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I Loved The Wrong Guy – Episode 14

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Episode 14


I got home from school tired so I went up to my room straight. I took a bathe and came down to see snacks on the dining. It seemeed Been wasn’t around just Stacy. She offered some to me.


There was, chicken nuggets,pizza,burgers and even my favorite smoothie. She was trying to win me over and trust me it finally worked. After eating,we both cleared the plates together and she told me about College, how she met Ben and all that. I realized she was a very nice and friendly person,I just hated her for no reason.

We played a game of scramble later, I had a better look at her face.


She had a perfect set of teeth and dimples which made her prettier in her oval sh


aped face but I also noticed a scar on her forehead but when I asked her about it she answered sounding tensed so I just let her be.



Ben walking in,” there are my girls. So you both getting along now huh! I knew you’d like her, who wouldn’t”

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I scoffed, Ben trying to act like a good boyfriend really was funny so I just laughed at him.


* Susan’s POV*


The D-Day had finally arrived,I was tapped from behind. “Oh Nuel! I’m so glad you made it” I said hugging her. “I’d like to get some of those hugs too” a voice said


I turned back to see Victor with his arms spread open. I hugged him and withdrew. “Nuel,meet Victor my ex husband, Victor this is my very good friend Nuel Sampson”


They both shook hands and then she excused us.


“So what are you doing here Victor?” I asked calmly. ”


Have you forgotten I told you I worked in a petrochemical industry here in Texas? I was heading for my office when I saw your billboard so I decided to shower up too. I must say you are really doing well Susan. I’m proud of you” “Thanks a lot” I said


“So how are the kids doing?” He asked

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“They’re fine” I replied


“I really miss them” he said


He asked again,”is Stephanie really not my daughter??”


“Why would you care now when you never did in the beginning!” I retorted.


“I know I made a mistake and I feel guilty but is she really mine? I always see a picture of her in my mind calling me daddy” he said emotionally. “Well, she’s not”


“What about those DNA reports you tried showing me then?”


“They were fake” I replied looking away to wipe my tears.


Please Victor, you’ve got a family and so do I. Focus on them and forget about us”


He smiled with empathy all over his face and held my arm then walked away.


I stood there feeling guilty and emotional but I managed to console myself as this was my big day.


The event launching went well and I signed lots of endorsement deals. Nuel was so happy for me that we celebrated and she forgot she was supposed to go back home. When she remembered it was already late so she called her kids.


Nuel’e POV


“Hey Jessica,how are you?”


“I’m fine mom and you? How did the event go?


“It went well but I won’t be able to come back today so please take care of yourself and your sister and no fighting. You can ask Steph to come over if you wish” ” Yeee! I’m so calling her over! Thanks mom’


“Please get something for me on your way back mom”. That was little Nora


“Sure baby,I will. Be good”.


I hung up.




I picked up my phone and called Steph Immediately. I told her everything and she was so excited she was sleeping over at ours. *Stephanie’s POV*


I rushed downstairs and met the two love birds,Stacy was cuddled in his arms and


they were talking about something and watching TV too. They looked cute though.


“Hey Ben! I’m going over to Jessica’s,her mom’s staying over at Texas with mom


so I’m doing the same”.


“Fine, goodnight” he said.


“Aww, I’d have loved to play another game with you or at least talk, I’ll be going back tomorrow since your mom is coming back” Stacy said


Yeah! That’s fine,I should let you both be in privacy cause you’ll miss him alot so byee!


I said slamming the door on my way out.


I got to Jessica’s and found her watching some movie with Nora.


“So what’s this movie all about?” I asked as I didn’t understand anything going on there.


She explained it was about some girl who had a rare skin disease and if she went under sun, she’ll be burnt to death. She fell in love with some guy but didn’t tell him the truth about her but eventually the truth came out and she died in the end too.


We all cried,Jes excused herself to her room to cry while Ruby cried lying on my laps. She eventually fell asleep and I had to carry her as heavy as she was to her room and tucked her to bed.


We all retired to bed.


I woke up to see brightness around and a little creature standing on the bed shouting but I couldn’t see or hear properly as I was still very sleepy.


She shouted again,” wake up sleepy heads and this time,she jumped vigorously waking us up.



“Today’s Saturday and you’re taking me to the Cold Stones with your female friend remember?



Jessica and I both remembered we had plans for today and hurriedly got up. I checked my phone to see a message from Annabel “Hey Steph, good morning.


We had plans for today hope you didn’t forget.


Call me when you see this


Love, Annabel”


I replied,” sorry, we nearly forgot,call me in an hour let’s get prepared”. Was I really being polite to Annabel?


Oh what ever.


“Let me go get dressed Nora, get dressed too okay?”


“But I am dressed already”she replied innocently


Jes and I laughed


“Not with that”


Jes and I both picked out a dress for her and styled her hair and all. She looked very adorable so we took pictures of her which she loved and then I headed home to get dressed and I picked her up.


Annabel called right on time and texted us her location so we got to her.


We arrived to a queue but fortunately it wasn’t that long so we just took pictures and when it got to our turn we ordered.


Vanilla flavored for me, strawberry flavored for Annabel and chocolate flavored for Nora all medium sized along with some chips and toppings. Annabel paid with her credit card,we were done having ice cream and she started another conversation which I so never wanted to be in . *Susan’s POV*


We we’re waiting for our chaffeur who’d drop us at the airport. Just then I saw Sarah again and I gave her my business card offering her a job as my model in any event i was going to hold well until my daughter would take over. The chaffeur arrived so I cut the conversation and waved at her. We drove off.


We arrived at New York but I still felt gloomy having remembered what transpired between Victor and I. Nuel noticed I wasn’t happy and suggested we go grab some ice creams to chill with so we headed for the best in town, Cold Stones.

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