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The Lost Princess – Episode 13

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Chappie Thirteen




(^^) Labby


“Oh oh this stupid hangover” Ann groaned


“Good morning sunshine, pleasant morning to you, here is a cup of coffee”.


“Oh good morning Bella” she greeted.


“Bella? Are you still asleep or the drink hasn’t wear off” Max laughed.


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“Oh” she blinked her eyes repeatedly ” Max what are you doing here?” She asked confused.


“Well madam you are in my house, you drank too much yesternight so I decided to bring you here” he explained.


“And oh this pill it’s good for hangover” he said stretching a cup and some pills to her.


“Owh thanks sir,nice room” she compliment looking around the room.


“Hmm hope I didn’t puke on you” she asked with grimace .


“Not at all” he laughed at the look on her face.


“Am a sucker for puking, Bella can relate” she chuckled “please I want to ease myself”.


She stood up and staggers, Max quickly rushed to her side “Easy” he soothes.


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“Owh” she groaned ” my head hurts remind me not to drink again”.


She blinked again, looking sheepishly at him “why are you looking so handsome this morning” she muttered.


“What? ” Max whispered.


“Someone is by the door” she Said.


“Oh ok” he replied walking out of the room.


“Mum” he exclaimed “good morning you didn’t tell me you are coming to Lagos”.


I don’t need to inform my son before coming to his house” she replied pushing her bag in.


“Ok how’s Dad? Any news about Marietta?” He asked.


“Marietta?” Ann asked as she walked in to the room.


“And max who is this slut?” Mrs Anderson asked irritatedly.


“What’?” Ann asked dumbstruck.


“Mum” he yelled “don’t call her that”.


Mrs Anderson stood up scrutinizing her from head to toe “who are you?, And what are you doing here dressed like that,are you one of his slut?” She snapped.



“With due respect ma’am,I can’t stand you insulting me I was in a kind of situation that met me here,so how I ended up dressed like this doesn’t count,am not a slut and I won’t like to be addressed like one, my dressing doesn’t describe me” she replied calmly.


“Wow son where did you get this one she really has some guts” she says disdainfully.


“Mum she’s the famous Richard second and last daughter”.


Max said trying to ease off the tension between them


“So?” She asked clicking her lips “don’t you tell her you are betrothed”.


“Mum stop it, when did you know Adaobi is coming back” He groaned.


“Adaobi?” Ann asked yet again.


“Yes Adaobi the princess of our land his betrothed” Mrs Anderson replied.


“How does she look like? What happened to her? Ann asked.


“What?why are you asking bitch Ashawo, Max cannot marry you” Mrs Anderson said.


“Look mummy” Ann stated sternly ” no body is talking about marriage or dating and the likes, I just asked an harmless question and you kept insulting me. thanks Max I will take my leave now” she said and march out of the house.


Mum you are too mean, she’s just my PA and new to Naija o, I just offered to take her around Lagos but you just came here and started calling her a slut” Max complained.


“Whatever you say,I don’t like that girl it’s Marietta I want” Mrs Anderson stated deadpanned.



“Gosh mum, what is wrong with you, if you see this Marietta of a girl Will you recognize her? He asked mockingly.


“Yes why won’t I recognize her, I carried her since she was a little girl before the demise of her parents so why won’t i recognize her” she replied.


“Ok oh if you say so, but mum what up any news about her?” He asked.


“Hmm your father said Ada is close by,he said she will soon come to the palace herself” she replied.


“Oh well that’s good oh mum am not getting younger oh, you won’t like the type of person I will become, what if I see her and I don’t like her or love her?” He stated.


“Han han Max you must like this one oh, you must like her” she shugged.


“This is serious o” he muttered.


“What’s serious about it? Just for you to like her, don’t you know you guys are best of friends when you were young” she enunciated.


“Mum how many years ago is that?” He asked frustrated.


“It doesn’t matter the years okay” she replied stubbornly.


“Whatever mum” Max said seeing that he can’t win the argument as his mum did not seem to understand his point.


“Oh God” Max exclaimed standing up suddenly.


“What?” His mum asked startled.


“Malee yawa don gas” he replied.


“What happened?” She asked again.



“The babe you sent out just arrived to Nigeria not less than three months ago and this is the first time she’s being here, she don’t know anywhere around here” he explained.


“Oh she didn’t say” (this story is written by Labby) she replied with guilt cloudng her features.


“Mum did you even let her explained herself, you just kept on insulting her, you wouldn’t even believe me,I can’t believe you are like this” he said.


“Am sorry son,I thought she is a slut, can’t you see she dressed like one” she replied.


“Mum you are being impossible let me place a call to her” he stated.


“Hello Ann where are you” he says into the phone after some minutes.


“I don’t know” she cried from the other end.


“You don’t know the area you are?” He asked.


“Yes I just saw a sign post with the name******* inscribed on it” she replied.


“Oh ok don’t go anywhere am coming right away” he hung up.


“Bye mum” he said and walked out of the house.


To be continued


Who’s Marietta?


(^^)We have finally meet the iron woman


Do you like what transpired between Max mum and Ann?


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Lost princess

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