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Cassy And Carol – Episode 8

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Chapter Eight



Theme: Who are you(2)









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“I heard from miss Sam that you got the lead role in the movie.” Mrs Diana asks her daughter from across the dinning table with all smiles.


“Yes I did.” Caro replies smiling from one ear to another.


“Wait you got the lead role.” Marcel asked surprise.


“Again yes I did.” Caro answers.


“Wow, I thought you were bad in acting so how’s this possible.” Marcella says, Justin sits silently on his seats and watched his sister quietly.


“Yeah that’s true, you’ve always been bad in acting.” Marcel concurs.


“Well I guess I’m full of surprises, mum can I ask for a tiny bit favour.” Caro asks blinking her eyes, pouting a little bit.


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“You look ridiculous doing that.” Marcel says frowning at her.


“Marcel shut up and eat your food, Cassy what is it you want.” Mrs Diana asks smiling warmly at her daughter, she has never been this happy in her life before, now she could show off her daughter as the best actress to her circle of friends.


“Well since I got a really big part in a movie, I was wondering if could eat something that’s not you know, veggies.” Caro asks smiling timidly, there’s no way she’s eating these rubbish they call food all in the name of watching her weight, wetin na she kill Jesus.


“Well I guess you can have what your siblings are having but that doesn’t mean you’re stopping your diet, now you’re finally have a part in a movie you have to



look your best.” Mrs Diana chides and Caro had to resist the strong urge to roll her eyes.


“Yes mum, you’re the best.” Caro says happily and asked Lucy to serve her, once Lucy was done serving her, Caro eagerly started eating but then she noticed the salt in the food wasn’t enough to her liking, but there is one problem how does she asked her supposed junior sister to pass her the salt, when she doesn’t even know her name. An idea pops in her mind and she taps Marcel on his back.


“Yes.” Marcel groans out annoyed.


“Ask your twin sister to pass me the salt.” Caro whispers.


“Why should I, ask her yourself.” Marcel replies annoyed by her disturbance.


“I can’t do that, so ask her.” Caro insists.


“Well why can’t you ask her yourself.” Marcel retorts annoyed.


“Bescause I cannot.” She replies him simply.


“I guess you won’t be using the salt then, cause I’m not asking her.” Marcel replies her and goes back to eating.


Caro sighs and then goes for the only option she has left, “Lisa please get me the salt.”


Justin who has been quiet all this while spurt out the water he was drinking, the minute he heard ‘lisa and please’.


“Are you okay Justin.” Caro asks concerned.


“Yeah I’m fine, I’m just shocked at the fact that you said please to your personal maid.” Justin comments looking at her wide eyed.


“Well what’s wrong with me saying please to her.” Caro asks frowning.


“You never used the words please, not even to us.” Marcella exclaims.


“Well I guess I’m using the word now.” Caro replies back simply.


“I’ve got to ask sis, on what side of your bed did you wake up and what happened to your voice.” Marcel asked, the number one question he has been meaning to ask her all day.


“I don’t know the right side of my bed and for my voice I have sore throat, that’s why it changed a little bit.” Caro replies him, she had to polish her tone a little bit during the audition and well it’s not as good as an American accents but it could pass for one.


“Hmm.” That was all Marcel reply.


“Cassy I don’t think it’s okay for you to say please to your personal maid.” Mrs Diana who has been watching the whole thing voiced out.


“But why mum?” Caro asks confused.


“Well because she’s been paid to assist you, it’s her job, so there’s no need for you to say please to her before she does anything.”


“Mum I know that but I think its polite for me to say please to her, nobody in this world wished to be born poor, it’s just circumstances that happened, so all because I’m lucky to have rich parents like you and Dad, doesn’t mean I shouldn’t be nice to those who are not from a wealthy home. Besides Lucy is older than me, so I should give her the respect she deserves, I’m pretty sure if she has a choice she would never choose to work as a personal maid.” Cara says and the whole dinning room goes silent as every other person in the dinning room looks at her shocked.


“What happened to you.” Marianna asks finding her voice.


“My thoughts exactly.” Marcel concurs.


“I guess I just grew up.” Caro replies simply.


“Wow.” That was the only word Marcel could think of.


Mr David has never felt more proud of his daughter, he had always try to tell his wife that she wasn’t training the kids well, he was once a pauper and he knows what’s like to be looked down on, his wife being a rich heiresses does not agree with him.


*A poor man doesn’t deserve respect from us the rich.* She would always say.


“I’ve never been more proud of you Cassy, your siblings need to learn a thing or two from you.” Mr David says and his wife glares holes at him.


“Who the hell are you, first you suddenly have a passion for acting and now these, who are you?” Justin asks, suddenly, startling everyone.


Caro sits still, unable to move or answer the question.


“What sort of question is that, of course she’s your sister.” Mrs Diana says.


“Yeah of course I’m your sister, or is it possible that I might have exchange bodies with your real sister and I’m now leaving in her body.” Caro spurt out laughing nervously.


Justin looks at her weirdly and then shakes his head before sitting back down and the rest of dinner went exceedingly well without a glitch.




Caro takes her bath and got prepared for bed.


“Ma’am I’ve dressed your bed.” Lucy informs and Caro nods standing up from the couch she’s sitting on, she walks over to the bed and lays down on it.


“Is there any other thing you would want me to do for you ma’am.” Lucy asks standing by the bedside.


“No, you can go.” Caro says, and Lucy nods her head and walks towards the door only to be stopped by Caro.



“Yes ma’am.”


“Actually can you drop the ma’am thing and call me by name.” Caro says.


“I can’t do that, your mum wouldn’t like that.” Lucy replies.


“Well then, when it’s just the both of us can you call me by my name, my mum doesn’t need to know.” Caro insist.


“Okay ma’am, I mean Cassy.” Lucy says nervously.


“Good, you can, wait what phone is ringing.” Caro asks, looking around the room as Araina Grande, boyfriend fills the room.


“That’s your cellphone, Cassy.” Lucy says looking at her weirdly.


“Oh yeah, of course it’s my cellphone, help me find it.” Caro instructs and Lucy went on to look for the phone, she finds it on top of the vanity, she takes it and hands it over to Caro.


Caro takes the phone from Lucy and stares at the phone screen she gasps on seeing the number displayed on the screen, it’s her brothers number.


“Erm, Lucy you can leave now.” Caro says wanting privacy and Lucy nods before leaving the room by the time Lucy left the phone already stops ringing, Caro was about to call the number when the phones rings against. She breaths in and out before swiping the green button.


“Hello.” She speaks into the receiver, her voice uncertain.


“Caro?” Her brothers voice comes through the speaker and Caro gasps.


“Brother.” She replies tearful.




Cassy and Caro



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