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Endless Obsession – Episode 26

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Episode 26








When she sees me coming, her eyes grow wide and she fumbles with the phone in her lap. I hear a clunk as it falls to the floor.






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“Allow me.”



Smiling internally, I walk to her side of the table to grab her phone, but she beats me to it.







“No!” she squeaks, straightening in her seat, her phone clutched tightly in her hand.






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It’s hard to hold in my laugh, but I manage. Instead, I lift an eyebrow and fake concern.






“Everything okay?”






“Y-yes,” she stutters. “Yes. Sorry.”







“You sure?”






Swallowing hard, she nods.







I retake my seat, placing my leg back against hers. She jerks away this time and I grin. I glance down and notice that her pert little nipples are pressing against her



dress. Her breathing is coming a little faster than normal, and the flush has expanded down to her chest. Her eyes look wild as she looks around the room.







“Did something happen while I was gone?” I inquire, secretly enjoying the hell out of her discomfort.







She wipes a few strands of hair away from her face. “No. I just have the shakes because I’m hungry. I haven’t eaten today.”






Pretty little liar. That deserves another swat to her ass later.







As if the waitress heard her, she walks up with a tray carrying our food. After placing our plates in front of us and inquiring if we need anything else, she walks off.






“This looks so good,” Poppy says, picking up an oyster with shaky hands.




“You know what they say about oysters, right?” I place my napkin in my lap and pick up my fork, my eyes never straying from hers.








She stops with the oyster halfway to her mouth.







“Is that why you got them for me?”






“Maybe.” I wink.







“Does it really work?”







I give her a sexy smile and reply, “I guess we’ll see.” I laugh when she puts the oyster down and grabs her fork instead. “Spoilsport.”






That earns me a grin.







I lean across the table and whisper, “You won’t need them anyway.” I grab the oyster she just put down, tip it to my lips, and let the silky mollusc slide between them. She licks her lips as I do so, and her eyes flare with undisguised lust.




Oh yeah. Poppy is mine tonight.







We sit in silence for the rest of the meal. Every few minutes, Poppy will look over at me, and each time she does, she finds my eyes on her. I can’t stop myself. My



eyes are always drawn to her when she’s in the room. She draws me to her like the sun pulls a flower. I may not have shown my interest to Poppy over the last year, but I’ve always had my eyes on her.






We both decline dessert and I pay the bill. When we walk out of the restaurant, I lead Poppy away from the car.






“Let’s walk back.”







She gives me a wide smile and nods. Her head whips this way and that way as she takes in everything surrounding us. Downtown Dallas is stunning, especially if you’re looking at it through fresh eyes. We stop and browse at a few local shops. She laughs when I buy her a black cowboy hat.




She looks hot as hell wearing it with her black dress, heels, and her hair braided to the side. I might have to take her with her just wearing the hat and heels.






Although we’re only a few blocks away, it takes us over an hour to make it back to the hotel. The sun has fallen behind the tall buildings, so the heat hasn’t been as harsh on the last leg of our walk. The doorman holds the door for us, and I usher Poppy into the cool building. The elevator ride seems to take forever. She shifts nervously at my side, her sweet lavender scent taking up the small space. I turn to face her, knowing I’m making her uncomfortable by doing so, but I can’t help it. She hasn’t given me an answer, but I’m taking away her chance now.

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When the elevator dings our arrival, Poppy bolts out as soon as the doors open. I can’t hold back my laughter. She looks at me over her shoulder as she hurries over to her room.






“You can run, but you can’t hide, Poppy. I always get what I want,” I tell her, right before she closes the door.






Shaking my head, I walk to my portion of our suite while unbuttoning my shirt. I drop it on the end of my bed and walk to the bathroom. One thing about living in Texas is multiple showers are needed often during the day to wash away the sweat.






With the spray beating down on my shoulders, I grab my already hard cock and give it a few strokes. I’ve been hard all evening. Hell, who am I kidding? I’ve been hard all damn day. Poppy does that to me. She doesn’t realize the control she has over me. I may have taken her privacy away, but it’s her that holds my future in her hands. It’s her that can completely destroy me with just a snap of her fingers.






Stepping out of the shower, I run the towel roughly over my body, before wrapping it around my hips. I grab my phone from my pants pocket and sit at the desk to answer a few emails. I’m sure Poppy went straight to the shower also, and she’s probably still in there, so I’ll give her a bit of time to finish up.






There’s one email that I’m most interested in. It’s from Eric, with the subject line “Cellphone Number Inquiry.”











He wasn’t able to find out anything. He said something about their security system being unhackable. It’s a fu.cking cellphone company, how hard can it fu.cking be? Eric is good, damn near as good as me, so I don’t understand why he’s having trouble with this. Looks like I’ll need to take care of it myself.







There’s another email from Rex, letting me know that there’s been no news on the guy that broke into Poppy’s house. He still has a man on her place while she’s gone, but nothing’s happened so far.






I go through a couple more emails, before looking at the time on my phone. Thirty minutes have passed since I sat down. She should be done by now, and if she’s not, I’ll go in there after her. I pull on a pair of worn jeans before opening the door. I’m surprised when I see Poppy standing at the window. It’s not dark yet, but the sun has dropped low enough that the sky has a beautiful pink and purple glow to it. The lights on the skyscrapers surrounding us are starting to flicker on. Once it’s full dark, the view from up here is amazing. Poppy will love it.






She hasn’t noticed me yet, so I walk on bare feet over to her. My reflection alerts her of my arrival. I hear the hitch in her breathing when her eyes meet mine in the glass. She’s wearing a pale blue tank top,paired with white cotton shorts. I can tell by the hard points of her nipples she’s not wearing a bra, and it makes my mouth water. Her tanned skin glows against the material. She’s unbraided her hair, but it’s off her shoulders and piled messily on top of her head.







I stop just before my chest meets her back. Her shoulders rise and fall as she breathes in and out heavily. I hold her gaze in the window and run a finger down the back of her neck, causing her to shiver. I smile and lean forward until my lips barely touch her ear.






“Do you have any idea how beautiful you are?” I whisper.







It’s barely noticeable, but I hear her quiet moan. I peek my tongue out and run it over the shell of her ear before taking the lobe into my mouth. She tips her head to the side and closes her eyes. I close the distance between us until her back meets my bare chest. I’ve felt Poppy before, but this is different. Right now, I’m with her as Asher. There’s no wondering who I am. I don’t have to pretend, or alter my accent. It’s me and her, and it feels damn good.






My hands land on her hips and I pull her back even closer to me. I move my hands and splay them across her stomach, feeling the warmth of her skin. Goosebumps appear on her belly and she sighs. I trail my mouth over her shoulder and she grinds her ass against me, causing my dick to grow even more. I growl and nip the soft skin of her neck where it meets her shoulder. Her whimper has me almost losing control, but I manage to keep it together.






“You fu.cking drive me insane,” I groan.



“Asher,” she moans, and I swear on my damn life, hearing that will always be the greatest fu.cking sound to my ears. “Please.”




I bring my hands up, bringing the tank top with them, and stop just below her generous tits. One of her hands lifts and covers mine, trying to force my hand higher.






“What do you want, baby? Tell me,” I demand.







She arches and wiggles her ass against me again, and I can see in the window her other hand clenched into a fist. She still has her head tipped to the side, but her eyes are now open, looking at me.






“I want you to touch me.” Her voice is small and breathless.






“Where?” I ask, needing to hear her say it.







“My breasts.” She stops, but then grabs my other hand and places it right over her center. “And here.”








It’s a move I didn’t expect from her, but



one that has my eyes rolling into the back of my head from the pleasure of it.







“Are you hungry for me, Poppy?” I use two fingers and apply light pressure to her pussy. She squirms a bit and nods.






“Speak. I want to hear you say it.”



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“Yes,” she says with a quivering voice.







“Good, because I’m fu.cking ravenous for you.” I give her what she wants and palm her tit.






She lifts one hand and reaches back to run her fingers through my hair. She grabs a handful and brings my mouth back down to her neck. She’s fu.cking bold when she’s horny. She wasn’t like this when I was with her that night as Sterling, nor the night when I watched her get off from her window. I can only hope that it’s because it’s me that’s with her and she wants me more.




Tweaking her nipple with one hand, I use the other to slip inside her shorts. I groan when I find her not wearing any panties. My fingertips meet the folds of her pussy. I separate my fingers just enough to slip them on the outside of her lips, completely avoiding her clit. Women love to be teased, and Poppy’s no different. Her hips thrust forward with a whimper. I chuckle at her ear and give it another nip.




“Be still, and I’ll give you what you want.”







Her head falls back on my shoulder, giving me the perfect view of her tits. One is showing from when my hand lifted her shirt a few minutes ago, so I lift the rest of the material over her head. Her head comes up from my shoulder to peer outside.






“Someone might see us,” she says.







“No, they won’t. We’re too far up and too far away.”




“Asher…” she starts to protest, but stops and moans when I thrust two fingers inside her.






“Shh… Just feel, Poppy.”







I thrust a couple more times, then pull my fingers out and move to her clit. She cries out when I snag the little nub between my fingers and pinch. I palm her other breast and tug on the nipple. I push my hips forward, trying in vain to find relief from the constant ache in my cock and balls. The only way I’ll find relief, or rather, the only way I’ll let myself find relief is inside Poppy’s pussy.



I pull my fingers from her pussy, drag them up her slit and over her clit, and out of her shorts. My mouth waters when I smell her aroma. I bring my fingers to her mouth and watch her reflection as I rub them over her lips. Her eyes widen slightly and her hand drops from my hair. I wonder if she’s thinking about Sterling when he made her taste herself from his fingers. I know I’m taking a chance of her connecting the dots, but I’m secretly hoping she will.






When she doesn’t say anything, I move my hand from her tit, grab a handful of hair, and pull her head back. I grip her chin with my other hand, smearing her chin with her juices, and turn it to face me.






“I want to taste you,” I murmur. I dip my head and run my tongue over her lips. She tastes so fu.cking good. I could gladly live off the taste of her alone, for the rest of my life.







Once I lick off all the cum from her lips, I press my lips to hers. She opens immediately, moaning into my mouth as I play my tongue against hers. My grip on her hair tightens as I kiss her heatedly, without abandon. Our teeth clink together as we both try to get more of each other.






I release her, only to turn her body so she’s facing me. Grabbing her ass, I lift her body up against mine. Her legs instinctively go around my hips, locking tight over my ass. Her cotton covered center meets my hardness, and I pull her tighter against me, grinding against her. She wraps her arms around me and her na.ked tits meet my chest.




My control snaps. With determined steps, I carry us to my room. Not bothering to close the door, I walk straight to the bed and let her fall to the mattress. She lands with a bounce and a nervous laugh. I’ve never seen her look sexier than she does right now. She’s reclined back on her elbows and has her knees bent and spread wide. Her hair is a mess with half of it down from the band. Her lips are swollen and glistening, and she has that damn flushed look she’s been wearing a lot lately.






She has her bottom lip between her teeth and looks like she’s getting ready to protest. Before she gets the chance, I yank her bottoms off and make quick work of my own pants.







Her eyes become wide when she sees my size. I smirk and crawl up on the bed toward her. When I bring my lips to her stomach, she quivers. I look up to see her head thrown back and her mouth open, panting. I slowly make my way up to her chest. Her arms give out and she falls to her back. I suck a nipple into my mouth, give it a few tugs with my teeth and flick it with my tongue and move onto the other one, before kissing up her neck. I suck her sweet skin into my mouth until I know I’ve left a mark behind.






My cock sways between us and bumps up against her pussy. She moans and lifts her hips, seeking for her own release just as much as I’m seeking mine. I settle between her legs so my chest is against hers, but I don’t enter her yet. I wait for her eyes to open and meet mine. When they do, I grab one of her hands and pull it above her head before reaching for the other and doing the same. I now have both in one of mine. She has one leg thrown over my hip and one lying flat on the bed, so I grab it and hike it over my other hip. Her chest heaves as she keeps her eyes locked with mine.




“You have no idea how long I’ve waited for this,” I whisper, and drop my head to softly kiss her lips.






“How long?” she whispers back against mine.







I pull back and look deeply into her eyes.






“Since the beginning,” I confess, and watch confusion cross her face.







She gives her head a slight shake, before quietly saying, “I never knew. Why didn’t you tell me?”







Instead of answering, I reach between us, grasp the base of my cock, and line it up with her pussy. I don’t enter her fast. At this point, I would completely lose it if I did. Not to mention, I need to go slow because I don’t want to hurt her. I dip just the head in and drop my forehead to hers and groan. It’s fu.cking heaven. I’ve been this far in her before, but this feels different.






She moans and tightens her thighs around my waist, causing me to go in a couple more inches. I squeeze her hands in my grip.




“You want this to be over before it starts?”




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She licks her lips and whimpers, “No.”






“Then don’t fu.cking do that again.”







With that, I sink in another inch, which earns me another moan. Her walls spasm around me, and I can’t take it anymore. I take her lips in a demanding kiss and slide the rest of the way in. She cries out and I swallow the sound, joining it with my own groan. I hold still, just long enough for her to get used to my size, before pulling back and slamming back in. Her nails dig into my hand that are still holding hers. I wrap my free arm under her waist so her hips are tilted up, giving me better access. At this angle, I can go deeper.






Her cries are constant. If it weren’t for the fact that she meets my every thrust, I’d think I was hurting her.






My hips piston forward before I pull them back slowly, only to push back in. I release her hands and one immediately goes to my ass, while the other goes to my back. Her nails score my back hard enough that I know it’ll leave marks. I’ll wear that shit loud and proud.



I lift my upper body so I’m resting on one hand, bringing her body with me with the arm I still have wrapped around her.




“Fuck! You are so damn gorgeous.” I look down at where we’re connected. Each outward slide shows her arousal coating my cock. The sight has my balls drawing up, preparing for release.







I grab one of her hands and place it at her clit. “Touch your clit, baby. Make it feel good. I want to feel you come all over my cock. I can’t come without you, and I’m close.”






I clench my teeth at the unconcealed desire that flashes in her eyes as she does as I ask. Her finger works her clit, and my eyes stay glued to the spot. I can’t look away.







My stomach clenches when she cries out, her walls clamping down around me, strangling my cock. Her head thrashes back and forth and her other hand flies over her head and fists the comforter. She screams when I force my hips to move faster, harder.






My orgasm hits hard and fast, sending


bolts of lightning through my limbs. I slam my hips forward so hard that Poppy’s body moves up the bed. The intense feeling of spilling my cum inside her body has all the air leaving my lungs, leaving me panting and desperately trying to pull more air in to replace it.




Our bodies are slick with sweat and our breathing is heavy. I collapse on top of her, making sure to stop just shy of squishing her. Her heart races against mine. I kiss her shoulder and murmur against her ear, “Now that I’ve had you, I’m never giving you up.”






She doesn’t say anything, but brings one hand up to run it through my hair.







Moments later, her body stiffens.






“We didn’t use a condom,” she says, a slight panic in her voice.







I dip down and place a kiss against her lips. Her body relaxes again.




“I never go without a condom, and I’m clean.”







I don’t ask if she’s on birth control because I already know she is. Wouldn’t matter anyway. I want her pregnant as soon as possible. I want to see her full with my baby growing inside her.



Even still, she enlightens me with a smile and nods. “I am too. And don’t worry, I’m on birth control, so no fear of me getting pregnant.”







I ignore that comment and steal another kiss from her, before getting off the bed and dragging her with me. As much as I want to stay in bed with her, we’re both sweaty and need to rinse off. Besides, I want more of her, and I can’t think of any better way than to take her in the shower.






“What are you doing?” she asks timidly.






I lift her up bridal style to carry her to the bathroom.




“Doing something I’ve been dying to do.”







“And what’s that?” The soft smile she gives me nearly steals my breath.







I set her down and turn on the shower. The water heats immediately, and I adjust it to the perfect temperature. I turn and give her a devilish smile.






“Getting you in the shower to clean you, only to dirty you right back up again.” .






I wake to warmth at my back and a heavy weight over my waist. Hot breath blows the small hairs at the back of my neck. The combination of the three has me snuggling deeper into the delicious feeling. Something pokes me in the ass, and I wiggle my behind back further against it. A deep groan in my ear has my eyes opening wide as memories of last night pop into my head. I jerk and try to get away from the arm that’s holding me in place.






“Where are you going?” Asher grumbles sleepily.






I freeze in place when I feel his lips at the back of my neck.







Oh my God! What have I done?




Thoughts of Sterling overwhelm my mind, and I close my eyes when a sharp pain enters my chest. I can’t believe I let myself get swept up in Asher. My only excuse is the change in him yesterday; he was so different. The dominant and forceful side to him had me crumbling under his gaze and skillful hands. But in the light of day, guilt eats away at me. I like Sterling. I really like Sterling. I want to know who he is and see where our situation leads.






That’s out the window now, though. All because my libido took over and I slept with Asher. There’s no way I can face Sterling now. But I have to tell him. I cringe when I think of how angry he’ll be. He’s been so sure that I would end up his.



He’ll hate me after I tell him and want nothing to do with me. I’ve never cheated on someone, but I know how it feels to be cheated on.







But then I think about the text message from last night. What Sterling said had my insides quivering from the image he portrayed, but also left me angry, hurt, and confused. He almost sounded like he wanted those things to happen. But why? After everything he said about me being his, why would he welcome another man to touch me? If I’m being honest, I wanted to belong to Sterling. It’s utterly reckless, but the heart and body knows what they want. It sounded like he was tossing me away to another man.

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Tears prick my eyes. I try once again to pull away from Asher, but again, he doesn’t let me.






“Let go, please,” I whisper, unable to hold back the remorse in my voice.







He lets me go. I go to move away, but the next minute I’m on my back with Asher leaning over me, one of his legs thrown over mine. I turn my face away when he looks down at me with concern. His thumb and forefinger tilt my head back so I’m forced to look at him.






“What’s wrong?” he asks, a frown drawing down his brows.



I swallow thickly and gaze up at him. A tear leaks out the corner of my eye when I see the concern on his face. His eyes flicker back and forth between mine, seeming pained.






“I can’t believe I had sex with you while I’m seeing someone else. I can’t believe I’m going to hurt Sterling like that. He doesn’t deserve it. No one deserves that.” I close my eyes because I can’t look at him anymore. I’m so confused and don’t know what to do.






“Hey,” he says softly. When I don’t open my eyes, he says a bit more forcefully, “Hey, look at me.”






I open them, and what I see has me jerking. Guilt is written all over his face. What does he have to feel guilty about? Yes,he’s the cause of my pain, but it was my decision to sleep with him. It’s not like he forced me to do it. But what I see from him is more than just guilt for being ‘the other man’. This is much deeper.






“It may not seem like it now, but I promise you, Poppy, it’ll work out in the end.”







He swipes at a tear trailing down my face, then bends to kiss my eyes, cheeks, the tip of my nose, then settles a soft kiss against my lips, making my body tingle all over.



I don’t know what to make of his words, but they do little to help the guilt I feel. I’ve screwed up big time. I really like Asher, and had he said he wanted me before Sterling came into the picture, I would have accepted him without question. I’ve always been fascinated by him. But Sterling is in the picture.




But you don’t know him. You know nothing about him. You’ve never even seen him, my mind says.






I wanted to know, though. He intrigues me. I want to know what he looks like. What he does for a living. What he does on weekends. What his childhood was like. These are questions I’ll never know the answers to now, because once he finds out, he’ll hate me.






You can know Asher. He’s here, right now, and he wants you.







But for how long? He said last night he was never giving me up. What does that even mean? Does he want to keep me forever? Or is it until he gets tired of me. Forever is a long time.






Asher’s hands frame my face. “Stop thinking so much and just enjoy.”







I nod, which earns me a heart-stopping smile. I decide to let the cards fall where they may and melt back into the mattress. Asher has been so sweet to me, and the interest is definitely there on both sides. It’s not that I like Sterling more, it’s just



he was there first. Well, I guess technically he wasn’t, but he was the first to make a move. But then again, Asher is here and willing to show me his face, willing to share himself openly with me.






I push all thoughts and doubts aside and gaze up at Asher. He smiles down at me and winks.






“That’s better,” he says, running his thumbs down my cheeks. “Now, get your ass outta bed. We have plans today.”






I laugh against the kiss he gives me, before he climbs from the bed. I pull the sheet over me and linger a few moments, taking in all the beauty that is Asher. He has his back to me as he looks through a dresser drawer. He not only has tattoos covering his arms, but also has several across his back, and a couple on his chest and sides. One dips down and goes over his hip bone. The man is absolutely gorgeous.






When I don’t get out of bed, he turns to face me, arching a brow. The sun glints off his eyebrow ring. My breath catches in my throat when his fully hard cock is fully displayed.






Holy shit! That thing actually fit inside me last night?



With my limited experience, I’ve only ever seen one cock in my life with my own eyes, but I’m no prude and have seen a few porn videos. Asher has every single one beat. He’s fu.cking huge! My mouth waters and a pool of moisture seeps out between my legs.






Asher chuckles as he palms his cock and starts to stroke it.






“I guess you like what you see?” he asks,heat flaring in his eyes.







I bite my lip and nod. “Yes.”






“How much?” He takes a step closer to the bed. “Show me. Pull the sheet down.”







I blush and grip the sheet tight to my chest. I was bold last night, but I’m not sure I can be today. The room was shrouded in shadows, but now the sun filters through the window, lighting up the room.






Asher’s feet carry him to the end of the bed where he grabs the sheet and starts to slowly pull it down as his hand continues to stroke his cock. I watch, fascinated, while he strokes himself slowly, up and down, up and down.



“Come on, Poppy. I want to see how wet you are for me.” His voice is husky with desire and it sends sparks up my legs, through my pussy, and into my stomach.






My fingers loosen on the sheet. Asher


sees this and gently pulls it from my grasp. The cool air touches my body inch by inch. The feel of the soft material sliding down leaves my body shivering. When he pulls it past my nipples, they tighten up and turn to hard little points. His eyes follow the sheet as he reveals every part of me. He looks like he’s seeing me for the first time. His breathing has become labored, and I didn’t believe it was possible, but his cock gets larger. My own breaths come out in pants.






Once the sheet is past my hips, he brings his eyes up to mine. He tugs the sheet over my pussy and down my legs, then drops it to the floor. He breaks his gaze from mine and they land on my center. His nostrils flare and a barely heard groan leaves his throat.






“Bend your knees and spread them. Let me see how much your body wants mine,” he growls. His face is fierce and his body looks tight. He looks to be restraining himself from getting to me. The look makes me feel powerful and sexy.






Wanting to please him, I do as he says.










I do, and feel pleasure course through my middle when his hand fists his cock and moves faster. I feel so exposed, but I love his appreciative gaze.






I feel a bit of déjà vu as I lay there with my legs spread wide with him watching me. I was just recently in this same position with Sterling, but this time, I see the face of the man who watches me, and I can see how much he likes that I’m exposing myself to him. A twinge of guilt tries to worm its way in, but I push it away.






Keeping his eyes between my legs, he says, “Now touch yourself.”







Knowing this will turn him on more gives me the courage to do what he says. My hand travels down my chest, over my stomach, until it meets my slick pussy. My body jerks when I touch my clit. I’m so wet and warm, and it feels so good. I feel the heat of his eyes on me, so I lift mine and see he’s moved closer to the bed. His knees touch the mattress and he’s holding onto one of the tall bed posts, breathing heavily.






“Do you like touching yourself, Poppy?” he groans, back to slowly running his hand up and down his shaft. The head is a deep purple and there’s a pearly drop of precum on the tip. I lick my lips at the sight. I want to know what he tastes like.




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He follows my gaze and looks down at himself.







“Don’t worry, baby. You’ll get plenty of chances to take me into your mouth. Now answer my question.”






What question? He asked me a question?




A blush crawls up my cheeks when I remember what he asked.






“Yes,” I answer quietly, “but I want you to touch me more.”







He smirks sexily at me and kneels on the end of the bed. I’m resting against the pillows in a reclined position, so I can still see him without straining. The heat of his body drifts up to mine. I place two fingers at my hole and dip just the tips in. It feels incredibly sexy doing this in front of him. I close my eyes and arch my body when I push my fingers further inside.






“Keep your eyes on me. I want to see them as you pleasure yourself.”







I force my eyes open to meet his, moaning when one of his warm rough hands run up my leg. I dig my heels into the mattress and lift my hips. He scoots up the bed a little more so his thighs are beneath my still bent legs, leaving them draped over his. His eyes never leave mine and his hand continues to work his cock. My belly



quivers and my pussy starts to spasm. My moaning becomes louder. I’m on the edge, about ready to tip over, when he grabs my wrist and stops me.







I whimper in protest and try to take my hand back. I’m so damn close! I need to come!







“Not without me,” he scolds, and grabs my other wrist to yank me to a sitting position in front of him.







His lips take mine for a brief kiss, before I squeak in surprise when he flips me over so I’m on my hands and knees with my ass in the air. My hair has fallen from the band I put in it last night and curtains around my head, so I use my arm to flip it back and over one shoulder. I look back to see him watching himself as he lines up his cock against my center, feeling just the head at my opening. He looks up at me, one corner of his mouth tipping up, and slams his hips forward, impaling me on his shaft. I scream and drop my head to the bed.






Holy fu.ck!







I fist my hands in the sheets as Asher gives it to me in a punishing manner. He pounds away at my pussy without abandon, and any pain I was feeling is now replaced with so much pleasure. The grip Asher has on my hips, I have no doubt, will leave bruises. But they’ll make my body tingle every time I see them, and will leave disappointment behind when they go away.




Asher’s forceful thrusts are unforgiving. His balls slap against my clit, sending shards of delicious pleasure through me. My tits bounce and my nipples scrub against the sheets, stimulating them. I’ve never been taken so hard before, and I don’t think I’ll ever be able to go back to sweet and soft again.






Asher reaches one hand around and pinches my clit. I cry out and push my hips back against him. My orgasm hits hard and sends my body reeling into bliss. I feel tingles at my toes, working their way up my legs. I start to become lightheaded and my vision blurs from the force of my release. Hands at my hips hold me still as he thrusts three more times, before coming to a stop with him all the way inside. I feel him jerk and he groans low in his throat. Something wet drips down on my back that must be Asher’s sweat. His lips meet the back of my neck and he drops his head down between my shoulder blades. I’m having a hard time drawing in air. My legs give out, but his hands hold me and slowly lower me to the bed with him behind me. I can feel his heart racing against my back.






He murmurs something against my neck that I can’t understand.




“What?” I turn my head around and look at him over my shoulder.







He gives me a stunning smile. His breath has evened out. “Nothing. Just admiring your beauty and wondering how in the fu.ck I got so lucky.”







I can’t help the smile that takes over my face. “Let me know when you find the answer.”







He chuckles and lays a kiss on the tip of my nose.







“All right, you distracted me enough. Get your ass outta this bed. We have a schedule to keep.”






He slaps my butt, making me squeal. He climbs out of the bed and drags me to the end by my ankle. I laugh and tug, but he doesn’t let go.






“Up, woman! Get dressed and meet me in the kitchen. Breakfast will be waiting.”




He walks back to the dresser and pulls out some clothes. I sit up and watch him dress. My mouth drops open when he’s finished.








Endless Obsession






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