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Queen high school – Episode 14

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Queen high school




School of a living hell




Episode 14




The next day


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Beauty walked out of the room walking to the garden. They are in hotel, where her parent was with their business partner doing business. She saw the flower dancing to the wave.



“Beautiful isn’t it?” She heard someone said from behind. She turned and saw Daniel, she smiled.




She nodded. “Yes, it’s beautiful. Thanks for yesterday” she said looking at the flower




“You dont have to thank me, I should be the one apologize for making you cry” Daniel said



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“It’s in my nature to get hurt easily. And the tears use to come quickly without calling them” she was talking.




Daniel was not hearing what she was saying, he was just looking at the way her mouth was open and close. “You’re so beautiful” Daniel said




Beauty blushed. “Thanks”




Daniel shake himself. “Did I said that aloud?” he said




“It’s alright. You’re not the first to say it. I heard that a lot of time” beauty said walking away.




“Please…Jachaman(wait a minutes)” Daniel said




Beauty stooped and turned back. “Yes?”





“C-can we be friend?” Daniel said




Beauty said. “No problem, my friend” she said and walked away




“Daniel, you still have this skills!” Damon said as hr was walking up to him




“I thought you will give up love when your first love cheated on you” Dylan said




“You’re so bad, Daniel. How old are you to be knowing how to make a friend with someone you met yesterday. And about your first love, it’s because you got bad temper, she just kissed another guy. That doesn’t mean anything” Derek said




“Shut up, that mean everything. But I love this girl” Daniel said felled on the grass.




“I think I like her too” Derek said smiling




Daniel stood up. “Don’t try anything funny, she belongs to me” Daniel said




Beauty ran up to them. “Daniel, my parent has gone to meeting and I have their permission to at with you since you’re my friend” beauty said talking fast.




Daniel face brighten. “Really?”




Beauty nodded as she was jumping. “Really. They said, they know your parent that we are free to be friends” she said.




Daniel stood up and hugged her. Beauty was taken aback but hugged him back. “Thank you so much” Daniel said grinning




“Who are they?” beauty asked confused




“Em..these are my friend, and this is beauty” he introduce




“I’m Derek” he stretched his hand for shaking.




“Beauty shake him. “I’m beauty




“I’m Dylan” he shake her also




“I’m Damon” they all shake her




“Wow! so your name all stat with D. How about we be calking you, D4. Coz you’re four friend bearing names that start with D” beauty suggested




“Wow! I think I love that name, D4” Daniel said




“It’s fantastic. You’re so brilliant” Derek pinched her cheek slightly.




Beauty blushed. “Thanks” Daniel slapped Derek hand away and glared at him. The rest laughed while beauty was confused.




“What happened?” she asked




“Nothing, sweetie” Daniel said




“Sweetie?!” beauty said




“Oh, I’m sorry. It’s a mistake” Daniel said




“No. I love it. My parent use to call themselves yeobo, which means they love each other very much. And I like you too because you’re my friend. I don’t have friend because I don’t go out. And at school, bodyguard will just be following me around that does not give me opportunity to have any friend” beauty said sadly




Daniel raised up her chin. “You got me. I won’t leave you alone and I’ll always be there for you” Daniel assured




Beauty smiled. “Thanks”




“Not only Daniel, you got us also. We will be your friend” Derek said




“Yes, plus me” Dylan said




“Me too. I’m not left out” Damon said




Daniel cursed in breath




After an hour of playing, the guard came to call beauty.



She frowned. She was enjoyed her day with her new friend. “Don’t worry, we will be here or you can come to my room, room 506” Daniel did when he saw her sadly face.




“Okay” beauty said. “See you later, D4” beauty said and followed the guard




“I think I’m in love also” Derek said




“Likewise I” Dylan said




“I love her lips. I want to know how it taste like” Damon said




Daniel glared at them. “Don’t get on my bad side, you know I love his girl, please” Daniel said politely




Later in the evening




Beauty was looking for Daniel. She went to the play ground but he was no where to be found likewise the D4. Then she remember his room number. She went there and knock on the door. She did not hear anything, then she open the door and went inside. She went into the room and saw Daniel and a girl in the room.




She grew sad coz they are playing and hugging each other. Beauty ran out of the room.




“Dan, is that your new crush that ran away?” the girl asked



“Yes, sis. But why did she ran away? I’m coming” Daniel ran after her. He catch up with her I in the play ground. He grabbed her hand.




“Beauty what’s wrong?” he asked confused




“Don’t touch me. You have another friend, you won’t be friend with me anymore” beauty said crying




Daniel almost laughed. “I’m sorry, she’s my sister. I don’t have any friend apart from you and the D4 like you use to call us”




“Really? She’s not your friend? I’m your only friend?” beauty asked




Daniel nodded. “Let stop being friend” he said




Beauty was shocked. Tears began to rolled down her cheek. The only friend she had wanted to unfriend her. “W-why?”




Daniel gathered all his courage. He doesn’t trust his friend, they may backfired him. “Because….I…l-love you. Beauty, I love you…from the bottom of my heart..can..you be my girlfriend?” Daniel said nervously




Beauty smiled inwardly. “Yes, I’ll be your girlfriend. I use to see it in a movie, they will be hugging, kissing and do some nasty thing. But they use to love themselves so much. So, did you love me so much or little?”




“I love you so much that you can imagine” Daniel said


Beauty hugged him. “My best friend that became my first boyfriend”




Daniel hugged her back. “I love you, beauty




“I love you too, Daniel”





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