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War Of The Supernatural – Episode 35

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Episode Thirty five



Sapphire’s POV



Jeffrey cuddled me as we both lay on his king sized bed unclad..



Oh! I forgot to tell you that we just had a hot s*x and I enjoyed every bit of it..I just wish this moments will last forever..



“Jeff!” I called..but there was no reply..


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I took a look at his face and I noticed that he was lost in thoughts..



What could be troubling him?


“Jeff!!” I loudly called and tapped him..



“Huh!!” He quickly replied..



“You look worried..what’s wrong?” I asked with an arched brow..



“Uhm..its.nothing” he stuttered..

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“No! I’m sure something is troubling you..could it be that you didn’t enjoy the s*x?”



“No! No! I enjoyed every bit of short, it’s one of the best moments of my life”



“Then what’s wrong?”



“Uhm..I don’t know how to put this but I’m scared that I might break my promise to you” he nervously said..



“Wait a sec! Are you indirectly telling me that you won’t change?” I asked with a wide opened eyes..



“No! Don’t get me wrong.I really want to change for your sake but I’m scared I might fail you” he sadly said.



I understand how he feels..



He’s used to being bad,suddenly being good makes him feel weird..



“I understand how you feel but I have full faith in you..I’m sure you won’t fail me” I said,staring deep into his eyes- I could see fears in them..





“Look! You become what you think you’re..if you think you’re a failure,you will end up becoming a failure..if you wanna be good just believe that you’re a good person and you’ll see yourself doing good things”



He heaved out a sigh of relief..



“Thanks saph..I just don’t know what I’ll do without you” he said,smiling..



“And I wonder how boring my life would have been without a crazy fellow like you” I said and we burst out laughing..



Just then,my eyes fell on the sword which was lying on the table..



Oh no! The fallen Angels must be waiting for my arrival..



I quickly jump to my feet and reach for my clothes..



“What’s wrong?” Jeffrey asked also standing up..



“Lord Andrew and the fallen Angels are waiting for me to arrive with the good news of your death” I said,dressing up..



“What? So what are you gonna do?” He asked also putting on his clothes.



“Nothing! I’ll go there and I’ll tell them the truth about us” I shrugged,trying to be brave.



“What? Have you gone mad? Do you wanna die?” He asked..








“So you think you’re gonna go to him and say *hey Lord Andrew you see this guy right here I’m in love with him* And he’ll be like * Oh my child! I’m proud of you* is that what you’re thinking?” He scoffed..



“Sort of”



“Really??” He asked with an arched brow..



“No! Look I know Lord Andrew is gonna freak out when he learns the truth but I have no choice than to tell him- I mean they’ll eventually find out one way or the other” I explained..



“You’re right but I won’t let you go alone..I’m going with you”



“’re joking right?” I scoffed..



“No! I’m serious.” He said..



“But you know is dangerous right? I don’t think you should go,they might hurt you” I said and cupped his face..



“Yeah I know but I can’t let you go alone..As long as we’re together no harm will be able to befall us” he said filled with determination..



Jeffrey is so determined but he doesn’t know how much the fallen angels hate him..



I’m sure they will try to kill him once they lay their hands on him..



“But they might kill you” I sadly said..



“I’m not just an ordinary demon,I am corovi..Apart from you,no body else can easily kill me even your Lord Andrew” he boasted..






“Look there’s no need of know me,once I make a decision no one can change it” he stubbornly said..






“Fine! You win” I said and he smiled..



We came out of the room,heading outside when a voice stopped us..



“And where the hell do you think you’re going?” A familiar voice roared..



We turned back and i was shocked to see those same men that once attacked me..



Jeffrey’s POV



I turned back and was shocked to find Zach,Kiba and muyo..



They were standing there and I could see a scary look on their face..






Yeah I could see Anger and revenge in their eyes..



I hope they haven’t found out about the truth?




“Uhm..look guys there’s something I wanna tell you ” I said..




“Tsh! We know what you wanna could you do this to us?” Zach yelled..






How could they have know?



“You made a promise to us and now you wanna break it all in the name of fvckin’ love” Kiba roared..



Their eyes were as red as hot coals..



I haven’t seen them this angry..



I suddenly felt Sapphira’s hand on mine..



I looked at her and she gave me that her “don’t worry I’m with you” look..



“How could you agree to change?you’re such a weakling..The almighty corovi has decided to be a saint all because of his stupid love” muyo mocked..



I clenched my fist as I tried to control my anger..



“I wonder what you saw in this dumb lady” Kiba sneered..



“Enough!! I have heard enough of your nonsense! Just because I kept quiet doesn’t mean you should use foul words on me or Saph” I thundered..



“Oh! Now he is angry” zach sneered..



“Look guys! I don’t want any fights..Jeffrey is no longer interested in the deal you guys once had, so it would be better if you all peacefully go back to Hace” Saphira calmly said..



“That would never happen” Zach yelled and immediately he stretched forth his hand and used his powers to fling Saph on the wall..



She hits her head on the wall and drop down on the floor,coughing out blood..



“Saph!!” I yelled and rush to her..



At the sight of her blood my blood boils-Anger surge through my bones..



“Get a hold on yourself” Saph whispered..



My eyes turned pale as I gradually turned back into my demonic form..



Too late!



I turned to the fellows who had just hurt my Saphira..



“How dare you hurt her?” I thundered as the whole building vibrated at the sound of my voice..







Today’s episode is long hope you guys are happy



I didn’t post yesterday cuz you guys refused to share



Anyways,Ruthie you..



















The fallen Angel












By Authoress Ruthie


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