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Stigma – Episode 7

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(Episode 7)




Ben’s heartfelt confession to Natasha took her by surprise. She was still battling with the fact that she concealed her dirty past from her husband and now Ben, professing love to her. Those “I Love You” words coming from Ben at the other end of the phone, messed up her head and conscience the more and she felt more ashamed and dirty.


“What in God’s name am I going to do, I should have told Francis about my past and now he would have help me put Ben in his place” Natasha thought to herself




“Hello, are you still there?”Ben said at the other end of the phone “What are you thinking and what have you decided?” Ben asked


“Ben, For Christ sake I’m married and this is not fair to my husband, you shouldn’t be in love with me because I already belong to someone else, what happened between us is in the past and I have longed repented from my past, please Ben go away from my life forever, please, don’t call me ever again, I don’t love you and I will never do” Natasha said.


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Ben ignored what she was saying,


“It’s either I have you or I destroy you, I have done my research and I have found out that you are married to the most wealthiest family in the country, your father in law chief Thompson has a political ambition to be the next president of this country in the upcoming election, except you want me to destroy that old man’s ambition too by revealing to the press, that his daughter inlaw was once a prostitute, I have evidence, That will destroy him and his political ambition, I won’t spear any one in your life, even your siblings, your husband and your in-laws will be destroyed along side with you, I’m not joking, yes I’m not as rich as your husband but I’m not poor, I got my contacts, you have two days to prepare your mind, I will call you to tell you what I really want from you, Goodbye” Ben threatened and ended the call.



Natasha broke down in tears immediately Ben hanged up, she regretted selling her precious body for money, she regretted concealing her dirty past from her husband.


Throughout that evening , Natasha was jumpy and restless as she was dying of guilt for everything that she had concealed from her husband and for the reckless lifestyle she lived. She tipped toed to check up on Francis who was in the living room sitting in the couch watching TV with thier twelve months old daughter on his laps, she walked closer to him and sat beside him in the couch. She didn’t know when tears started falling off her eyes. “I don’t deserve you my dear Francis, I love you . Baby you are the love of my life, I don’t want to lose you” Natasha told Francis who thought her wife was just being emotional




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“my love, I love you more and I got you for life, why are you in tears, I have vowed never to see you in tears but to be happy, what did I do wrong my love? Francis said calmly, he hugged Natasha and promised to love her forever.


Natasha became mute as tears rolls down from her eyes, Francis who wasn’t aware of what was going on,


Reassured her of his love and care and promised to make her happy forever.



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The next day, Natasha pretended as though nothing happened the night before and tried to bond with her husband and Francis go with the flow but was having a hard time figuring out why his beloved wife was in tears last night. They kissed passionately for a while and they made love and told each other sweet words, Natasha tried to reveal his ugly past and Ben but she couldn’t, she feared how Francis would react, ever since she met Francis, he had never raised his voice at her, he had always pampered and spoilt her with too much love and care. “I don’t want to ever see his worst side, if I reveal my dark past now when I should have told him before now, I don’t think he will take it easy with me” Natasha told herself.




Days passed and Natasha totally avoided her phone and she barely left the house. Ben somehow called her through the home phone. Natasha was very furious with Ben for invading her privacy.



“How did you get this number?”She asked “What’s your problem with me? How many times will I tell you to leave me alone?”



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“Shut up, you whore, I told you to prepare your mind and wait for my call instead you avoided my calls, well this is my demand, I want 10 million in cash or else you want to become a widow, for weeks I have been trailing your husband and I know he is unprotected, no body guard and no security, oh what a simple wealthy man, you will have to deliver the money in person, I will text you the address of where you will deliver the money and you know what, you better come alone or else you will regret knowing me” Ben said and hanged up.




Natasha became so worried and scared, she had never thought that things will get this dangerous, she never thought that Ben could turn his obscure obsession into blackmail and death threat.


What in God’s name am I going to do? This is getting out of my hands, my husband’s life is in danger, oh my God please have mercy on me, I know that I’m reaping what I sowed long time ago but I’m sorry Lord, please forgive me, restore peace into my life and take control of this situation”.




That same day he called her bank account officer that the next morning she will be needing 10 million in cash,


“10 million cash? That’s too much, you could be arrested for money laundering” Natasha’s account officer said at the other end of the phone


“It’s life and death, please do this for me” Natasha pleaded


“ma’am, I hope you are not in any kind of trouble? Or kidnapping?, please contact the police ma’am” Mr Tony the account officer said at the other end of the phone


“Not at all Mr Tony, I’m fine, I just want to invest into a new business, please do this for me and be discreet, my husband is not aware of this, please” Natasha said calmly and Mr Tony agreed when Natasha pleaded so much.



The next day, Natasha went to her bank for the withdrawal, The transaction was so fast, the cash was ready even before Natasha arrived, she thanked Mr Tony and she left heading home, Natasha arrived home and Francis wasn’t around even before she left for the bank and she wasn’t expecting him back home that afternoon for lunch because he told her that he will be having a meeting with his investors and new clients.




In fact, all morning she had been waiting for Ben’s text. She dropped her phone on the dinner table and entered the bedroom to change her clothes . Read more interesting stories on Topster-stories app.


Unknowing to her, Ben sent a text message which read “I hope you have the money today , and be ready to also make up for the times that you made me miss you, by giving me the best pleasure you have ever given to me. I can’t wait to do what’s on my mind to you, you are my drug, I can’t leave you just like that, you have 1hour, don’t keep me waiting, the address is no 8b kingsway, old ware house, I’m waiting, come alone, don’t forget to bring the money and your sweet body”


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She was still in the bedroom when Francis returned. He called her name from downstairs but no one answered, he went upstairs and Nicole’s Nanny told him that his wife was in thier room. He walked into the dinning room and stood beside the dinning table, He was so hungry and he needed to get something to eat, he was taking up an apple from the bowl on the dinner table, when his attention went to Natasha’s phone that was on the dinner table, The light of the screen was on as a result of the text message notification. Ben sent the same message twice.


Francis reluctantly looked and saw the message that was sent by an unknown number. He opened to see what the message was about and almost collapsed when he was done reading.






To Be Continued

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