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Promise Me – Episode 2

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Episode 2



Beatrice was heartbroken all weekend “What’s going on? What’s happening? Keith has changed, he didn’t show up again and he didn’t even bother to call me”Beatrice thought to herself as hot tears rolled down from her eyes.


Keith has changed ever since distance separated them, He always claimed to be extremely busy but the truth was that he met someone new- A beautiful girl named Amanda.




Keith and Amanda first met at the NYSC camp in Lagos, They bonded very fast and became almost inseparable that one would think that they already knew themselves before meeting in camp.


Amanda appeared to be a cool and gentle girl, and Keith had fallen for her.

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Just like Keith, Amanda came from a well to do family and she didn’t lack the beautiful things of life. Keith was so attracted to her, Often times, he felt guilty for betraying Beatrice but he couldn’t help how Amanda makes him feel.


“I think I’m in love with Amanda, I wish I met her before Beatrice, Ignoring Beatrice would make her understand that our relationship is singing to its end” Keith had thought




Few days later, Rachael returned from her little trip, she was so sad when she saw how heartbroken her friend Beatrice was over Keith.


“I knew he would not come, Beatrice can’t you read the hand writing on the wall, please forget about Keith and be happy, I know that I have no clue of how your relationship with him started but this guy had never visited you and when ever you offer to visit him, he always turn you down, the worst thing about this issue is that he doesn’t take your calls or call you as real lovers do, he is full of excuses, you know him better than I do and you should know that he is not being honest with you, we are all Youth corpers and we know how everything goes, why is he too busy to talk to you on the phone? He is definitely hiding something, I suggest you surprise him, You need to go to Lagos and find out things for yourself ” Rachael said to Beatrice.



“That’s a great idea, Thank you My friend, I’m sorry I didn’t come along with you, I wish I did, I was so lonely and disappointed all weekend. Babe you don’t know how much I missed you, how was your trip? I hope you met your brother and your parents?”


“Sure I did, Babe, I missed you so much too…..My Brother even came back with


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me, He is staying with one of his friends in town, have told him alot about you, he will come around this evening ” Rachael said smiling


“Really?, finally I will get to meet your beloved brother” Beatrice said as she rolled her eyes in excitement.




That evening, Jared paid his Sister a visit in the Corper’s lounge and finally Beatrice met Jared, “Nice to meet you Beatrice, your friend had told me alot about you” Jared said calmly as soon as Rachael introduced Beatrice to him


“Same here, it’s nice to meet you too”Beatrice said Politely


Beatrice felt nothing extraordinary for him but Jared was smitten by her gorgeousness. After that day he was so into Beatrice that he won’t stop pleading with his sister Rachael to help him tell Beatrice how much he had fallen deeply in love with her.




“Jared, You met her one time and you are in love with her? Come on, My friend is a no go area for you” Rachael entered sharply


“It might sounds cheesy, but when I walked in to your room that evening and laid eyes on her, I knew something special was about to happen. I have fallen in love with your friend, Sis. Believe me, I don’t want to play with her emotions, I’m serious, I have true feelings for her” Jared said calmly


Rachael could see a genuine sensation in her brother’s eyes.


“I will talk to her but not now, give me more time” She finally said.




One evening, Beatrice was reminiscing on the happiest time with Keith, they had dated for 4 years and at first Keith was the best boyfriend and best friend a girl could get, “He is my everything, he always said he loved me more than anything,



he understood me inside out, we were inseparable”Beatrice thought has hot tears rolled down from her eyes .The thought of them getting apart would usually depress Keith and scare him to death.


Keith had introduced Beatrice to his family in these 4 years, they knew he had a fiancee. Even Beatrice’s mother also knew about him . Beatrice and Keith had planned about thier future together, even named kids, planned marriage and almost every little to big details together. Thier future was to be one amazing journey together! And they planned to get married after thier NYSC program.




Everything was going good, until they left to thier respective location for their youth service . “Keith’s behavior towards our relationship had changed so much, he used to call me on the phone every now or then and we will speak for many hours, what’s going on?, I will have to visit him in Lagos as Rachael suggested and find out what’s going on between us” Beatrice thought as she wiped two tears from her face.




Few days later, Beatrice had just arrived Lagos when her mother called her up. “How are you my darling daughter?” Beatrice’s mother asked


“Mom, I’m fine”Beatrice replied


“Where are you?” her mother asked


“Mom I’m in Lagos, I came to see Keith, it’s been a while” Beatrice replied Beatrice’s mother asked her daughter, if Keith was aware that she was in Lagos.


“Yes mom” Beatrice lied


“Take care of yourself and be a good girl” her mother said and then hanged up.




In an hour, Beatrice was in a taxi heading to the address one of her school friend had sent to her, She had tried calling Keith all morning but as usual his not taking her calls, she had to call up one of her school mate who was also posted to Lagos, Her friend gladly sent Keith’s address in a text message. Finally Beatrice got to the address, it was a corper’s lounge, she knocked on one of the doors, lo and behold! Amanda, Keith’s new girlfriend opened the door.









To Be Continued

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