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Confessions Of An Escort – Episode 30

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I look at him and wait for his response because I am mad as hell.


‘It was never intentional.’ He says calmly


‘Which part exactly? Coming back to the knowledge that I was pregnant, dating my sister for a year plus or going back to start a new life in the diaspora?’


He keeps quiet, his eyes getting heavy with tears


‘If I could get a do over I would choose you.’



‘Life only gives second shots to a few individuals and those few always mess it up, you had your second shot when you came back into the country but what did you do? You had your do over and you picked a totally different path.’

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I sigh deeply


‘I don’t want to fight you, or anyone over Sean. No matter how bad it hurts he has your blood flowing in his veins, he is your child and that is something that I can’t take away from you.’


‘What are you saying?’


‘The only thing we have in common is Sean, I will hand it to you to be his father but Ezra if you ever hurt my child.’


I pause


‘If you ever hurt my child I will take away every good thing in your life and I am not even playing when I say that.’ I tell him


‘Thank you.’


‘And your wife?’

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‘She is my wife, let me deal with her.’ He says and even though I don’t believe him I let it slide


‘You can come through for dinner tonight, I will introduce you.’ I say


He says his goodbyes and I get back to work, somehow the day has gone really fast and I am guessing it’s because of the plans I have for tonight.


I get home just after 5PM and I tell Chisenga to get started with dinner because we will be receiving a visitor.


Sean is busy studying when I pa*ss through his room and I couldn’t be more proud as a mother. I take a quick bath and settle for tights with a louse t shirt, I wear my



house slippers and join Chisenga in the kitchen. She is preparing baked potatoes, steamed vegetables and rump steak.


‘It smells nice in here.’ I compliment


‘Thank you.’ She says


We spend another twenty minutes in the kitchen before everything is done, Sean comes and helps with setting the table.


‘You are welcome.’ I say to Ezra


He shows up just ten minutes ere 7:30 and I can say he has cleaned up really well.


‘I hope I am not late.’


‘Just in time.’ I respond


I lead him to the dining area where Chisenga and Sean are waiting, I notice how he looks at me but I a*ssure him with a smile that everything is okay.


We make small talk during dinner, Ezra does most of the talking anyway as he starts conversations and we all join in. Surprisingly it has gone pretty well.


When done, we all go to the living room where I serve custard and cake for dessert. We have it whilst watching Jumanji.


Chisenga excuses herself half way into the movie and I ask Sean to reduce the volume on the TV.


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‘Baby we need to talk to you.’ I say facing him


He looks at me then Ezra.


‘I am sure by now you know that this man here is your father.’


I pause, this suddenly getting heavier than I thought it would


I clear my throat


‘This man here is your father and I wanted to formally introduce the two of you.’ I say


‘Nice to meet you I guess.’ He says


I am not surprised that he has responded like that, I mean what else can he say after eight years of being absent.


‘Can I ask you a question sir?’




‘Why now?’


‘Sean.’ I start


‘It’s fine.’ Ezra says smiling


‘I know this might not seem genuine considering that I have been absent most of your life but I am hoping that maybe we can pick up from here, I don’t have enough justification for being away. For all those years I wasn’t here but I am really hoping that we can start over and maybe just find a common ground on how we can be father and son.’


‘Okay.’ Sean responds


‘You can go to bed baby, I need to talk to your father.’


That word is still difficult for me to say but somehow I might have to get used


He comes to where I am and kisses me on the cheek then gives a nod to Ezra and walks away.


‘You have raised him right.’


‘I couldn’t do it any other way.’ I say with a smile


‘Thank you for welcoming me into his life.’


‘You are welcome.’




‘You wanted to have a word with me?’


‘Now that you are back in his life, I know they are times when you will want to see him but I just wanted to lay down some rules.’


‘Am listening.’


‘Both you and I will not make any decisions on his behalf, if Sean wants to be with you he will be. If he wants to be with me, he will. I don’t want to impose anything on him or force him into anything.’


‘I understand.’


‘Is that all?’


‘For now I can work with that, unless there is something you want.’


‘Finances?’ He asks


‘What about them?’


‘He is both our son and I think it will only be right that we share costs.’


‘That is all up to you, I have been doing this alone so if you want to chip in I have no problem. I will send you his account number for whenever you want to send anything.’


‘You opened an account in his name?’


‘Unforeseen circ*mstances happen and I wouldn’t want to be a victim.’ I say


He smiles


‘You have always done me proud Katie.’


‘Thank you I guess.’


He looks at his ringing phone and I can only guess it’s his wife


‘I need to get going.’


‘Alright.’ I say standing up


I call Sean and the two say their good nights before we call it a night

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