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My Prince Charming – Episode 2

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Episode two





★Ewa’s p.o.v ★




Mum and Dad decide to make peace between us because of this. Actually having Aduni as my in-law is not bad she’s beautiful, brave she have the strength to rule our kingdom together with big bro only that she lack manner and took advantage of others I’m scared




“Can I come in ”

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“Yea come in ” I replied then the door open




“Queen ” I called




“Ewa I need to talk to you ” Mum said and settled into the only chair available in my room




“Mum about Aduni right ” I asked and stared off

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“Ewa ,you have to reason with us having Aduni is the best thing that could ever happened to us ” Mum said




“How Mum ,just explain coz I don’t get it why on earth will you force Aduni on him ”




“No ,we just want them to be friend from that they get along ,love each and we will have peace with Adetola’s kingdom you know that’s the most powerful kingdom ,your father and I are trying to secure our kingdom by letting Prince get married to Aduni ,since she love him . Now think about it will her father fight our kingdom when her daughter and our son rule this great kingdom nooo hope you understand Ewa ” Mum said




“Yes but you are missing it Mum you can’t force them to love each other but fine if brother want her they have my blessing ” I said and hug Mum




“Thanks they have to love each other ,it’s a must to protect our kingdom and be king Adetola In-law best tittle ever ” Mum smiled




“Hmmm aya Adeyeye ( Adeyeye’s wife “)




“That’s me ” Mum replied kissed my head before leaving my room








★ Prince’s P.O.V ★




“Father you called me ”




“Sit son ” Dad ordered while I sat beside him




“And what can you say about your father land ” Dad asked




“Beautiful ,sweet home ,I feel good coming back to my father land ” I replied smiling




“Nice ,where you have the chilled Palm wine to step down after talking swallow and savant to send an errand that’s my son ” Dad grinned


“Dad yea ” I smiled




“Actually son I called you to discuss something with you and also beg for something and I want you to say yes and give it to me ,I asked your mother to excuse us coz woman take things far ,well it all about Aduni”




“Oh princess, anyway she’s friendly I’m glad to see her here to welcome me back home yesterday ,the little time I spend with her before she leave I don’t regret it she’s nice ” I smiled




“Oh nice ,but still what did you think did you like her ” Dad asked




“Dad” I called now I understand what Dad wanted from me but I’m in love with some one else though princess is beautiful but can’t be compared with my love. Her natural beauty speaks,when she smiled at me my heart beat increased. Black and beauty dimple that kills ohh I so much love her




“Princeeeeee” Dad tapped me




“Oh sorry Dad I’m lost in thought, you said what earlier ” I asked with half smile on my face




“Did you like princess Aduni coz we want you together as husband and wife son ” Dad said looking straight into my eyes




“Just like that Dad noo is not done that way ,A girl you just introduced to me ” I complained



“You still have enough time Prince but have it in mind she’s your future wife and the only woman I will bless as your wife and the mother of your kids ” Dad said and walked out




“What ,Dad I’m in love with someone else not her ” I yelled and dashed out really pissed on my way to my room then I saw her again




“My prince I checked you in your room to ask if I can clean your legs and and stretch them coz that’s my duty my prince ” She said with her head bow




I was just staring at her,her beauty can’t be compare with the most beautiful thing in the universe, her lips tempting, the same girl that poured flowers on my way my crush the one my heart belongs to




“I’m sorry if I here at the wrong time ,I will check you later I’m Tomi ” She said about to leave I drag her closer and kissed her ,she pull me closer her hands on my head



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“What! Tomi ,Prince ” Queen Wumi shouted





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