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7 Days With My Crush – Episode 8

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episode 8






{Mrs Kayden}




by Authoress Simrah




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Kayden’s POV…



I couldn’t take it, as innocent as she is , she has a boyfriend? but it shouldn’t be any of my business in the first place.




she’s my fiance, stay the clear away from her” I said to the Henry guy who was just struggling to stand up with the help of Mia ..




man , you love her don’t you?” he questioned, did I love her? no! then why did I punch her boyfriend? was I jealous? no! I can’t now and I don’t love her…




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just admit it Mr Kayden stop fighting the feeling” he said and went upstairs.. What the heck! which feeling am I fighting? the guy is feisty..




and why the hell did you punch him?” Mia asked with venom as if she is ready to behead me right now…




because you are …”




going to be your wife in less than 24hours? does that have any business with you punching him what is wrong with you , even if he’s my boyfriend, it shouldn’t be any of your foolish business. I will only be married to you for seven days and what did you want to become of me after then ?” she spat angrily. I haven’t seen this side of her since we met , she only shows the craziest side ..I was totally lost of words .. she’s right it shouldn’t be my business after all we signed to live our private lives..




look I …..”




save it! I don’t wanna hear any more words from you, Henry has been my childhood friend and he’s even a gay, can’t you use your sense that he was only trying to mess with you? well that’s the type of person he is ” what! I’m now the one feeling embarrassed, he’s even a gay ! shit what have I done? I just showed him that I truly love her? bad !


I took my car keys and left , the shame is something else…….






After the drama, Kay left . I guess he’s embarrassed, why will he even do that? or did he really love me like Henry said ? maybe I will find out some other day for now I really need rest before Mrs Brooks and Sophie comes…


I went to my room ready to climb and do justice to the bed but only to meet a fighting Jen and Henry..God!




Jen , Henry, you need to vacate my room, I want to take a nap” I said walking inside while there stop their cat and dog fight, there have always been like this right from time.




a nap ? are you sick Mia ? this is just 10am and you want to sleep? or wait! what did you do last night, didn’t you sleep or was he banging you till day break?” Henry said shamelessly. what will I do with this boy ?




it’s non of such we didn’t do anything with your dirty perverted mind” I retorted..


yeah there already know about the wedding being tommorow and my dad also knows .. I called him earlier today and he says I shouldn’t worry that my soon to be ‘ father in law ‘ already informed him so any how I will be going home in the evening.. I guess it’s going to be a small wedding..




I’m Missing you already stupid ” Jenny said cleaning fake tears from her eyes while I rolled my eyes. such a drama queen..




I’m not going forever silly , it’s just for seven days okay and before you know it, I will be in this house again.. Oh Lord please forgive me, even my dad thought it’s really a love marriage… so help me God.




shut up, I know you are going to fall for him ” she grimaced while I shook my head… will I fall for him? naa don’t think!



it’s never gonna happen bes, he’s toooooo rude and arrogant, we will sure kill ourselves if that happens” I replied




and Henry, what was the show you put up there?” I asked eyeing him while he just shrugged..




I only wanted knowing how he felt towards you and I got my answer through the punch . No biggie though it hurts ” he said and we burst out laughing……






oh my God Mia you need to try this dress it’s freaking beautiful” Sophie said . I’m tired already , it’s been five hours we came to the mall but Mrs Brooks and Sophie together with Jenny won’t agree all the dresses was good enough for me …( More interesting stories from TOPSTER STORIES App)




yeah it’s beautiful let me go try it on” I collected the dress and ran to the dressing room. With the help of the sales girls, I was able to wear the dress ..




ma’am you look beautiful in it” she compliment while I muttered thanks to her and went outside…




Mia is that you?” Jen asked …




no it’s your godmother” I replied sarcastically…




you look so stunning ” there said simultaneously which made us laugh..




my daughter, we are picking this one for you, plus the lingeries” she said and winked .. What did there want me to do with them? wear it? and expose my body for Mr lucifer? hahahaha not happening..



girls I’m famished let’s go grab some food” Mrs brooks said while we nodded in agreement and that was when my stomach seems to embarrass me by grumbling which made them chuckle.


















wakey wakey angel” I opened my eyes to see Jen and then to the clock.. It’s freaking 5am…




why are you disturbing my sleep”




but it’s your wedding day” she replied..




kill me now, arghh! let me sleep Jen, leave me alone” I said and lay back down..




okay then , we can do it the other way, any one is fine by me” she said while I refused answering her.






holy Molly! ” I placed my hand over my hurting cheeks and glared at her …




if you don’t stand up this minutes I will destroy your face” she roared ..





” then you better go to the gym for more strength” I said as I remove the blanket over my body..


who gets slap on her wedding?




oh come on give your bes a hug” she said! what can I do? I wasn’t mad at her so I stood up and hugged her ..we both are stubborn and I love us like that…




“now let’s get you ready” she said after we disengaged from the hug ..


I never knew getting someone ready requires a lot of people to make you over and now , this is what it feels… I wish it was a real wedding… .




this ladies here will turn you into a real bride” she said clapping her hands like a little girl..




I’m I not a bride ?” I questioned




of course you are, a beautiful one at that” she replied ..




four good long hours later ..


I mean it took them the time to finish giving me just a makeover . jeez! I hope I won’t look like a Santa. .




you look extremely beautiful bes ” Henry said coming into the room..




I wouldn’t agree less ” Jen replied making me eager to see myself.. I hope there aren’t mocking me..






” you look so beautiful my angel ” my dad said as he saw me , he was fighting his emotional break down…





” thank you Daddy don’t worry I will be fine ”




I know you will hunny , Kayden is a good guy and k don’t want you giving him hard times , be a good wife baby” he said and hugged me, I almost cried ! I was getting emotional but I couldn’t show it. I don’t want my makeup smudge you know…




Do you Mia Lockhart take Kayden Brooks as your lawful wedded husband? ” the priest asked . I


turned to Kayden who was looking at me intently undressing me with his eyes .


Do you Mia Lockhart take Kayden Brooks as your lawful wedded husband?” he asked again for the second time ..




I do” I replied and bent my head, I hope I won’t regret this Lord …




Do you Kayden Brooks take Mia Lockhart as your lawful wedded wife?” the priest also asked Kayden..




I do” he replied..




now you may kiss your bride” he said and Kay smirked, my heart was jumping faster than normal as he brought his face nearer , our lips locked up for some minutes before we broke away….


The priest joined our hands as I looked at it shyly ..




” now I can pronounce you as Man and Wife….




l can’t believe it…


I’m officially Mrs Kayden Brooks…


oh lawd…..


Everyone was happy as there came to congratulate us…




Right now, I’m in the car with Kayden to my new home (note the sarcasm) he hasn’t said anything after the wedding except staring at me and looking away immediately…


We arrived home and we hopped out of the car… It’s the second time I’m coming here..


Kay brought out my luggages like a gentleman and take them inside while I kept looking around my home for the next seven days … .


I just hope I will be able to cope with him around..


why can’t you just give me my own separate room ?” I asked ….




you are stupidly funny , you signed the contract and so be it” he snapped. What’s up with him this night?


I argue this night, all I need right now is sleep…


I jumped on the bed only to be dragged to the floor by Kay …




ouch” I winced as I fell to the floor…




now listen, you are in my house and for that you must obey certain rules one of which is you will be sleeping on the couch while I sleep on the bed , I can’t share a bed with a psychopath” he said .. oh really ? He climbed the bed and spread himself widely so there wouldn’t be any space left out…




such a gentleman that will allow his wife sleep on the couch while he sleeps on the bed” I said but he refused answering me.. I need to do something , think Mia think !! yesssesssssss ! very good….




ahhhhh! Lizard is on the bed ” I shouted atop of my voice and immediatetly he ran down from the bed. I mean he was at the door within a twinkle of an eye..


I quickly jumped on the bed and started laughing . My plan worked , such a scary cat ! ..




” what! you tricked me! you will pay for this I promise” he groaned and left the room…


Now I can have a peaceful sleep……






7days with my crush





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