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The Rich Man’s Wife – Episode 8

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Episode 8


Susan won’t stop lamenting to her father, how Femi couldn’t manage his business well and how he lost almost every thing they laboured for.


Her father listened speechlessly, the old man could sense that his daughter still cared for Femi, even though she acts like she doesn’t want to have anything to do with him.


“Susan my child why do you care so much that Femi lost almost everything? Why did you get some of the properties back? I thought you don’t care?” Susan’s Father threw in


And Susan went mute for a while and then she responded “Dad, Femi is still the Father of my children and I know how we toiled to achieve all these properties, why would he be so irresponsible”


“My child is that really the reason?, because I can see love in your eyes, you still love him, why not work things out with him, your children needs thier father, for the past five years you have separated Augusta and Max from thier father” Susan’s Father added


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“Dad, there’s no way I’m going to work things out with that heartless man, he deserves everything that is happening to him, I’m just concerned because I once saw all those properties as ours but not anymore, Dad Femi cheated on me, I caught him smooching another woman in his office, he abadoned me and his children, for good



six months he was no where to be found, for good two years he neglected me and the worst he forbade me from taking up a job and that lead to the death of my beloved mother, no father there’s no way I would work things out with him”Susan concluded. Susan still held to her pain and her mind was still unmoved, her Father tried everything to change her mind but it was futile.


Then one day, Susan was out on a business errand to procure an important licence for her business, When she got to the firm, there was a long queue and she was fortunate enough to get the last seat


After about 20 minutes, Susan was still sitting when someone tapped her shoulders, she turned around and was surprised to see a middle aged man standing behind her, One close look, She recognized who he was.


“Pastor, Good afternoon sir” Susan greeted. She was so excited to meet her Pastor again after five years.


The Pastor Was the one who had conducted deliverance for Femi, five years ago and ever since he had not set his eyes on him.


“Sister Susan, How is your husband?, Have you both settled your differences?” And Susan went mute. And the Pastor continued “Sister Susan, I must commend you for your patience and understanding. Every man needs a wife like you, and to top it all, you are prayerful, it was your prayer that broke the spell that the strange woman placed on your husband, when your husband came for deliverance, I told him what God had revealed to me, if not that you were strong in prayers, things would had been worst, Thank God that you are prayerful and we also serve a good God that answers prayers, your husband would have become insane or worst dead, please don’t stop praying, a prayerful wife is powerful”


The Pastor Unknowingly revealed everything to Susan while she listened in shock “Femi was under a spell? When? How?” She asked and the Pastor told her everything. Susan felt bad and wished she gave Femi a chance to explain.

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The next day, She visited her father in law alongside with her father and Children.


When they arrived, Susan got a disheartening news.


“Femi was involved in a fatal accident, three days ago and he has been in Coma, the doctor said the chance for his survival is slim” Femi’s father revealed and Susan collapsed and was rushed to the hospital.



It turned out that Susan was rushed to the same hospital that Femi was admitted. And when Susan regained consciousness, she was taken to the intensive care unit, where Femi laid unconsciously.


Immediately Susan saw Femi, she started crying and went to hug him. Femi was unconscious as he laid lifelessly on the hospital bed.


Susan held his hands and kissed his lips,


“Please forgive me Femi, I didn’t give you a chance to explain, I’m sorry, please wake up, my love please wake up, I need you and your ch


ildren needs you, for the past five years they kept asking me where you were, I’m sorry, that I took them away, please wake up” Susan said in tears.


It was as if Femi heard all his wife had said, he tried to wake up, he moved his hands and Susan called out for the doctor, who walked in immediately and send Susan out, so he could examine Femi. more Stories


Susan left in tears. Few minutes later, Susan was at the waiting room, when the Doctor sent for her. When Susan arrived the doctor’s office, she received the worst news ever


“Madam, there’s no need to raise your hopes up, your husband may not wake up, his vital organs are already dead, the only organ that is functioning is his heart, I’m just telling you, so you won’t raise your hopes” The doctor announced


But Doctor, he moved his hands” Susan said in tears “It’s just a reflex, it’s normal” the doctor added


“No doctor, please I don’t want to be a widow, I don’t want my husband to die, I love him so much, please save him” Susan said still in tears


Madam please calm down, it’s only God that can save him” The Doctor responded and dismissed Susan. As She walked back into the intensive care unit, she kept replaying in her mind, the last statement the doctor had made, “it’s only God that can save him”.


Susan burst into prayers.



“Lord, my husband shall not die but live, Lord I don’t want to be a widow, I don’t want my children to be fatherless, even the doctor as concluded that only you can save my husband, please Lord, have mercy and save him, together we will serve you, please don’t allow my husband to die, please Lord, save my husband” She prayed, hot tears were just falling from her eyes.


End Of Episode 8


To Be Continued

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