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The Story Master – My Own Karma – Episode 14

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Episode 14.
While crying Princess remembered something, she cleaned her tears and got up from where she sat on the bed, “no no it can’t be! She shouted and left the house immediately making her husband more worried.
She went to the church and luckily met her pastor having his quiet time, “I hope all is well? He asked seeing her in such a state.
“No pastor I don’t think so, She said and he asked her to sit down.
“What’s the problem? He asked.
“I can’t give birth pastor but I am medically sound same with my husband. Now he’s about to bring another woman into that house which I don’t want it, but while I was crying today I remembered something, she said.
“Which is? He asked.
“When I was a teenager, there’s this woman that had a fight with my mother. You know I thought that has fun and i stood with my mother, but then I called her a barren woman and a lot of names which she cried out that day and cursed Me. I thought it was just an ordinary………. “Not every curse is an ordinary curse Princess. You said such things to a woman who can’t conceive do you know the heaviness of her heart she used in pouring out that curse to you? Now you see why you are in this condition, you brought this upon yourself, the pastor said Princess fell on the ground crying bitterly.
“Please have mercy! Pastor please do something! God please I’m sorry! Princess cried out holding the tips of the pastor trousers who shook her head in pity..
“God surely will have mercy on you, but we have to pray, He said.
“I am ready pastor very ready, Princess said.
“We will have 1 week prayer and fasting, during this period please take your mind off from what is going on in your marriage now, God will take control, the pastor said………………
The next day the gateman went in and saw Matthew busy in his children room already, “when did you do this? He asked..
“The whole night, is it beautiful? Matthew asked.
“Yes it is, your wife will love it, the gateman said.
“That a what I want, but I think I need more toys to make my kids happy, Matthew said.
“Sir I think the toys are more than enough, your children will be happy, the gateman said.
“OK I need to prepare something for their return, Matthew said.
“I don’t understand sir, we don’t know if they are coming today, the gateman said.
“I don’t care Paul, I know theu want it to be a surprise which I also will surprise them. I’ll be going to the market, please tidy up the house I’ll be back, Matthew said.
“You haven’t rested sir, Paul said.
“Don’t worry about me I’ll be fine, Matthew said.
“Sir you haven’t cleaned yourself up, Paul said.
“Paul tidy up the house and forget about me, Matthew sternly said, took the car key and left while Paul shook his head.
“When madam was here you were busy messing up outside now look at you, I don’t blame you, Paul whispered to himself………………..
Veronica called up Princess to check on her but she wasn’t picking up.
“Its unlike her, she’s not picking my calls, Veronica told her mom..
“Maybe she’s busy, what makes you think she’s not alright? Theresa asked..
“Nothing but I’m just feeling sad for her, its almost 5 years mommy, her first child would have been Marvel age but her husband is already bringing another woman to the house. Men are so impatient, Veronica said..
“They only care about themselves that’s all, and most of them only go into marriage just for children. If you don’t give it to them and especially a male child, my dear you are finished in their hands, use yourself as an example, Theresa said.
“I was even able to give birth o, what if I didn’t? Ah God please help my friend out of this, Veronica said and Joy walked in.
“Mommy are we leaving this morning? She asked.
“Erm I wanted to but then your aunty isn’t here yet, won’t you wait for her? Veronica asked.
“No problem we will wait for her, Joy replied..
“Where’s Marvel? Veronica asked.
“She’s playing, Joy said holding the baby hands and left the room to meet her sister……………
That morning the doctor checked Debbie and confirmed she was good to go, “thank you, I hope we are not owing a dime? Debbie asked.
“You’re all good, thank you, the doctor replied.
“Thank you too, They all said and left the room.
Getting to the door they met with Gideon coming and he smiled at Debbie giving her a peck in the presence of everybody.
“Good morning ma, he greeted Sandra.
“Morning, are you not that Prisca friend that Came yesterday or so? Sandra asked and Debbie rolled her eyes.
“Erm yes I am but she’s not my friend but Debbie. I’ll drop you all at home, Gideon said.
“Really? That’s so sweet of you, Debbie said holding hands with him and left while Prisca couldn’t believe her eyes.
“Who is that guy? Sandra asked her as they walked behind them.
“Honestly we don’t know him ma, he came to me first but I never gave him any attention, looks like he took it to Debbie, she replied.
“And she quickly collected the attention that few hours they met he is already giving her muah in my presence, hey God! Sandra exclaimed as they reached his car and he opened the door for them while Debbie took the front seat with him..
“Don’t worry I’ll take a cab home, Prisca said.
“Why are you behaving like this or are you angry? Debbie quickly asked.
“Angry for what? If she wants to take a cab that’s her choice, in fact i am taking the cab home too, Sandra said closing the door.
“What’s the problem ma? Is it bad i am offering help to take you all home? Gideon asked.
“Sorry i don’t accept help from strangers, Debbie get down from there let’s go home, Sandra said.
“Mommy what kind of embarrassment is this? This is my friend you are talking to this way and its not fair at all, Debbie said.
“A friend you met how many hours ago? Get down here let’s go! Sandra shouted.
“Ma its fine she can go with him, Prisca said.
‘This is all your fault Prisca, what’s there to enter the car let’s go home rather you’ve decided to bring up a drama to embarrass us this way thank you, Debbie said.
“OK OK I may be a stranger but my intentions are real, I’m not a bad person and i don’t understand why I’m this pushed off this way. People get to meet strangers who end up helping them out or end up as life partner you can never tell. We are in the 21st century i think we should evolve too as the world is evolving, such life won’t take us far if we remain stuck in the 90s mentality, we need to be free and get to meet new people everyday, Gideon said and Sandra began to clap her hands.
“So it me you are calling old mentality and speaking long grammar for ba? Sandra asked.
“No you are misunderstanding me ma, Gideon said.
“okay i admit this is all my fault but I’m so sorry this whole mess is out because of me. Please ma can you just enter the car and he’ll drive you home, as for me I don’t take lift the way you think and i don’t want to, its my decision and i hope you all accept it, see you at home Debbie, Prisca said and left while Debbie angrily looked at her……………….
Princess checked her phone and saw the missed calls from Veronica, she heaved and called her back.
“Hey babe where are you? Veronica asked.
“I’m in church, she calmly replied..
“Doing what? Sorry i mean its morning and i know you cant be in church and besides, today isn’t Sunday, Veronica said and Princess sniffed.
“I found out the cause to my problem and i have to battle it out here, i just hope God answers me, Princess said.
“Honey are you okay? Can I come around? Veronica asked.
“I’ll be fine, I’m so sorry i won’t be able to accompany you back home. Ill be staying here for 7 days, its my decision and i hope you understand, Princess said..
“Oh my God! So you mean i won’t see you for 7 days? Veronica asked and she smiled.
“Take care of yourself and your family alright, I’ll talk to you later, Princess said.
“Please take care too and don’t be too harsh on yourself please, bye, Veronica said and the line went dead……………….

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