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Dragon Girl – Episode 7

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#possessed by and


Mrs Brian:let go to your room


Judith:mom..my room?my room is a mess right now and I’m preparing Dorothy’s surprise gift for her birthday


Mrs Brian:her birthday is next month


Judith:mom still I don’t want you to see it.


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Judith escaped to her room and locked her door from behind.She saw Dragonilla sleeping already.She took her bedspread and cover her with it then she went to sleep as well.



The next morning the dragon spirit entered her and she got dressed for school.She entered the class and everyone was looking at her but this time around some set of people start talking with her willing to befriend her while some still chose to be her enemies.


A new teacher came in holding a big book,he is a fat man with a big belly and he’s bald.


Man:Hello kids..well I’m your new homeroom teacher I’ll be replacing Mr Robbins may his soul rest in peace. I’m Mr John


Juliet:why are you so fat sir?can you play football?


Mr John:No


Dennis:can you do any sports?


Mr John:no

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Helen:then what the fu.ck is positive about you?


Mr John: I’m HIV positive




Dorothy:we never have good teachers in this school they always get in by bribing.


Mr John:anyway I’m proud of it I’m still fat and I’m not dying soon


Kate:if you die now sir we will surely mourn you our geography teacher always dies and I guess you’re next


Mr John:I’ve heard of your class before and I’m ready for you spoilt brat.


Judith was going to the cafe when she felt as if someone was looking at her she turn quickly to check who it is but found no one she started getting scared and she went home earlier she summon the dragon spirit and explained to her.


Dragon:I felt it as well…I think he’s back but not so soon.


Judith: who is back?




Judith:hate what?


Dragon:He is 100 years old and he’s the most powerful among us in Fillory


Judith:that village?look I think it’s high time you tell me your story.


Dragon:Back in Fillory.Fillory was a very peaceful forest hidden away from humans knowledge and not even visible to anyone. Mystical creatures like dragons,Centaur,Basilisk,Ogre,and all other tree spirits like the nymph.Including some wild animals .Then one faithful day a man approached our forest with the help of dark magic and since magic is involved we tried to settle him with wealth and treasures but he insisted on setting his palace on our land.We rejected his proposal and he started hunting the animals down,he capture some unique animals and sell them abroad for people to see with



money.Some spirits start deserting the forest they don’t wanna stay and be hunted down.Athusar and I tried to convince them to fight but they refused not knowing that wolves will always be wolves.The wolves teamed up with the Hyena clan and they collided with the wicked man called King Topaz.He got help from them and captured me but Athusar escaped with one wing.King Topaz cut off one of his wings and Kept it hidden away.Athusar couldn’t fly much and no one knows where he crashed but it’s gonna take him another 40 years to grow a new wing.so he can’t be back so soon.King TOPAZ promised to feed the wild animals every full moon night with his citizens if they promised to stay in hiding and protect his kingdoms.But since I was in that cave I have no idea what’s going on again until I keep seeing your face in my dream.i really want to save the rest of the spirits and innocent mystical creatures left in Fillory before they go berserk.


Judith:so that’s why you wanted to go back to that village.




Judith:you’ve suffered so much (she hug her) I’ll help you.


When it was midnight Judith changed again and flew to the next house on the list.it turns out to be one of their leaders in CANBERRY.


Judith landed on the fountain near the swimming pool.She saw Mr Drake the prime minister sitting down and cleaning his gun.


Dragonith:Good evening Mr Prime minister I guess you’ve killed another innocent soul today Prime minister:A dragon in the city?and you can talk?you’re gonna earn me fame


Dragonith I’m afraid you won’t live to tell takes Mr Drake.You murdered a whole family of 12 just because you want their land to start your oil business they refused and you killed them.


You planned your own kidnap two weeks ago just to gain sympathy from the public you’re such a cheater and not wanted in the city.


Mr Drake:(he fired a shot at Dragonith)you’re not wanted as well dear Dragon


Dragonith was lucky to slap the bullet away with her iron like tail and she thrusted her tail in his throat.blood gush out and he fell to the ground


Dragonith:you’ve failed your city Mr Drake.


Judith and the dragon keep taking down corrupt people on the list and unknown deaths keep occurring in the city for 3 weeks.now their list is almost finished before they stop.

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The police couldn’t explain the reason or cause of deaths and the city is in chaos.




Dorothy ran to Judith happily so as to share the good news she heard this morning


Dorothy:you won’t believe Dad promised to take us to an island the love island to celebrate my birthday.oh my God celebrities do go there for Holidays isn’t it awesome?


Judith:good for you Doro


Dorothy:are you jealous?stop it we will celebrate my birthday with my friends before I go.


Judith:yeah sure Nye I need yo get home early today


Dorothy:Judith you haven’t been giving me time for the past 1 months like before I mean you don’t even hang out with me again you’re always about going home


Judith: I’m sorry Dorothy I just get really busy these days (she kissed her forehead and went off)




MIDNIGHT#bad things are done at night.Judith went to her daily work taking out the bad guys.She landed on a building


Dragonith:this building looks familiar.


Then a man noticed her and shouted


Man:who is there?


Dragonith:Hello Mr Hikes


Hikes:A talking dragon?


Dragonith:You’ve failed your city


Hikes:please what have I done wrong?I didn’t kill anyone


Dragonith:you collided with the terrorists to bomb a hospital last week all because of money you killed innocent lives.the reporter that saw you making the transactions you kidnapped her


Mr Hikes:I’ve not killed her please spare me please.


Dragonith:no you must die..


Hikes:please can you come back tomorrow night? tomorrow is my daughter’s birthday please let me spend time with her before you kill me.


Dragonith:no (she raised her tail ready to strike him when she heard a familiar voice)


Dorothy:Dad we’re home…where are you?


Dragonith:(she whisper)Dorothy?..your daughter is Dorothy Hikes?


Mr Hikes:yes…


She lost focus and Mr Hikes shouted for help Dragonith flew away disappointedly.she got home and start crying , raining curses on the dragon


Judith:Go away….how can I kill my best friend’s father.





To be continued




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