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The Prince Maiden – Episode 11

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Chapter 11



Tyler’s POV


“How’s she?” I asked the doctor


“Let’s talk in my office” he glanced around and led the way.


“She’s stable now, if you had brought her five minutes later, she would have died” he scrutinized me with his eyes “what happened? She cut herself too deep and she hasn’t been eating. She’s too weak”


“I don’t know, I met her that way” I looked down “can I do to her ward now?”


“Sure you can and one more thing, Your wife is pregnant!”

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“Come again” my head shot up


“I said your wife is pregnant” he smiled


“Okay” I stood up and left the office, I don’t know if it’s a good thing or not.


One thing is sure though, that stupid girl is going to pay for what she said about my Allison.



I entered her ward after asking the nurse in charge and my heart broke at the sight.


The once vibrant Allison is dull and pale and a baby is growing inside her.


My baby.

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I took a chair and moved it closer to her bed and to her hand in mine


“I’m so sorry, pls forgive me” I said to her still body.


A tear dropped as I remembered what happened that night, then another and another.


People call you a perfection, I smiled through the tears.


I replayed the audio the detective sent to me earlier.


Someone had asked “Why isn’t a whore with him, we’ve heard all about his sex escapades in your marriage and from the looks of it, you don’t even look bothered”


A pause then another person said


” You don’t even come out to the press to as the Prince’s wife”


Another pause then Allison voice came through.


“I love living a simple life. I’m not used to glamorous life like most of you are. I don’t like being the attention of people that’s why I live a low life and use my money instead for better things. What’s my profit if I appear in all headlines? It’s not like I would get paid. I see dressing to please camera or press a puerile behavior. Matured women don’t act that way and as to my marriage, I don’t see how my marriage affects you guys. My marriage is mine and mine alone. The time you used in poking around into my marriage affair you should have used it to take care of your home and give attention to your husband. He would appreciate it. I trust my husband, he wouldn’t cheat on me just the same way I wouldn’t. We have our vows to keep”


“I broke mine by cheating and not understanding you” I sniffed and kissed her hand.



Then I remembered what the waiter had said that night. I didn’t know he and all the people that surrounded her were just impressed by her speech and I was getting myself drunk.


“I love that woman and would love her as wife. She’s the perfect one. I heard she’s married. Her husband is a very lucky one” the waiter had said


“How lucky?” I remembered asking white taking the eight cup


“Lucky enough that if I have my way, I might just snatch her from him”


My heart constricted “can things ever go back to how it was?”


She had starved herself too much just because of me. I’ve brought too much pain.


I watched her for hours as she slept.


She suddenly stirred and fluttered her eyes open.


“Allison” I stood up


Once her focus was on me, she let out a very long scream which alerted the doctors and nurses.


I was ushered out while they attended to her.


Few minutes later, the doctor came out and looked at me with accusing eyes.


“We sedated her, so she’s asleep now. She doesn’t want to see you” he shook his head and left


“Gosh!” I sat down outside the ward “this is much worst than I imagined”



Allison’s POV


“Where am I?” My body felt heavy.


I tried opening my eyes but I didn’t have the strength.


“Who’s holding my hands?”


From the beep sound to the smell here, I think I’m in a hospital.


I remembered what I had done earlier.


I started culturing the habit of cutting myself. It stopped the cries and I was relieved because I could only focus on the pain coming from the wound not my heart.


I loved hurting myself because hurting myself takes away the pain.


Then I felt I couldn’t go on like this, my voice would be too low against his if I want to take it up besides no one would believe me.


I just felt like dying but the thought of my parents and siblings stopped me from taking rash decisions.


I couldn’t bring myself to eat and I started feeling sick.


The pain had came back and I took a pocket knife to cut open a wound.


I cut arm deep but it didn’t work, it wasn’t enough. I cut open another deeper and it still wasn’t enough.


I moved to my thighs because it’s rich in blood. I cut it opened and very deep or maybe to deep because that was the last thing I remembered.


“Who’s holding my hands?” I tried again and opened my eyes slowly.


My eyes finally came to focus, it was Tyler. “WTH is he doing beside me??!!”


I gathered my strength and took a deep breath and screamed instinctively.


I didn’t even know what I was doing till I saw doctors and nurses come in and tried to keep my voice down.



They brought out a needle and syringe.


“Please don’t inject me, I just don’t want to see him” I pleaded but they wouldn’t listen.


I was injected and I fell into a dreamless sleep.





Tyler’s POV



Before she was discharged, she had called Francisco and the guy I saw her hug at the function.


I wasn’t allowed to see her when she’s awake only when she’s asleep.


The doctors said I had to stay away from her so she can recover and I was told she was always sedated before be could sleep. No sedation, no sleep.


I felt even bad.


She was being discharged today and I watched as the guy and Mr Francisco walked her to the car to take her home, they didn’t even acknowledge my presence.

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At least thank God she’s going back home.


I got home before them and prepared another room for her, not the one she cut herself in.


When they got home, I directed them towards the room.


Mr Francisco made her sit on the bed and sat beside her.


While the guy held her arms and she refused to look at his eyes.


I stood at the door and watched them.



The guy stood up and came to me.


” Can I see you?” He asked and went outside.


I followed suit, when we got to the living room.


He shot out his fist and punched me hard in the face.


I almost retaliated but stopped after a second thought.


“What did you do to my sister?” He punched me even harder on the face.


My lips bled.


“Your sister?” I asked


I even in a thousand thoughts think they’ll be related and I got so jealous and drunk. “Yes my sister but my cousin to be precise. We grew up together not that it matters

but what did you do to her because she isn’t saying anything?”


“I’ll handle the affairs of my marriage” I replied.


“You handled it so well she almost died, I don’t want you handling it well again Tyler, if anything happens to her again, I assure you, you’ll be gone.” He glared at me and went back to the room.


When I got to the room, I found Allison sleeping soundly on Mr Fransisco shoulders.


He set her gently on the bed and stood up.


He bent over and kissed her fore head “I’m disappointed” he said and left with her cousin following him but not without giving me a final warning glare.


I looked at her snoring gently and then her stomach where my baby is growing.



“Lord help me” I sent a prayer up




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