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Good Isn’t Good Enough – Episode 21

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She had just finished bathing when she heard a knock at the door, it was a Tuesday morning and she was really running late for work.



She wanted to ignore it but the better of her told her that it was better to check who was there.More interesting stories on Topster Stories App


She opened the door and came face to face with a woman she had only seen in the papers, she was as beautiful as she had been captured; maybe even more beautiful. She smiled at Azure, a smile Azure couldn’t put a finger to.


Her beige cotton dress hugging her figure nicely, she had stilettos on her feet and her bob cut was nicely combed.

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‘How can I help you?’ Azure asked after staring longer than she was supposed to Mel smiled taking in Azure’s dripping body wrapped in a towel; the temptation of strangling her to death so high.


‘Can I come in? It won’t take forever.’


Azure turned to look at her wall clock, she was going to be late and Mark would be on her case but then she had to hear what Mrs. Mtonga had to say


‘Please do.’ She responded moving away from the door


Mel walked in and took in the place, Azure was doing well for herself and she could see why her husband was taking a liking in her. He loved a woman who was independent, one who was going to challenge him – isn’t that why he fell in love with her in the first place?


‘Can I get you anything to drink?’ Azure asked politely ‘That won’t be necessarily.’


There was a barren silence between them.


‘I am sure you have an idea of why I am here Azure.’ ‘I can call you by your first name right?’ she asked ‘That is fine, it is Azure yes.’

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‘Good.’ Mel responded walking around the house ‘Do you know anything about me and my husband?’ Azure shock her head


‘Honey I am talking, it would make a lot of sense if you did the same as well.’


‘No I don’t.’ Azure responded


‘I thought as much.’


She sighed then walked back to where Azure was standing


‘I am not a bitter wife, I am not that kind of woman that will walk up to her


husband’s girlfriend and warn her to stay away from him. Honey I don’t have time


to play such petty games. Besides Jason is too grown a man to know where home






Mel smiled



‘I am here to tell you that I won’t allow my kids to grow up sharing the love they are supposed to get from their father with a bastard child!’ ‘Excuse me?’

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She laughed


‘Between you and I, Jason is a good man. He is lovable and trust me it will be very easy for you to get hooked on him, he is a bad kind of heroin; so addictive and will get you really high each time. And we know the end results of such situationships.’ ‘Mrs. Mtonga I think you have it all wrong, I don’t know what you have been told. Or what you have heard but there is nothing between your husband and I.’ Azure defended


‘They always deny it until the babies are popping.’ Mel said sarcastically


‘I think you have over stayed your welcome Mrs. Mtonga, I don’t appreciate you coming into my house and accusing me of things I know nothing about.’


Mel chuckled


‘I will leave, but as I walk out of that door; should be the same way you walk out of my husband’s life. I don’t give empty threats. You are a journalist, find out more about me.’ She said dropping a khaki envelop on the table before walking out Azure felt the blood drain from her face, Smith had refused to tell her anything concerning Mrs. Mtonga and from the cold look on her face she could tell that there was more to her. She ignored the envelop on the table and walked to her bedroom to put on some clothes. Since she was now late, she settled for the nearest bandage dress and pumps.


She drove to work and in about thirty minutes she was walking to her office ‘Good morning ma’am.’ He secretary greeted ‘Good morning.’ She responded walking past her


‘Shit.’ She cursed when she saw Mr. Mtonga seated comfortably in her seat ‘Cant this day get any worse?’ she asked banging the door behind her ‘Good morning to you too Azure.’ He said now on his feet


‘I want you out of this office because I won’t have your crazy wife coming to my house again warning me about staying away from you!’


‘My what?’ he asked her looking offended ‘Your crazy wife.’ She angrily repeated He made an angry face


‘Listen to me Azure, just because I kissed you doesn’t mean that you have access to my life.’More interesting stories on Topster Stories App


She looked at him in disbelief



‘You will never talk about my wife again, she is not the kind of woman to do anything stupid. You hear me?’


Azure looked at him in shock


‘Melisa is the gentlest person I know and she won’t do anything as silly as coming


to your house to warn you about me. I mean why would she do that when I would


never cheat on her?’




‘It’s Mr. Mtonga. That kiss was a stupid mistake that will never happen again. I hope you have a good life.’ He said then walked out


Azure stood for a good five minutes trying to digest what had just happened, she couldn’t believe that she had just heard those words from Jason. But what really got her worried now was that he had no idea the kind of woman his wife was and she was determined to find out at all costs.




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