


“Last night, you were discouraging me from smoking. Saying I would kill my lungs and I would die.. But today, you’re puffing it out like a pro”


I chuckled “I’m frustrated and it’s helping me relax”


“what if you die? There are you lot of people to worry about you”


“Just my dad. Mom doesn’t care”


“what about Dexter?”


I heaved a sigh “can I get a pipe?”


Daxton chuckled “do you want to die?”


“so badly now”


“it’s Dexter isn’t it?”


I nodded and fresh tears rolled from my eyes.


“what did you find out?” Daxton asked


“I don’t know”


Daxton moved closer “You’re free to share”


“you don’t ever share your problems with me”


He laughed “How can I share my problems with my problems itself”




Daxton looked at me “why do you think I came here?”


“cause you needed a vacation”


“cause I wanted to get away from my problems but my problems managed to follow me here”


I swallowed hard “I’m sorry”


“if you’re frustrated because of Dexter, then it shouldn’t lead you to smoking.. You can sought things out”


Daxton smiled and a knock came on the door “I’ll go get it” he walked to the door while I remained on the balcony, smoking.


Daxton returned shortly wearing a jacket “I’ll be out for a while”


“where you going?”


“Someone invited me for a few drinks but I’ll be back soon. You can stay here if you don’t want to return to your room”


I furrowed my brows suspiciously “hope it’s not who am thinking”


Daxton scoffed “you don’t think I’ll hang out with Drake do you?”


“I’ll go check” I walked to the door and pushed it open. There was a blonde girl standing outside. She was wearing only a shirt and a a pant.. Stupid!


“Hey!” she waved


I huffed loudly and slammed the door shut the faced Daxton.


“you’re going out with her?”


“yea” Daxton replied


“who’s she?”



“Vivian.. I met her here in Miami”


“Isn’t it late to drink with a women dress… Like that?”


Daxton moved closer and tapped my shoulder “see you later” and he walked out


“who was that?” I heard Vivian ask him


“just someone you don’t have to worry about” Daxton replied as they walked out.


I was shocked. Daxton was going out to with a woman dressed like that.


Maybe Pauline was right after all, I have to follow them.


I looked around a wore a face cap I found on Daxton’s table and I big jacket. He wasn’t going to recognize me to easily except they belonged to him.


I walked out of the room and followed them. I kept hiding so they wouldn’t see me until they got to the beach. There were still few people on the beach. They stopped on a reserved table and I hid behind a stand watching them.


Daxton had reserved a table for them. And the Vivian was really beautiful with full br3asts and she wore the shirt braless.


My stomach tightened when Daxton said something and she laughed. He placed his hand on hers then leaned forward and whispered something to her.


Few minutes later, Daxton excused himself and walked out towards my direction. I bent down and hid properly.


“hey!” someone grabbed my hand and hurled me to my feet




“what are you doing here?” Daxton asked


“looking around” I replied “I actually got bored and decided to take a walk”


Daxton scoffed “and you decided to follow us?”


“I wasn’t following you”



“you’ve been hiding here and watching us”


I sighed “whatever”


“you just ruined my date” Daxton muttered and dragged me out


“aren’t you going to tell her that you’re leaving?” I asked Daxton when he was dragging me back to the hotel


“I’m not leaving” Daxton replied “I’m sending you back to your room safely then I’m going back to her.. My night isn’t over yet”


He dragged me until we got to my room door then he stopped.


“Now go inside”


“Daxton I’m lonely” I blurted out


“call Dexter”


“He’s cheating and besides…” I hated to admit it “he’s not even my boyfriend, I can’t keep disturbing him all the time”


“What makes you think he’s cheating?”


“Dexter has a woman in LA, I’m tired of deceiving myself”


“Was that why you were smoking?”


I nodded


“you’re jealous aren’t you?”


“No” I’ve thought of it and I wasn’t even jealous “I’m just mad for the fact that he lied to me, he deceived me and he referred to me as his sister”


Daxton chuckled “you’re not jealous but angry”




“and you want me to keep you company?”


I swallowed hard “if you can”


Daxton stepped back and folded his arms “so I’m just a companion when you’re broken”


“Daxton no—


“Then what?” Daxton raised his voice “you’ve never really wanted my company but you want it now because you found out about Dexter’s woman”


I swallowed hard “I’m sorry” I was trying to fight back the tears that wanted to betray me. I turned and rushed into my room but he followed me.


“Chloe I’m sorry if I raised my voice” he grabbed my hand and made me to face him


I yanked away “it’s okay.. I want to be alone”


“Chloe” he cupped my cheeks in his palms “I didn’t want you to find out”


“but I did”


“I can call Jennifer and Chrisella to keep you company”


“you don’t have to” I stated “I’ll be fine”


Daxton pinned me with his eyes “Chloe you’re making this difficult for me” He


pulled me closer and kissed me








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