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Ecstasy – Episode 45

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Maren teleported herself to the moon maidens world.

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Ameera gave her the portion she will use, all she have to do is to find the queen and spike her drink with it. Luckily for her, she met a moon maiden and cast a spell to hypnotize her .


“Go to the palace and make sure you put this in the queen’s wine. Make sure she drink it without you getting caught.”


The moon maiden left. She did as maren i instructed and fortunately for maren, the queen drank it.



Immediately she drank it, she felt controlled. Maren walked into the palace ,the moon maiden queen knelt down and bowed to her. .






The ice are trained for the journey.


“Carlisa going to another dimension which is eighteen years late isn’t easy like I said earlier. You need to focus and avoid all temptation.” Eliza said.


Carlisa was in a room but Eliza made the room a jungle with so many trees and grasses. She made it look big like a real dark forest which have no end.


“Now, you are gonna pretend am Imogene and mi so as Elma.” Eliza asked.


Mi so was there too.




“I won’t say a word or do anything, you will have to survive all alone and you have to make us survive. Don’t forget, you can hear what ever is been said to you from a far distance and you can smell more than anything you can imagine. Just focus.” Eliza said.


She created a portal at the door and at the room end.


“You will lead us to that room.”


Carlisa sighed knowing this wasn’t going to be easy.






Elma sat in front of her grandfather, Marcus. Right in front of them was a very big map.


“The map been used in the other dimension is very different unlike this world own but as a vampire, you will be able to read any map. All you have to do is trust your instinct, your heart, and be focus. You are going to need both your hearing and sense of smell on this one cause its way more important. So am gonna blindfold


you and you will try focusing on a particular place in the map. Remember all you


need is focus.” He said.






Carlisa stood in front of the portal which actually look real. Eliza said she won’t help or say anything, she will have to do it herself.


Carlisa stood in front of the fake portal by the door. She sighed heavily and went in together with Eliza and mi so.


She heard her name been called making her to turn back, “yes Eliza.” Immediately she said it, the room came back to it normal self.


“I wasn’t the one who called you. That was a great mistake, you don’t look back when called or answer when called you just move forward and ignore it. That is the best logic to use cause those voices will disappear.” Eliza said. .




Imogene closed her eyes with her hand raised up at a direction.


“Try reciting the spells you learnt.” Imogene did as she was told and it worked.


“Nice. But you still have a long way to go.” Nana said.








Elma focus on a particular state in USA.


She closed her eyes tightly and then she saw the road leading to the state.








Carlisa walked on a lonely and dark road alone. She wasn’t scared at all. Then she heard a voice, a very familiar voice but she can’t tell where she heard that voice from.


She turned, “who are you? Show yourself.” She said.



A very familiar figure came out of the dark, carlisa smiled, “father.” She called. He smiled at her.


She ran to him and hugged him, “where have you been?”


“No where.” He said with a smile which immediately turn to a frown. “Sweetheart you are going to another dimension right?”


“Yes dad.”


“Sweetie, follow your instinct, try not to get tempted.” He said and sighed, “a lot will happen. Someone important will come back to your life but not as you expected. Maren end is near but won’t be easy, so darling prepare yourself, you and your friends even the guys in your lives. I will be with you soon.”


“OK father, am getting scared.”


“Don’t be, you are as smart as your mom and as stubborn as me. You are stronger than me and your mom. You can do it cause you are a granduwella, the first werewolf after they where extinct. You are a strong vampire. You are the most powerful witch. You are the chosen one.”


Carlisa smiled, “yes you are right, I am the chosen one.”

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“Its almost morning, you should go.”


“I don’t want to.”


“You have to. Now go.” Nicole said and made her leave.


Carlisa opened her eyes and found herself on her bed. She just dreamt of her father, she couldn’t help but smile and what was those things he said? That Maren reign will end soon but will not be easy. She should prepare together with Imogene and Elma even with the guys in their lives and the only person carlisa could think of was Alex, Bryan, and Jay, they are the only guys close to them.


What do Nicole mean?








Ameera walked into the palace and stood in front of Maren.


“Maren, got a big news for you?”


“Am all hears.”


“Ice are going to another dimension to bring back the three granduwellas who disappeared.”






“That will be the greatest mistake they will ever make cause I won’t let them come back.”


“I think you are also thinking what am thinking.”


Maren smiled lopsided.








A woman came out of a taxi in front of the granduwellas mansion. She was looking younger than her age.


She looked at the mansion, how she missed that mansion. Its been years now.


How she miss the granduwellas. She looked across the road and saw the house she will stay in. She just have to stay close to the granduwellas. Close to her family. .




Lucius was feeling uneasy. He felt someone close to his heart nearby.


He felt a connection but couldn’t say who it was.


He came close to his window and peeped down the road. Then he saw a female figure but her back was all he could see.


He couldn’t see her face. That figures looks so familiar to him. Why does he has this feeling towards that woman who he haven’t seen her face? .






Alex knowing carlisa mission decided to meet up with her even for a second.


He gave her a call to meet him outside the mansion which she did, he drove the car


to a beach close by.




The both of them sat close to the water watching it view. Nature was indeed beautiful.


Alex looked at carlisa, “are you ready?”


“For what?”


“For your next mission?”


“I guess so.”


“You are a strong and beautiful lady, always remember that. You are special, always remember that. You are gifted, always remember that. You are Carlisa the chosen one, remember that too. Always trust yourself and what you can do cause you can do more than you think. Don’t fall for any trap follow your heart.”


Carlisa smiled, “Woah, a great advice coming from you. I will surely remember it,


thank you.”


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