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Cassy And Carol – Episode 7

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Chapter Seven



Theme: Who are you?









Mike stares at his sister weirdly from across the room, the news of his sister display of madness has reached his ear the minute he had come back from work.

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“Can you stop staring at me, it’s freaking me out.” Cassy says eyeing the guy that she has come to know is the brother to the girl she’s occupying.


“Since when do you have an American accents.” Mike asks her, staring at her intently, this isn’t his sister, this girl sitting across him isn’t his sister, he knew that the minute he sets his eyes on her. His sister Caro is more like his best friend, he knows her inside and out more than anybody in this world, he doesn’t know who this girl is, or what’s going on but he intends to find out.


“I don’t know, since this morning.” Cassy replies.


“See I’m not stupid, I know you’re not my sister, who are you and what have you done with my sister.” Mike says glaring at her.


“I have no idea of what you’re talking about.” Cassy replies returning his stare.


“I told you I’m not stupid, now talk or else you wouldn’t like what will happen to you next, i can joke with any other thing in this life but not with my sister, tell me now who you are before I lose my patience.” Mike yells at her not so loudly for his mother who’s in the kitchen to hear.



“Fine I’ll tell you, but a little heads up, I don’t think you’ll believe me.” Cassy mutters loud enough for him to hear.


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“I’ll be the judge of that, now start talking.” Mike orders getting impatient.


Cassy let’s out a huge sigh and went on to explain the even of the day, from the wish she made last night, to how she woke up in his sister’s body. Mike stares at her and blinks his eyes a couple of time before laughing out loud like a maniac.


“Now seriously tell me who you are.” Mike says staring at her intently, putting a stop to his laughter.


“I told you, you won’t believe me.” Cassy says in a duh tone.


“Yes of course I won’t believe you, do I look crazy to you, who in their right sense would believe you’re an American and you made a wish I the night before going to sleep and then the next morning you found your self in my sisters body, take a look at me do I look like an idiot?, do I look stupid?, no what do you take me for a fool.” Mike yells at her angered by her lies.


“I told you, you won’t believe me.” Cassy says simply, rolling her eyes at him.


“Of course I won’t believe you, what do you think that we are in a movie, look whoever you are, I want you tell me the truth, of how you got into my house, and why you’re impersonating my sister, and where the hell is she.” Mike says and points a finger at her threatening.


“I’ve told you the truth is your choice to believe me, look I’m really tired and you guys bed is not the best option to have a good night sleep ob but I’ll take it anyway, nowo If you don’t mind I’ll be going to bed now.” Cassy yawns a little and lies flat on the bed.


“I mind okay, you’re not going to bed until you tell me the truth and not some fairytale story.” Mike yells at her already annoyed.


“What the do you want me to say, I’ve told you the truth, okay and that’s it. Oh fine, how do you explain me almost going half mad in the morning asking for a



phone to call my mum, I know this is crazy, hell It’s crazy, I feel like I’m in a weird nightmare but I know I’m not in any nightmare, I know this is real, I somehow, unexplainably made a wish last night and this morning I woke up to these madness, now I don’t care if you don’t believe me but I need to have some sleep, I feel like I’ve been hit by a truck, so goodnight Caro’s brother.” Cassy exhale heavily the minute she was done with her speech and then lay down on the uncomfortable bed. She wipes a few tear away from her eyes, who would have thought she would ever miss her obnoxious family.


“Okay let’s say I believe you..” Mike says in a small voice and Cassy groans.


“Okay fine let’s say you believe me.” She replies rolling her eyes and sitting back up.


“If you’re here then who’s in your body.” Mike asks.


“Wait I never thought of that, this could only mean if I’m in your sister body then she’s in my own body.” Cassy gasps at the revelation.


“That can’t be possible right??.” Mike asks frowning.


“At this stage anything is possible, who knows maybe your sister made a wish also and we both got exchange, I’ve watched films like this on Netflix, but this one was actually between two sisters.”


“You see this what I’m saying, stuff like these only happens in movies not in real life.”


“Well I’m sorry to break it to you but this is reality and is already happening, see Mike I know it’s weird but I’m hundred percent sure your sister is in my body, like right now.” Cassy says.


“Then how do we find out, wait a minute, you know your phone number right.”


“Yeah I do.” Cassy answers a little bit confused.



“Great I’ll go, buy card, and then we can call your phone, hopefully my sister will pick the call.” Mike says and Cassy grins at him.


Mike took some money out of his trousers pockets and then went out to buy the card, he comes back to the room after a few minutes and then loads the card before dialing the number Cassy gave to him.


“So?.” Cassy asked impatient.


“Shhhh, it’s ringing.” Mike says getting excited.


The phone rings for a few more minutes before the call ends, Mike tries the line again and it rings but this time somebody picks it.


“Hello.” A voice answers uncertain. The minute Mike heard that voice he knew it belongs to no other person but his sister, he had heard that voice a lot of time, and there’s no way he could ever mistake it.


“Caro?” He whispers into the phone uncertain.






Cassy and Caro


Two Girls Two diffrent worlds A wish An Exchange



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