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I'm Proud To Be Black – Episode 17

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Episode seventeen
Alexa’s pov
I got home feeling down, i was just so angry at dad and the worst of it all, that lunatic was my dad i thought as i laid on my bed. My phone ranged and i picked it, it was a call from mia.
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“Alexa!!” mia called like she’s been crying.
“What’s wrong mia” i asked sitting up.
“Richard cheated on me, i saw him coming out of the restaurant with a girl and when i confronted him he said he found someone who could meet his desires” mia said bursting into tears
“He did all this because i refused having sex with him” mia continued
“And you didn’t slap him, you didn’t show him those karate skill we learnt in
london” i
“I didn’t want to cause a scene and be on the internet cos of a worthless guy” mia said and sniffed.
Dont cry, no guy is worth your tears okay i cooed trying to calm mia down.
I and mia talked for a long time i even spoke with mom but i didn’t tell them what happened.
I slumped on the bed and thought of how i had caught mom crying every single night and i cried knowing the pain mom had felt back then, i cried like i never did all my life.
Kyung seok’s pov
“Mom i think you need to check up on alexa” i said to mom.
“Is something wrong or did you guys have a fight cos she hasn’t left her room since she came back from school” mom asked looking concerned
I explained everything to mom, well i kinda sneaked up on her cos i thought she had done something wrong and i heard their discussion.
Alexa’s pov
The door creaked open and kyung seok’s mom came in and looked shocked seeing me in tears.
“Hey it’s okay” mom cooed and i rested my head on her shoulder crying.
“My mom trusted him and he cheated on her” i said and cried the more.
The worst of it all, that witch is my step sister i said again and my phone beeped, i checked it and i had a voice message from an unknown number.
I played it, “alexa it’s me your dad i want to explain every thing to you” dad said and i was about to cut the voice note when mom held my hand and i withdrew my hands back.
“I met min ah’s mom before i met your mom, she was a tourist from korea who had come to explore london, i had sex with her numerous times but when i met your mom i fell inlove with her and cut all ties with min ah’s mom, i got married to your mom and we were all living peacefully when i got a message from min ah’s mom to meet up. I met with her and she told me she was pregnant as at the time we broke up and she showed min ah saying she was my daughter, i carried out a dna test and min ah was truly my daughter, min ah’s mom black mailed me that if i didn’t file a divorce with your mom and marry her she’ll tell her everything and so i filed for a divorce and got married to min ah’s mom and we both flew to korea. i wouldn’t divorce you mom cos i love her so much even untill now. I’m outside your house and its snowing real bad, i’ll wait for you even if i die from the cold” dad said and the voice note ended.
“I dont care if he dies waiting, arent couple supposed to tell their spouse about their past befor they get married” i said and sniffed.
“If you love your dad you’ll meet up with him, i’ll advise you to go meet him” mom said patting my back before leaving the room.
I dont care if he dies in the snow cos my mom almost died of heart break when he left her i thought and laid on the bed covering myself with the duvet.

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