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Promise Me – Episode 3

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Episode 3




Beatrice thought she was in a wrong address.


“I’m sorry for disturbing you, please I’m looking for a Corper, he is fair in complexion and tall, his name is Keith, He is my fiance, please do you know any Corper that fit my description? ” Beatrice asked the beautiful girl, she was unaware of who she was.


“You are from where please?” Amanda asked calmly


“I’m from Abuja and I’m here to see Keith please!”Beatrice said politely


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“Well Keith is my fiance but he is not around right now” Amanda said calmly


“Fiance? Like husband to be? No that can’t be my “own” Keith, I’m sorry to bother you this hot afternoon” Beatrice entered as she turned around to leave, Amanda saw Keith coming towards them and he quickly alerted Beatrice.


“That’s my fiance coming this way, maybe he would know who you are talking about” Amanda uttered.




Keith walked into Beatrice, one look at themselves, Beatrice held his hand and turned to Amanda and said “This is the Keith that I’m looking for”. Amanda looked in confusion. “No that can’t be, he is my fiance and we are getting married in two months time” Amanda replied, Beatrice was already in tears but she walked closer to Keith “My love, say something, is it true? Who is she?” Beatrice asked while Keith looked at her with out uttering a word. Keith’s silence confirmed everything.



That was the day Beatrice’s dreams, future, simply put, everything shattered. All along, she had made a lot of sacrifices to stay with him – she had bluntly rejected other guy’s proposal, she had been faithful to him all through the 10 months she spent in Abuja, back in thier days in the University, she gave up her dreams of pursuing music and acting as she didn’t want to go far from him or make him feel more insecure, She planned her life revolving him and only him. They were not married yet but they lived like husband and wife mentally and emotionally. Keith walked out on a shattered Beatrice. She couldn’t believe Keith could treat her inhumanely, he didn’t even feel remorseful and he didn’t even bother to say a word to her, he left her crying bitterly and sitting on the floor with no one to console her.



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One hour later, Some of Keith’s friends who knew Beatrice from the University saw Beatrice crying bitterly on the floor, they tried to console her, they took her to thier lounge and they made Keith call her, Keith told Beatrice on the phone to become practical and move on as he cannot get married to her anymore,


“I’m getting married in two months time, my fiancee is pregnant and you don’t know how your presence upset her. Go back to Abuja and start a new life, I tried so hard to tell you but I don’t want to hurt your feelings” Keith said on the other end of the phone




“After all the 4 years and 10 months! This is how you break up with me?, Keith it’s not fair” Beatrice responded, she was still very shattered and heartbroken.


When she asked Keith about all the promises he made, he said he was immature all these time, now he has become practical. He turned so much cold as if Beatrice never mattered to him. He hanged up and she cried bitterly.




“Now I know better, he refused to take my calls, he has blocked me from everywhere even on Facebook, He did not even care to wish me on my birthday, he doesn’t return my calls, I don’t know he will be able to forget all the good times and bad times we had, I felt we were meant to be! I thought he loves me so passionately and intensely, now I see that he is a mistake, he told me we will get married after our youth service, all his promises were just empty and full of lies”



Beatrice told Keith’s friends as she wept bitterly, they were good friends as they expressed their displeasure and they also tried all they could to make Beatrice feel better but Beatrice was so shattered that nothing could fix her ever again.




The next day, she returned to Abuja, she told her friend Rachael everything that happened in Lagos and Rachael felt bad as she hailed curses and insults on Keith.


From that day Beatrice confidence became low, she gave up on love and on men, her future is doomed, she doesn’t love herself anymore.




Two months later, Beatrice was still depressed, All Rachael’s efforts to help her friend feel happy again failed.


She was so bothered about Beatrice that one day she decided to ask her brother Jared for help. Jared suggested she informs her friend about his feelings, “You know i love your friend and to make Beatrice feel better, you have to tell her about my feelings for her” Jared had said and Rachael nodded in agreement.




Few days later, Rachael told Beatrice about her brother”s feelings.


“Babe, My brother is in love with you and I know he loves you for real, please give my brother a chance, so that he can love you like you deserve, you need to understand that Keith’s part in your story has ended, please move on” Rachael told her . But Beatrice was so scared to keep any kind of relationship with any man.


“All men are the same including my father who abandoned me and my mom and I don’t think that your brother will be different, please let me be, I don’t want to get hurt again, Rachael please forgive me, I can’t trust any man not even your brother” Beatrice replied. And Rachael felt bad but she persuaded her brother to woo Beatrice himself if he knows that his feelings was real.


Few days later, Jared asked her out by himself.


“No, please,Let’s be friends” she told him.



Jared and Beatrice became friends, Jared was so supportive, understanding, generous and caring. Jared became Beatrice’s pillar of strength and courage. He helped her overcome depression and anxiety caused by Keith’s betrayal. Little by little Beatrice began to smile again. Read and digest more sweet stories on Topster stories app. Jared called her on the phone every now and then and they would talk for hours, He would always take her to beautiful places to have fun. They talked about everything and they shared no secrets. With time their friendship became so strong. They became very close.




NYSC ended and Beatrice and Rachael passed out joyfully. Through Jared’s connection, Beatrice was able to secure a good job at one of the reputable companies in her career field, while Rachael managed her parent’s company with his elder brother Jared and finally Beatrice fell helplessly in love with Jared, in no time, they started dating, thier relationship was beautiful as they both love each other so much. Jared had met Beatrice’s mother and Beatrice had met Jared’s parents.




As time goes by, Beatrice became the only problem in thier relationship, she had trust issues, she was always jealous and insecure.


It is true that she love Jared so much but her love for Jared makes her do so many wrong things and her level of jealousy was at the deadliest level.




Beatrice always create issues when there are none. And Jared most times was finding it hard to Put up with her insecurities and trust issues. Sometimes Jared felt suffocated as he tend to do things against his will to let sleeping dogs lie. Tolerating Beatrice also could be likened to” handling a high-end glass chandelier with care”.




End Of Episode 3


To Be Continued

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