Adebimpe, The Facebook Girl ???? (Season 8) Episode 1 - 26

Adebimpe: The Facebook Girl – Episode 200

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I was so joyous and happy that one of my problems had been solved supernaturally by God, I began to reason and think about what could have happened if Henry later find out that the two kids did not belong to him. “Atleast, one skeleton is safer than two in the cupboard” I thought to myself as I picked my phone and was scrolling through the contacts. I dialed Henry’s number but it wasn’t going through, I dialed Adebimpe’s number also and I couldn’t get through to her also. I remembered that I have been to the hospital before through public transport but I wasn’t too sure if I could get through the road if I was to drive myself, I decided to go with the public “Danfo” bus. I arrived at the hospital and met the receptionists, I told them I wanted to see a lady who worked with them and was also admitted in the hospital as a result her miscarriage, they further asked me about her name and I replied them that she is Bimpe. Immediately, one of the nurses in the reception said “that should be Mummy Daniella” and I replied her saying “yes, she is the one”, they described and gave me directions to her ward and I went there to see her.
I climbed through the staircase of the clinic, looking at the ward numberings on the wall until I finally arrived at the ward where she was admitted, I met her crying on the bed which she lay on and Henry sitting down beside her, trying to console her, a nurse was also in the room with her who was consoling her too, I walked close to the bed and greeted Henry.
ME: ***handshake*** hello Mr Henry, sorry about what happened to your wife and sorry about the loss
HENRY: thank you so much Onihaxy, How did you get to know about what happened what happened?.
BIMPE: *****still crying and we were all consoling her*****
ME: it was Betty that called me this morning to inform me on phone. I even tried your number immediately after receiving Betty’s call but it wasn’t going through, I tried Mummy Daniella’s own too and it was still not goingthrough and since Betty said she was admitted here and I have been here before, then I decided to come
HENRY: thank you so much Onihaxy, I really appreciate it so much
ME: how did it really happen?
HENRY: she just woke up this morning to ease herself in the rest room and she slipped on the tiles and hit her buttocks against the floor. That’s all, the next thing we saw was blood.
ME: eeyah, so sorry about that. ***turned to Adebimpe, please take heart and stop crying ma, God will definitely provide another pregnancy for you.
BIMPE: ***sobbing** thank you.
NURSE: please sir, I need to leave now. Please make sure you get the drugs the doctor told you to get before his arrival.
HENRY: ok nurse, thank you very much. I will do that
NURSE: ****walked out of the ward*****
HENRY: Onihaxy, Please do me a favour
NURSE: What favour sir?
HENRY: I want to buy some drugs at the pharmacy, please can you stay here with my wife till I return?.
ME: ok sir, no problem sir.
Henry also stepped out of the ward and I was left their alone with Adebimpe, I sat down closer to her and I was petting her.
ME: sorry Adebimpe, “peleshogbo”
BIMPE: ***still sobbing and talking quietly**** thank you Onihaxy, I believe you are happy now abi?
ME: me?, happy?, why will you say something of such Adebimpe?, why should I be happy because of your miscarriage?
BIMPE: have you not been on my neck before now for an abortion?, Have you ever cared about the baby?, did you ever show any concern for the pregnancy?
ME: Bimpe, stop talking like this, this is not the right time and right place to discuss such issue, the wall has ears.
BIMPE: I heard you Onihaxy, But it’s so unfair, I know you must have been praying for something like this to happen to me. Who knows?, maybe what happened was even your handiwork.
ME: my handiwork kee?, how?
BIMPE: who knows?, maybe you have contact some spiritualist to make sure that I lose this pregnancy so as not to give birth to him.
ME: stop talking like that Bimpe, I know how much this thing pained you, I know how much you cherished the pregnancy and I clearly understand your situation, but that doesn’t mean I will be wishing you bad or contacting some spiritualist or something, you know me right from time that I don’t like such thing and will never engage in such. Believe me Bimpe, I have never for once wished you evil ever since we reconciled.
BIMPE: ***still sobbing** I heard you Onihaxy, how do I get another pregnancy again?, or are you ready to sleep with me again?
ME: ***covered her mouth*** shhhhhh, Stop saying that. When you are discharged and you are ok, we can talk further. But for now, please save your strength and get better please. Where is Daniella?
BIMPE: she is at home with Sarah.
ME: ok dear. I think I am hearing footsteps, it seems Henry is coming back. Please cheer up now.
BIMPE: *****silent and adjusted herself******
HENRY: ***came in two minutes later*** thank you Onihaxy.
ME: you are welcome sir.
HENRY: honey, I have bought your drugs, I saw the doctor when I was coming now and he said he will be here soon. He also said it’s likely that you will be discharged today.
BIMPE: thank you dear.
DOCTOR: ***walked in few minutes later **** hello Mr henry, how is she now?
BIMPE: she is still crying ooooooo, I have been talking to her since to stop but she refused.
DOCTOR: its ok . Nurse Bimpe, please cheer up now. When you as a senior nurse could be doing like this, how will you console patients who comes here with same issue. it’sok please. ***looked at me***. Hello young man
ME: hello sir
DOCTOR: you face looked somehow familiar, it seems you were here when her daughter fell from the stairs and……….
ME: ****cut in***** yes, you are right, I was here and I came with my fiancé who happened to be Mr Henry’s sister. ***see this doctor oooo, is this how he would have implicate me??***
DOCTOR: ok, nice seeing you again.
ME: you are welcome sir. How is her condition now and when will she be discharged?
DOCTOR: eeeehm, lets watch her till evening, but she should be discharged hopefully this evening or tomorrow morning.
HENRY: thank you very much doctor.
I stayed for few more hours with Adebimpe and Henry until late in the evening when I left the hospital after the doctor said Bimpe won’t be discharged until the next day, I got back home that night, laid down on my bed and was lost in mixed feelings of thoughts.
“ what a sweet relief !!”
“one of my problems and obstacles have been removed”
“ butAdebimpe was crying about how she was going to get another pregnancy”
“ she was even asking me if I was going to make her pregnant again”
“ does it mean that henry is impotent?”
“ or what could be going on?”
“ I hoped Henry didn’t overheard what Bimpe and I discussed?”
“ that doctor even wanted to implicate me sha”
“thank God I didn’t let him finish his speech before I respond to him”
“I just pray that this doctor will not tell henry that I donated blood?”
“ I hope DNA test will not be carried out?”
I was still lost in thoughts when my phone was ringing, I checked the screen and it was a call from Adebimpe…………

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