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Three Empty Words – Episode 21

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She had never experienced this much happiness in a long time, it had been a week from the time Xeno was discharged from the hospital and she couldn’t believe how much the girls were getting along. She smiled as she checked on her pumpkin chips, she loved them a whole lot and since she didn’t really like having anything heavy for breakfast, she chose them.


They were ready when she checked so she switched off the cooker and headed to her room, she only had a towel wrapped around her as she was from bathing. Once there, she settled for beige shorts and a white vest with her house slippers. She didn’t do much with her face as she was rushing for her food which she was scared might get cold.


‘Hai.’ She said being caught off-guard when she came face to face with Kangwa ‘Hey.’ He said standing up


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She took in his form, he was in grey pants and a black golf t shirt. On his feet were masai slippers which showed his clean toes. His hands were shoved deep in his pockets, she could tell that he had just had a haircut and he smelled divine.


For some unknown reason he made her feel like a little girl again, like she had to wear a little dress and wear makeup and paint her nails. No man had been able to



do this to her in a very long time, at first she felt maybe it was because he had helped with the girls but whatever she was feeling wasn’t going away.


‘You might as well take a picture you know.’ He teased when she couldn’t stop staring


‘I like your feet.’ She blurted out, which of course was meant to stay in her head.


He laughed.


‘Come here.’ He said and pulled her into his arms He smelt her hair.


‘Cantu sheer butter.’ He said still holding her

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She smiled, in his arms she found a certain peace and she wished it could last. ‘Uhm uhm.’ She cleared her throat getting away from his embrace ‘Sorry.’ He said moving away from her too.


He had not held another woman in his arms since his late fiancé, he felt he would be cheating on her memory but here with Francie it felt right.


‘I was about to have my breakfast, want some?’ she asked with a bent lip ‘Sure.’ He said


He walked with her to the kitchen, she thanked her inner goddess for making a huge kitchen because his huge body could have suffocated her; his statue killing every sense in her.


He stood against one of the cupboards, his legs crossed and his hands still shoved down in his pockets. He liked watching her, a habit he couldn’t stop himself from doing.


She removed the pumpkin chips from the grill and put them in the microwave to warm, she almost cursed under her breath when she realized there was no bread; she and the girls were not bread people.


‘Are you okay?’ he asked


She forced a smile, she knew she would ruin her first impression here. Her ‘wify’ skills would be looked upon because obviously living in a house with no bread would have him asking himself questions. Why again she was thinking of ‘wify’ skills she had no idea


‘I am fine.’ She lied


She went to the refrigerator and removed four eggs, bell papers, onions and rosemary leaves. She removed some bacon as well and put it on the cooker in a frying pan smeared with butter.


In a mixing bowl, she added her eggs, the cut vegetables and a pinch of salt then mixed them then poured them in her sandwich maker.



All this while he was looking at her without a word, how she was moving around her kitchen just showed control; dominance, and he liked it.


Once everything was done, she set the table and invited him to sit.


They ate in silence and even though she was enjoying her food she really wanted to hear a word from him.


‘Sorry none of us like bread.’ She apologized


‘This is amazingly delicious, pumpkin chips? Egg sandwiches? I have never in my right mind thought of all this.’ He said


‘I have some more food.’ She told him glad that he liked the food ‘A second helping will be fine.’ He said


She stood up and put more food on his plate. They continued to eat in silence as each of them was engrossed in their own thoughts. Once done, he helped with wiping the dishes whilst she washed them.


‘So what brings you here?’ she asked after serving him some juice which he took gratefully


‘Do you have a garden?’ he asked


She smiled, she had an orchard behind and taking walks was one of the things she did in her spare time


‘There is an orchard behind.’


‘Perfect.’ He said


She walked him to the back yard to the place where the orchard began, it was only ten in the morning and the weather was perfect for a walk.


They walked in silence, each of them their hands shoved deep in their pockets.


‘I asked a question.’ She reminded


‘I know.’ He said smiling


She stole glances at him, his lips were just perfect when they curved into a smile.


She had to stop herself from having all the crazy ideas.


He stopped half way and stood in front of her just so he could be squaring her, she tried not to look up as this might have made her eyes stare deep into his; and she didn’t trust herself enough to look into his eyes.


He held her chin and made her face him.


She swallowed hard.


‘I am a man.’ He began and she heard herself swallow ‘A man with needs.’


He paused and watched as his every word made her shift uncomfortably


‘But I don’t want you just to satisfy my needs, I would be lying if I said I don’t want to have you right now. Right here, but I will not because my wants come after



my needs. We are both adults and so I won’t go about the bush, Francie I want you. I need you, not just for a while but for as long as I can have you. And yes I am aware of the responsibility that comes with being with you, I want to be there, for you. And the girls too.’ He said


She swallowed again afraid her words might betray her. She wrapped her hands around his neck and reached for his lips; when they touched, she could feel her legs growing weak.


She moved away and tried to catch her breath. He smiled mischievously then moved closer to her.


‘Let me show you how it’s done.’ He said with a smile He moved closer then held her waist, she gasped for air.


He then reached for her lips and kissed them fully, each of them lost in that moment; their tongues exploring. It was like they were telling a beautiful story, s story that would last.

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