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Good Isn’t Good Enough – Episode 33

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I had just finished my rounds at Magnum hospital and I was getting ready to go home when Dr Marcel walked in. I smiled and he returned the smile though he didn’t look too fine.


‘Are you okay?’ I asked reading the message from my husband


He was telling me that he was in the car park waiting for me with our youngest child Travis Junior



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‘Just from performing a laparoscopic surgery.’ He said, more hurt registering in his voice.


I moved to the wall and leaned against it, I could actually feel the pain that he was feeling. I know what it feels like to know that you are going to be a mother, I know the joy it comes with knowing you are going to bring a child into the world but I had no idea how it felt like to have to lose a child even before holding it.


‘I hope the mother will survive this.’ I said now carrying my handbag ‘I hope so.’ He said


I said my good bye then walked out.


The hospital back home had transferred me to Levy General Hospital to be head doctor there, I didn’t know how my husband would receive the news so I had hidden it from him. There was also an issue of the kids changing schools and I wasn’t sure if they were ready for such big changes, plus Travis Jnr was just too young to be moved.


But after a while of being bugged I told him and surprising he had also landed himself a job at one of the big firms here and that is how we moved two years back.


Magnum was losing children to lead poisoning and so who better to call than myself who had written the thesis on it and had all the information at the tip of my hands.


I spotted the car in one of the reserved spots, I smiled at my blessings. Who would have thought that I would be happily married after dedicating my life to a man who later treated me like trash and divorcing me in the process.


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‘You are smiling.’ Travis accused immediately I jumped into the vehicle.


I kissed him full on the lips.More interesting stories on Topster Stories App


‘Mummy.’ Travis Jnr said hiding his face Both I and Travis laughed


‘You are not fine.’


It was just amazing how much this man knew me.


‘I will be okay.’ I told him



‘Spill the beans, did the clinic lose another child?’ he asked with concern For the record get married to a man who genuinely cares about what you love.


‘There is a lady who just lost her child, she had an ectopic pregnancy.’ I said my voice almost breaking.


‘I am sorry baby.’ He said genuinely


‘How can life be so cruel? How will she be able to survive this?’


He was quiet, this was not the first time a patient was affecting me. In as much as the medical practitioners were seen as heartless people I had proved to be different because my patients became a part of me.


‘How about you talk to her?’ he asked after much silence ‘What?’ I asked looking up at him


‘Baby I know you, you will never be able to sleep again after this if you don’t do what your heart wants. Some people are blessed with jobs but what you have is a passion for your job, even without a hospital I know you would still work. So go in there and do what you do best.’


I looked at him.


‘Every day you prove me wrong, good men do exist.’ I said in between tears ‘Oh yes we exist baby.’


‘Baby.’ Travis Jnr imitated pointing at himself and we both laughed.


I kissed him on the cheek and walked back into the clinic, I went straight to Doctor Marcel’s office.


‘You are still here Dr?’ he asked removing his spectacles ‘I couldn’t leave, I need to talk to your patient.’


He sighed.


‘You have a heart of gold Doctor.’ He complimented before getting up He led the way to the wards, we walked past a lot of wards and he stopped at some intervals to laugh with the patients.


At the far end was a side ward which was only containing one bed.


‘She wanted her privacy.’ He said as if reading my mind.


He opened the door and let us both in. the patient had her back facing us as she was looking at the wall.



‘Ms. Mwila I have Dr Chikombola with me.’ Dr Marcel said but the lady in question didn’t move.


Marcel sighed in defeat.


‘Leave us.’ I said with a smile


He returned the smile then walked out.


I looked around the room immediately the door closed, it was painted in white and I noticed her things were nicely folded on a table that lay on the far end. I went to the end of the bed where her file was and went through it.


‘Azure Mwila aged twenty six.’ I read inwardly


I put it down and moved to the side where she was facing.


‘Azure right?’ I asked looking at her


I could see that she had been crying, she had folded herself into a ball and had both hands on her tummy


‘Losing a child is not the worst that anyone can go through.’ I said before swallowing


She looked at me with blood shot eyes


‘Refusing to live again after such a tragedy is the worst anyone can ever go through.’ I told her


I was silent again, then she started to cry and that was a cue for me to hold her.


I moved to where she lay and knelt before her, each tear making me feel her pain. For some reason I felt like I was connected to her and she might just need my support.


‘My baby didn’t have to be punished for my mistakes.’’ She cried on my shoulder


I rubbed her back as my own tears began to fall.


‘My baby didn’t deserve to die such a cruel death.’ She cried some more I allowed her to cry until she was calm.


I stood up and poured some water in a glass then handed it to her. ‘Drink this.’ I said handing her the glass


‘Thank you.’ She said before gulping down the contents


I saw her flinch after two sips.


‘It will get back with each sip.’ I said encouraging her on


True to my word by the time she was finishing the water she was more relaxed.


‘Thank you.’ She said again handing me back the cup ‘You are welcome.’


I put the glass where it was supposed to be and pulled a chair just next to her.


‘I am sorry for your loss.’


She smiled as a tear dropped


‘Sorry, I seem to be crying a lot today.’


‘It’s okay to cry, to mourn your baby. It’s fine to have a mini funeral because only you understands just how much that child meant to you.’


By this time she allowed herself to breakdown some more and I was just there holding her hand tightly.More interesting stories on Topster Stories App


‘Dr I had plans for my baby.’ She said after the tears lessened ‘Call me Gertrude or Getu, everyone does.’ I said with a smile


She was about to respond when the door opened and a man walked in. ‘Hey.’ He said moving close to her


I stood from my chair and gave him room


He held her as she cried and I couldn’t help but beat my head as to where I had seen the face.


‘I am sorry Dr’ he said now looking at me ‘Its fine I was even about to leave.’ ‘Jason.’ He said holding out his had ‘Dr Chikombola.’ I said shaking his hand He smiled.


‘Azure I will be leaving but if you need anything, don’t hesitate to call me.’ I said handing her my card.


‘I will and thank you very much for your time.’ She said ‘You are welcome.’ I responded



I smiled at Jason and walked out of the ward before running to Dr Marcel’s office.


‘Dr are you okay?’ he asked in shock


‘That man that is with Ms. Mwila.’ I said trying to breath, I had not run in a long time.


‘Mr. Mtonga you mean?’


‘I have seen that face somewhere.’


‘He is the formal Chief Advisor to the President.’ He said with so much


pride, I could sense in the tone of his voice that he idolized the man.


‘Wait, isn’t he married?’ I asked


‘Well that is none of our business.’


I felt my knees get jelly weak, when did it become okay for single ladies to date married men? When did it become okay to get pregnant for them? When did it even become okay for married men to chase after other ladies? As I thought of all this images of my failed marriage flashed back in my head making me dizzy.


‘Baby are you okay?’ I heard Travis ask He had come in with Travis Jnr.


‘I am.’ I lied with a smile


‘You took long so we thought it was best to follow you.’


‘I was even about to come out.’ I said scooping Travis Jnr into my hands We walked to the car as I tickled Travis Jnr and he was laughing the whole way.


‘Lord this girl won’t be the reason another woman has sleepless nights and he won’t be the reason she gets cursed all the days of her life, so help me God.’ I prayed silently

















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