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Wasted Love – Episode 5

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Episode 5




On day, Laura went Job hunting and was on her way home but she didn’t have enough money to pay for a commercial taxi to take her home. She trekked all the way and was almost approaching home, when she became exhausted and decided to rest.



Laura stood on the main road for almost an hour to catch her breath, She leaned on a pole beside the bus stop, Unknowingly to her, Caleb droved through that route in order to beat traffic, he was heading to the airport to pick up Kate, who had travelled to Dubai to purchase her wedding gown and other necessary things for thier upcoming wedding. As Laura stood there helplessly, Caleb looked through the car window and saw Laura leaning on a pole beside the bus stop. At first, he thought she wasn’t the one but he looked closely only to be fully convinced that she was the one.




“Isn’t that Laura? What’s she doing at the road side” Caleb wondered, he wanted to drive off because of his horrible past with Laura but on a second thought, he looked closely at Laura, she looked quite exhausted.”There’s no need to hold on to the past, what has happened has happened” Caleb thought and stopped the car, close to where Laura was standing.



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“Hey Laura”He called out as soon as he was close enough and Laura stared at him for few seconds before she recognized him.


Laura walked closer to Caleb’s car and Caleb wind down his car window, so they could see each clearly, as the car window was tinted, Laura was shocked to the brim and her heart skipped several beats.




She stood there lost in thoughts and shockingly she said in shame “Caleb is that you?”


Caleb ignored the question with a smile and he threw in instead ” where are you going to?”


“ho..me… Home!” She Stammered, Caleb noticed that Laura was ashamed as she barely looked him in the eyes and she stammered each time she tried to respond to his question.


“Come in let me drop you home” Caleb finally said and Laura entered the car and he drove off. There was a big silence in the car, The sight of Caleb in a cute luxury car, almost gave Laura a heart attack. She wouldn’t have believed that Caleb was going to be that successful, although she knew he was hardworking.



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Laura had thought that Caleb, would only be able to earn a few cash to support himself. Never in her dreams did she imagine him with a big luxury car. She was shocked beyond words could say.


Laura was quiet but was talking to herself with in, she was in deep thought, Caleb brought her into reality when he asked for directions to her house,


and Laura directed him till they arrived at the gate leading to the one room apartment, she lived with her mother.




“Thank you” Laura finally said as she got down from the car. Laura’s mother was outside packing up clothes she had spreaded outside to dry, at the sight of her daughter coming down from a flashy car, she smiled as she had thought the driver was Reuben, maybe they had sorted out thier issues, she had thought.


The Flashy car drove off and Laura walked closer to the direction where her mother stood.




Reuben couldn’t wait to say hello to me?, Didn’t you tell him about the insults we received from his silly wife?”Laura’s mother said sharply


“mom, that’s not Reuben but Caleb” Laura said calmly


At the mention of “Caleb”, Laura’s mother lost words and when she got her voice back, she asked.


“Caleb owns that huge expensive car?” .


“Yes Mom, It’ looks like Caleb had made it big, he looked very nice, I couldn’t believe my sight, when I saw him at the bus stop, Caleb is very rich now” Laura said at once




Laura’s mother smiled faintly, and said


“If we had known that Reuben was useless, you would had sticked with Caleb but it’s not too late, you can skim your way back into his life, did you at least get his phone number”



“I managed to get his business card from his car without his knowledge, here it is” Laura said handing over Caleb’s business card, Laura’s mother smiled and said ” You are smart, you are indeed my child” and Laura blushed


“Mom, seeing Caleb again made me realize my mistakes, I shouldn’t have left him but I’m not going to make the same mistake again, Caleb is mine and that is why our path crossed again after 5 Years, I’m not going to back down, Caleb is my destiny” Laura said smiling faintly.




Days later and Laura was still hanging on with her supposed believe of getting back with Caleb, her mother had raised her hopes when she told her that Caleb was still in love with her. “If he didn’t love you, he would have not offered to drop you off after everything that happened between you two” Laura’s mother had said.




On the other hand, Caleb and Kate will be getting married in four weeks time and Caleb was tremendously happy that he had even forgotten all about meeting Laura again, his thought revolved around his wife to be, Kate, he bought her a new car after she agreed to resign from the Company where they both worked together all these years. It was tough for Caleb to convince Kate to resign but when she finally accepted, Caleb surprised her with a brand new sophiscated car and showered her with lots of expensive gifts.




Kate was so appreciative.


“My love, you have done enough already, you paid all my expenses for the trip to Dubai and gave me 2 million to shop for my wedding gown and for my parents, and I still have 1 million left from the 2 million and now you bought me this expensive car, oh my love, Thank you so much, I love you”


“I love you so much, My darling, you deserve it, After our wedding, I’m going to set up a big business for you” Caleb promised and Kate was excited and so appreciative.




If only Laura looked beyond Caleb’s present situation and accepted him for the hardworking man that he was, if only Laura was contented with the love he had



shown her, then she would have been in Kate’s place, she would have gotten the lifestyle of comfort, and the plenty money she always dreamed of and also have a man that would love her forever.




It’s so sad she allowed her money conscious parents to ruin her life, Laura will be shocked when she finds out about Caleb’s upcoming wedding as it was still unknown to her.


One night, Laura laid on her bed thinking, she began to regret everything wrong she did to Caleb starting from how she looked down on him and dumped him for Reuben, after everything he had done for her and her family. At that point, she felt like dying, “would Caleb ever take me back after everything I put him through?” She thought




Every scene of her life since the day she met Caleb started replaying in her mind. She felt double pain when she remembered how Caleb got her admitted into the university and shouldered all expenses for 4 years and how he always supported her parents “Caleb really loved me, how could I have made such a big mistake? Going back to him now will make me look like a gold-digger but I guess I’ll give it a try, I will first plead for his forgiveness and see how everything goes, mom says Caleb is still in love with me that’s why he offered to drop me off at home instead of ignoring me” she thought to herself.






To Be Continued



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