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Separated – Season 2 Episode 31

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I so much get angry at myself whenever I remember that am gonna have class with Elvin as my teacher, it always get me so pissed off.


I wonder why miss Harrietta decided to do this thing to me by telling Dad that Elvin should be teaching me.


I have been studying with Elvin as three days now and I haven’t been taken it serious though I studied on my own the class.



I just want to be free from all this stuff, and the only way I can get it done is if Elvin can tell Dad that he is tried of me. I will frustrate him till he does so.


By the next seventy two hours I will be competing with Maya.


I heard a knock on the door.


Who is that

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I asked checking my tike to know if is grandma and her trouble again but the time we’re still 14.34 pm.


I put my thumb and the door open revealing the face if Eric.


Good afternoon Miss Stephannie…” He greeted bowling down a little.


Good afternoon Eric


What’s the problem???? ……”


I asked.


I don’t really know but your Dad wants to have a word with you and he said immediately……” He said.


Okay behind you….. ”


He turned and left while I followed him immediately.


I got to his room and Eric stayed at the door while I walked in.


He was busy with something, kind of files.


” Good afternoon Dad …”


I greeted him and he look up and smiled at me.


Oh !!! My beautiful princess How are you doing today???……”


He asked dropping the file in his hands and face me.


Am fine Dad ……”


I said without leaving a trace of smiles on my face and I just sat down on one of the cushions on his room room. It actually close to his bed.


” What’s that look on your face for??


Come on Stephannie what’s the matter????Why keeping your face in such state???…….”


He asked stood up form the bed and sat with me on the cushion and I adjusted a little creating a space between us.



” What’s the problem??


Talk to your Dad and whatever it is will become history….”


He said.


” Dad you are the problem.


I have been wondering what I have done that made you decide to punish me…..”


” Me???


How do you mean my princess??


He asked.


Dad you complained that I don’t study at all and am lacking behind on my education performance but you went ahead and got me someone that will useless my time…..”


Make me understand better…”


He said.


” Elvin !!! that’s it.


He is just wasting my time.


He can’t teach and I don’t understand anything he is saying..


He is more like a distraction to me….”


I said.


What if the reverse Becomes the case here.


Is not that he can’t teach or that he us wasting your time but you don’t want to learn from him……”


He said.


” That’s a lie Dad.


Who is feeding you with that……”


I asked getting pissed off.


Nobody is but I get to watch some times while you guys study and u sees how disorganized you are whenever it time to read……”


He said.


That’s because he is disqualify at the first attempt. He has nothing reasonable saying the first time I gave him a cool attention…..”


Look Stephannie you might think that you are still what you are and you still have at you call what you want but the present presence of Elvin has changed so much in Europe.


They are hosting the competition to determine the best student among the male student and don’t be surprised that their will be another strange development after it.



A lot of your follow competitor doesn’t need to compete with you again to know how fast they are developing, all they Need is to invite Elvin over.


You need to make him your friend and pay a very good attention to whatever he is teaching you. Keep your ego aside for now at least for the competition period to be over…..” He said.



But Dad…..”


Stephannie’, you might be very intelligent but Elvin is more intelligent than you. No body knows why Maya didn’t win you when she has her chance to….


You and I knows she only has two times to compete against you but she wasted the time chance and now she is up again knowing thay her only has this last chance.


You must do all you can to make sure that she didn’t win you out because if she does, you still might not be the best but she will sure win you at the finals……” He said.



” Dad Maya can’t win me.


Just allow me study with Miss Harrietta or alone and you will see me improve more.


I don’t understand any single thing that he teaches me


Dad just do it for me…….”


I pleaded.


Those that little brats ate too small for me and they can’t win me even if I drop schooling for one




I said.


They are advancing Stephannie


They will hit you so high than you can ever imagine. Just calm yourself down and listen to Elvin’s teaching


But if you refuse I can only tell you one thing.


Elvin will continue to teach you as your teacher will the time he decides weather to stop ……” He said and walked into his study room.


I called him but he didn’t look back and I walked out of his room with angry expression.


I came in search I that Elvin of boy


What have I done to Dad. Must


Must he always tag the two of us together.


I saw Victor seated at the corner of the pool and I walk up to him.


Where is that stupid brother of yours


I asked without a smile on my face at all.


Stupid brother???


I don’t have any.


He said


Do you think am here for jokes


Where is that idiot that calls himself Elvin


I asked.


And what business do you have with the idiot


He spoke out and I turned to see him standing some metres away form the spot on.


How dare you say anything to my Dad, Are you stupid????? ……”


I don’t know what you are talking about, if you have a guilty conscience that I said anything to him then that’s your own problem……”


He said to me.


Are you mad


How dare you talk back at me…..”


I asked.


Go learn manners


He said and I slapped him but he was very fast and he caught my hand before it get close to his cheek.


He just smiled.


Please my Princess.


Don’t try this again even if you want to not with someone like me.


I mean don’t raise your beautiful hands to hit me again


He said with a smile and he gently bring down my hand and walk away while I just warming him.


Gosh…. Who do he think he is.


I said to myself and walk back to my room.






I don’t know why I don’t get angry at her even with her actions towards me.


Maybe that’s because I don’t want to get angry


No is because what you feels for her is stronger than her bad characters.


My conscious said and I just hiss and opened my door.



I got a called from Mr. Barlon immediately it was 15.00 pm the time I use to have lesson with




What’s wrong???


Why is he calling at this time……”


I asked myself but I still picked up the call.


Hello Sir


I said.


Elvin how are you doing??……” He asked.


Am fine Sir…”


That’s good to hear


How is Stephannie coping with you teaching????……”


He asked.


” She is quite following up..


You know she is intelligent so it isn’t a hard task getting her to follow up what am teaching her……


I lied to him.



” That a wonderful Keep it up He said.







” Thanks Sir….”



”And u will love to have a word with you immediately after your lesson with her this evening…” He said.


Okay Sir ……”


Okay then bye….”


He said and the like went dead and I took out a deep breath.


I took my things and walk down to the study room.


Getting there no-one was there so I just seating hopping she is coming.


It took some minutes before she showed


I had a wonderful class with her


Yeah wonderful class actually because I did the talking, asking and answering to myself..



The only thing she did was to write down what I was saying though I was surprised that she came with a book to class today.


After the class I walked up to Mr. Barlon’s room as invited.


I met Eric and Albert at the entrance and they ushered me in.






Derek is in deed tougher than what I expected him to though his biography labeled him a well known dangerous and heartless assassins ever known in Iceland.


After he walked in to the building warning Charlton never to show his face again to his Lin of be the one to take the blame of anything that happens.


I took Charlton to the car.


Immediately Derek left Keira stood up form Charlton


She helped me take him to the car and told me to drive save while he calms Derek down.


Wait Keira, we all know who Derek is and he is a man known in keeping his words. I or Charlton might not be able to see you guys again but please you have to hand him this whenever he is calm I said to her and hand her over the record that Charlton gave to me


Okay Laura just make sure you protect Charlton, I will watch over Derek I know that one day faith will


still bring us all together again


She said and I nod.


Thanks for been there for me and Charlton


I said to her hug her and she ran back to the house while I got in look at Charlton and drove off.


His breathing was getting weak and I so needed to get him to the hospital before he died on me. Charlton please just hold on for me


All this will one day become a story to tell……”


I drove with great speed.


I so need to catch up to the doctor before the bullet cause a lot of damage to his system.


On my way to the hospital I met armed men on a car parked by the side. I recognized one of them to be the guys that executed Morgan the time he came to ask Charlton to work for him.


I drove pass them with much speed and I watched them get into their car immediately and followed us.


I speed up and watch them using my side mirror and yeah we were the one they were following.



I guess Morgan sent them to get us or probably to get Charlton.


At a point another one double crossed us through the front and they started shooting at us.


I stopped the car took out my gun and stared shooting at them as well.


Before the once following us could get more closer I have gun down three men and I drove out from the seen and they


Still followed me behind.


I ride with great speed and watching Charlton breathing make me crazy and I drove roughly with much greater speed to where I don’t even know.


The only thing in my mind was to get Charlton to a save place to avoid them getting to him.


How I wish Derek didn’t shoot him the lives of those idiots would have been history if Charlton were to be on his feet.


It difficult driving and shooting at them at the same time.


I concentrated on the driving and many of there cars drove to block me to one way or the other I escaped form them.


I parked on one spot and engaged on a shoot out with them and I killed two more of there men and I drove away while the rest still followed me.


This is not gonna be an easy one.


I drive as fast as I could but they are not ready to give up on the chase.


I shoot more two down.


Can I escape this people with a weak and tried soldier like Charlton????


I asked myself.


I got to a spot and I stopped carried Charlton on my shoulder and ran deep into the forest.


I turned back and bombed the car preventing them from riding into the forest with their car.


They stopped at the spot rush down and still ran after us chasing us and shooting at us unstop.


I dropped him at a spot and went to shot at them. I gun one down and they were too many so I had to run back to were I left him and I put him on my shoulder and ran out of the spot.


One of them blocked us and surprisingly Charlton shot at him while I shoot at the other behind us.


You need to leave me and go Laura


They are too many.


You can’t escape with me.


Don’t worry about me I will be fine juust go please


Charlton said.


No Charlton


Am not leaving you to their fate.


Is either I save you and myself or we all dies including them because I will stop at nothing until I kill them all


I said to him.


No Laura this is not a right decision to make. Derek needs your assistance please just listen to me and go.


Trust me I will be fine Okay


He tried persuading me.


” No Charlton


Am not no use on earth if u can’t save you. Even Derek will be disappointed in me…..”


I can’t let those blood sucking demon to get at you.


I must save you


I said to him.


I must save you Charlton


I ran as fast as I could and he left his gun to fall. Then I know that he managed to shoot that man with the last strength left.


I struggled to take him along but I was weak.


I also sustained two gun shoot at my arms but I used my clothes to tie it to prevent blood from over flowing.


We got to a point and Charlton become very heavy for to carry and run… I was getting more weak and I could sense the closeness of the Armed men around.


Just like I have it in mind


They surrounded us and I and Charlton’ were in the middle..


They point there gun at us.


You need to save yourself put of here. Charlton said.


Yeah I can escape from them but I will have to leave Charlton begin and that’s what I don’t want and if I try leaving with him they will kill us.


The only thing I could think we’re to just surrender myself to them because I can’t leave without Charlton.


Stay down


As you can see their is no escape root for you, if I were you I will put my hands down and follow


instructions so that you won’t get harmed.


One of the Armed men said.


The more closer they come


I dropped my gun though I was still holding one behind.


I was thinking on how to out smart them but it seem there is no way out.


If I will leave they will have Charlton hostage it just like holding me hostage as well.


Nothing seen to be working again in my mind


I just stood at that spot and only hope for the worst to happen.


” Stay down Laura


You can’t escape because we are out numbered here and we will sure get you if you try so I advise for


the sake of your life just stay down……”


The guy said again.






Is the operation done


I asked immediately James one of my assassin picked up my call.


” Not really sir


We are having a hard time with him Sir though he seen to be injured but he is with someone who is


proven to be though……”


James said.


Don’t tell me that nonsense


Make sure you get that Charlton and you must get him alive anyone he is with must be Laura get her


either dead or alive……”


I said to him.


” Okay sir


We will get back to you when it done but Sir nine (9) of my men are down


We really need backup to hunt her down……”


He said.


” Okay that’s won’t be a problem


Keep a close watch on them and follow their moves


I will connect with Mr. Robinson.


He is gonna send you more of his men for back up so put a call to Gray and update him on your




I said.


Okay Sir…..” He said.


Make sure you get the job done no matter who stands on your way I won’t want stories…….”


We will deliver Sir……”


He said and I put the like down.


I called Mr. Robinson and he picked up at the second ringing.


Hello Mr. Robinson…..”


The death himself


He called out.


My men are after Charlton as we speak and they have him right in their custody but there is this bitch by name Laura who bet on frustrating that smooth mission……” I said.



You mean you have the almighty and stubborn Charlton on your custody???


He asked.


Not really


I sent my men after him this afternoon and they have him but a female assassins by name Laura is after my men and he has gun down few of them.


I need you to send five strong men to go after her and get the mission accomplished……”


That’s won’t be a problem. I will do like you said. Charlton must be bend….” He said and I laughed.


You are right Robinson……” I will get to you later


I said and hug up then call.


Help me save who will kill you at the end……”


I said laughed and drink form my glass of wine .







Immediately after I dropped the call I called Gray my strongest and toughest assassins that I have ever since I started my drug business.


Sir you sent for me


He bowed down.


Yes Gray


Take much men with you.


Put James on call and ask him his location.


They are with Charlton and you have to go there and get him alive.


Morgan seek for backup


I said.


Okay Sir…..”


Watch your back and take tough and hectic guns with you. Charlton is a man to play with and he is been guarded with Laura a very dangerous and tough female assassins.


And if you finally get the custody of Charlton bring him here. Don’t ever take him to Morgan and as for


his men take care of them……”


I said.


” Yes boss …..”


He bowed and left.


” Charlton I will finally get you.


I thought you said you know how best to play the game……”


Am coming you Morgan but that will be after you must have helped my to destroy Thomson.


I need to celebrate my upcoming victory .






I left the spot with so much anger boiling inside me. My tongue cries for blood, if I had stay a little bit outside I will end up doing what I will regret in the future.


I walked into my room and cried like a baby Yeah I was hurt so deep but I can’t take my own blood. It isn’t in my rules to kill my kind.


Charlton did something very terrible but he is till my blood and am the still only family he knows.


Is Okay Derek at least once more you prove to me that you are a real man and keeps to his words….” Keira said.


Thank you Keira


I would have killed him if not you


Am so much hurt but is Okay…..”


I said.


Yeah I understand how you feel but you need to allow the tears flow and take away the pain you are




She said.


My phone deem light and I look at it and it was a message from an unknown number and immediately my phone started ringing.


I picked up the call.


” Hello Old friend


I told you you might be needing my help one day. Well this is not tike for questions I will answer them all but right now.


” You need to save someone


I mean something people that are so dear to you. They are in danger and if you don’t move now to save them you will receive a call for were you can get there the Corps……” The unknown man said.




But who are you and which of my friends are you talking about???? …..” I asked.


Find out yourself Derek Elson


The information you need is in the message you received before this call You don’t have time to waste.


Good luck old friend……”


He said and the like went dead.


I look at the picture he sent and at the moment I couldn’t understand it.


The only thing that coke to my mind is to drive out.


I rushed out and I didn’t see Charlton none Laura.


What’s the problem Derek ??…” Keira asked.



When did they left???……”


Who??? …..”


She asked


Laura and Charlton????……”


One hour ago


What’s the problem???


She asked.


” Nothing


I said and rushed to my room put on my dress and gun and I walked out while Keira followed me.


Immediately he said me on the clothes she rushed to her room and came out with three hectic guns and her personal gun and followed me even without me answering her questions.


I got into the car and she got in as well and we drove out of the building.


To be continued
















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