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Painful Revenge – Episode 6

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For a while i stood there smilling and honestly i didnt know why i was smilling.I felt weak all over my body my heart was pumping really hard you could have heard it from a distance and i breathed hard,down there i was really wet i thought i had peed on myself and had to rush to the wash room to confirm.I turned around and everyone was watching me smilling for reason only known to them.”Hey sharon i guess hutaweza kuepuka huyu chali he is so romantic galfie,”this was cate.I just smilled at her and gave her my bag and rushed to the washroom.My pant was wet but the wetness wasnt urine i had smelled to confirm,this had not happed to me before.All this time i was holding the card and i was too excited to read it,i went to cate and took my bag.”Have you read the card?”cate asked with curiosity.”Nope,”i answered her putting the card in my bag.I wast going to read it until i got home i didnt know what was written.I went home and took a bath i took the card to read it.


Hey preety i met you,


and this is crazy



Here is my number


call me maybe.

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I read it again and again smilling,i texted cate the words from the card i dint know whether to call him or not.Cate texted me back and told me to text him.I just needed her answer i think i was too excited to decide on my own.


Hey dave its sharon thats my number ….


My hands were shaking as i wrote this and i waited for his reply,but instead he called,i didnt pick his call i watched the phone ringing thrice.He texted and asked why i wasnt picking his calls i had no answer to this question.He called again and this time i had the courage to pick his call.


Dave:hey preety


Me:hey too


Dave:you didnt want me to hear you sweet



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Me:aaww (i said shyly)


Dave:Sharon i think i haven fallen for you i


just keep thinking about you




can i take u out for lunch tomorrow


….pleaseee say yess.


Me:aaah i will give you the answer




Dave: now pleasee


Me :okay you can.


Dave:woow thanks preety


Me:welcome dave and have a good night i



i have to sleep.


Dave:okay i wunt pressure you lets talk


tomorrow.I know i will see you in my




That night i didnt sleep well i kept fantacizing of everything.Dave was all over my mind i couldnt wait to see him. More interesting stories from TOPSTER STORIES App.It was dave who woke me up in the morning to make sure i had not changed my mind i told cate about the lunch date and she was so excited and teased that finally her best friend has started dating but i told her its nothing serious she told me to take one step at a time.


At 12.30 i met dave and we went to a very luxirious hotel he was a gentel man,after lunch he took me to watch a movie I enjoyed every moment with him he kept me smilling he had this sense of humour that i liked he was everything i ever admired in a man.He made me feel special.The movie was very sweet but the end was so emotional that i cried i wasnt the only one who was wiping tears every gal in the room got emotional and some men too.Dave noticed i was crying and he hold me in his arms.”Its not like he died for real its a movie,”he told me this as he took my hand and we left.It was getting late and dave had to take me home i dint want him to know where i was staying and he didnt push so hard.We neared the apartment and i told him am safe there he should go i will manage on my own.He took a small box opened it and took out a silver chain.”Acha nikuvalishe hii,”he said and before i could protest he had already done it.You are so special to me sharon he said this and hugged me,we stayed in each other arms for some minutes.”Thanks for the chain and everything i had a great time with you,”i said this as he let me off him arms.”Thanks for your company preety,’he pecked me and said good night.



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