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A Week With Her Boss – Episode 17

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when I entered, he is facing the windows. arms on it rail.


“sir…you call for me”


He looks away from me, staring out the window again.


“You’re fired from this company. You’ll never work here again, cara” I’m . . . fired? “What?”


My knees wobble, and I cling to richies desk to stay upright. “Say that again.” I need him to repeat it, certain I had to have heard wrong.



Betrayal shatters my heart, the emotions I’d had building through our week together flooding me with bitter regret. “How could you?” I sob.

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I need to get out of here. Stepping away from the desk, my ankles tilt, going loose as my knees sway. Warm everywhere, my head swims as I feel like I’m going to faint. This is all too much.


His name escapes me on a whimper as I start to fall.




When he smiles at me, my stomach flips, and I hate that he has this power over me. “This is for you.” Leaning over me, richie reaches for a manila folder sitting in the middle of his desk. “Open it.”


It isn’t sealed, merely folded closed at the top, and I pull out a packet of papers embossed with not only the company letterhead but also richie’s personal address and contact information.


“It’s a new-hire offer,” he says when I don’t look up at him. I’m too busy reading the top sheet. “I can have what I need—you—and keep the shareholders happy.” His job offer is for me to be his personal assistant. A twenty-four hour a day, seven days a week assistant. That’s pretty much being paid to do what I’ve done for this past week, but without an end date.


“You would work from my home or the loft, and not be here. See? You would not work here,” he says with emphasis. “But, cara, this isn’t something to accept lightly.” Serious and brooding, richie lifts me and sits me back on his desk.


“This requires deep thought. I was up all night drafting this after realizing that I wasn’t ready for our time to be over. And look, the benefits: you won’t have to worry about any of your father’s medical bills ever again.

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It’s an amazing offer, but I only managed to handle six days of him—not even a full week. Could I handle this for longer; a few months, years . . . a lifetime?



“Are you thinking about it?” With his furrowed brow and hard-set mouth, richie is worried I’m going to turn him down. I just know it. It’s his “I pushed her too hard and fu.cked up” face.


I slide off the desk and back onto his lap and loop my arms around his neck, ignoring the papers that are crumpled between us. Kissing him is my answer, and sucking at his lower lip until he groans is my promise to try my best. “You’re being bold,” I tease as I rest my forehead on his. “Who works for their boss for their whole lives?”


He captures my lips in another kiss, hands moving to my ass to pull me against him harder. “Some people might. If they really love their boss, they might.” He wants an admission.


Flushing, it would be easier to just make him ask me directly and then answer, but I guess he’s just as insecure despite being the one in charge. “Even if I love you, I do expect to retire someday and have the occasional day off. Employees do get vacations,” I remind him.


“We can discuss your retirement in the far future. As to vacations, I’m going to fu.ck your sweet cunt and that hot ass of yours on every continent I do business in, and then figure out a way to do business on the rest so I can make you scream out in pleasure all around the world.” richie sets the papers on his desk before kissing me one more time. “For now, you need to get on your knees and promise me you’ll be the perfect employee.


I’m not going to go easy on you just because you’ll be working in my home—our home,” he corrects.


I kneel and look up at my boss through my lashes, giving him my best innocent look. “I promise to obey you, sir.” His cock is hard, pushing out at his slacks, and I nuzzle it through the cloth, mouthing it and lightly using my teeth to give more pressure. “I’ll do everything you say.”


“Task one: suck my cock.” He unzips his pants, and his erection pops free, slapping the side of my face.


I take him into my mouth, knowing that with as bright as it is, someone in another high-rise could be watching us.



Bobbing along his length, I suck and lick his cock, flicking it with my tongue at the head before swallowing it back down.


“That’s right. Prove you can be the best.”


I move faster, sucking until my cheeks ache and knees hurt, but I know he’s close by the sighs and moans he’s making. There’s nothing quiet about him being pleasured, and I’m glad our offices are far from anyone else’s.


I pull off him and give him a wink. “You can teach me to be the best employee, sir, and punish me when I’m not. Maybe you could try tying me up?” His cock is shiny with my spit, and I lick the shaft, watching richies face as I slowly squeeze my lips back around his length.


“I love hearing you say that, cara And I love you,” he whispers.




His honesty cuts through to my bones. I wanted to hear those words, even if I was scared, too. This confusing man… he loves me. Why does it feel so natural?


His hands clench in my hair, hips lift, and he groans out his declaration again. His cock pulses, shooting come into my mouth, and I swallow quickly.


Wiping my mouth, I lean back on my heels. “ruchuie, my richie I love you, too.” His laughter is a balm to all the wounds he’s inflicted, unknowingly or not. “Do you like it when I’m more of a bear or a man?”


Shaking my head, I stand up and wrap him in a firm embrace. “I love you, sir, all of you.”


“Does this mean you’ll accept the job offer?” Hopeful, his fingers massage Gift my arms as I hold onto him.


“Yes, sir.” I nuzzle his neck and breathe in the musky scent of his skin “I think I would be an idiot to turn down a job offer to be the personal assistant for someone I love, and we know you don’t hire idiots. Besides,” I tease, “you forgot to list the other job perk: more orgasms than I can count.”


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He stands up, bringing me with him, and then sets me into the chair before kneeling in front of me. “Then I have one more question, another offer, if you want to call it that. cara Robbins, will you marry me?”


Dumbfounded, I stare as he pulls out a diamond ring that has to cost more than I make in a year.



“I love you, Cara, and I want to have everything with you, be everything to you. You are mine, and I want the world to know it.” As he tilts the ring, I see the words “good girl” engraved inside the band.


Happy tears trail down my cheeks, and I feel him rub them away with his thumb. “I’m yours.” They’re the easiest words I’ve ever had to say. I hold out my hand for the ring, watching as he slides it up my finger.


And as I feel the metal wrapped on my skin, I realizes what was bothering me the most about our six days together. It wasn’t that it was too much time, it was that it was far too little.


In six days I fell in love.


How much could my feelings for this man blossom in a week.






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