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Runaway Fiancee – Episode 9

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Chapter 9


Xander’s POV


Dammit! Shit!


I went to the bathroom cursing myself.


Banging my hand at the tiled wall.


This is torture!


I leaned my head on the wall and closed


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my eyes. Thinking.


This is too much. I can’t bear this




It was hard. I didn’t imagine that it could


be this hard.


I missed Mia so badly and every minute


with her was pure torture. I wanted to


touch her. Kiss her. Make love with her.


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I knew her weakness. I knew where she


wanted to be kissed. I knew how to make


her melt. And I knew how to make her


scream with pleasure.




And now… all I can do is look at her.


I told myself to be patient. But it was so hard. Seeing her removing her boots made me feel heated. Much more when she removed her sweater and jeans. My body ignited. I was on fire!


She is so sexy. Gorgeous. Beautiful.


I looked down and saw how aroused I was.


Dammit! I need a cold shower now.


I remembered being so upset earlier. She


was talking to that Telenovela actor. It


became depressing and painful to see her


falling in love with another man. I never


thought that she would fall for another


man… other than me.


She loves him. I heard her said several


times. They even talked about their


wedding. F*ckingshit!


I have to stop them. I have to stop her.


Mia will not marry him. She will marry


me. I love her. Yes. I still love her, so


much. I will do anything to have her back


in my life. Her mind, her heart, her body


and soul. I’m going to fight for her.


I took a shower and get dressed. Then I watched Mia sleeping. She was talking on her sleep. I listened to what she was saying, but couldn’t figure out a word. Shew as murmuring.


I decided to go to the office for a while


and checked about the latest development


of the venture we were working. Our family owned an oil and airline Company. It was passed on from my grandfather, Draco Valiente. My dad, Rafael Valiente started putting up five star hotels. He was influenced by my mom’s family, the Monteiros. My grandfather, Enrique Monteiro was a famous hotel magnate in New York.


I have two brothers, Franco and Manuel. The three of us ran our family’s business. As the eldest, I managed the biggest company. The Valiente Oil Company. Next to me was Franco. He was always the good boy among the three of us. Achiever in school. Never did anything wrong. Workaholic. Always known as Mr. Perfect. Became people’s choice of the most sexiest young billionaire last year. He was a replica of our grandpa, Draco Valiente. He ran the airline company.


Then my brother, Manuel. The notorious



playboy. He had a habit of making girls cry. He charms them, then discards them easily. He managed the Valiente chain of hotels.We have a sister, Stella. She was the youngest among us siblings and known as the obedient daughter. The favorite and treated like a princess by our parents. She was always with my parents and oftentimes accompanied them in their trips. She was Mia’s bestfriend.


I was in my office, reviewing a document


when my brother Franco arrived.


“What brought you here?”


“I’m leaving for Dubai.” Franco sat down


on a chair in front of my desk.


“Business or pleasure?”


“Both.” He leaned back and smiled. “I


have good news.”


My eyebrows rose. “What is it?” I leaned


forward, putting my arms on the table.


“I got the Lilylake Estate back.”


My eyes widened. “Really? That’s great.


Grandma will be very happy.”


“Yeah.” Franco looked so proud of




Lilylake Estate was owned by my grandma,


Emily Lawrence’s ancestors. Her father


lost it in a bet to the Hawkins’ family.


“How did you do it?”


“In a bet.”


“A bet?”


“Yeah. I played poker with Victor Hawkins. The old man is a gambler. He wouldn’t stop playing. I made him bet his Estate.” He chuckled. “My plan works.” “Good. But what about his famous


granddaughter, the model… I’m sure she


will not allow you to take the estate.”


“She has no choice. It’s mine now. And


I’m going to give it to grandma, as her


birthday gift.”


“That would be great.”


“Yeah.” He stretched his arms to his back. “So, how’s Mia? She really has an amnesia?”


I exhaled heavily. “She can’t remember


everything. She can’t even remember me.


It’s very depressing.”


“Send her to the best medical specialist.”


“I will.” I rubbed my forehead. “Anyway,


don’t tell anyone about it, okay?”


“Sure. I haven’t told anyone, even




“Thanks bro.”


After two hours in the office, I went home. I checked the time, it was five o’clock. Maybe Mia was already awake. I planned a special dinner with her. We could talk about the past. Our relationship… how it started. I would help her recall how we fell for each other. Reminiscing the past.


After talking… we could start touching,


caressing, kissing… then making love. I


felt my body hardened at the thought.


But no. It would be a very bad idea.


Patience. Slowly… and surely. She would


hate me if I put pressure on her.


When I entered the house, I heard a loud


laugh. A girl giggling. It was Mia. Then


there was a man talking.


My heart pumped very fast. Dammit! Who is she talking to?


I followed the voices. It was coming from


the pool area.


I walked there in a hurry. I went out of the balcony and immediately saw them. Mia in a very skimpy black bikini and my brother Manuel in swimming trunks. Both wet from swimming and lying down in the lounger, drinking champagne. You are so dead, Manuel!








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