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Thank You Next – Episode 5

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I felt tickles on my leg then I woke up.


“Aahhh!!!” I screamed, staying still in fear staring at the cockroach that was on my feet. I shook my leg a little and it scurried away.


“Phew!” What a relief. I took my phone from my bed side and it was minutes past 7.


_Oh no I’m late again_


I quickly got out from my bed and rushed to the shower. When I was done, I changed into my black jeans with a white crop top and tied a black denim jacket round my waist then I put on my black sneakers to compliment my dressing. I brushed my hair and put on some deodorant then I heard a knock on my door.

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“Who is it?” I asked.


“Nicole be quick, someone’s here for you.” My mom said from the other side of the door.


_Someone? But I’m not expecting anyone_


“Okay, I’ll be right down.” I replied.


I grabbed my backpack and checked myself out one more time in the mirror.




I got downstairs and heard my mom talking to someone. I suspected it was a guy.


_But what would a guy be doing with my mom?_

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Then the voice sounded like Nathan’s.


_But what would Nathan be doing with my mom?_


Oh I was so gonna kill him if he was the one. I got down and saw them both in the kitchen. I wasn’t wrong.


“Oh Nicole this is the guy that was looking for you.” My mom said warmly and I smiled at her but when she looked away, I immediately frowned at Nathan.


“Would you guys like to have some pancakes?” She offered.


“Y-” he tried to say something but I cut him short.


“No mom. In fact we were just leaving. I love you mom.” I went to give her a kiss on her cheek and dragged Nathan by the hand outside.


“Alright why are you stalking me?” I asked walking down the lane.


“Woah Woah. I brought my car.” He stopped me.



Man was he looking stunning too. We turned around and walked to where he parked his car then got in.


“So why’d you come here?” I asked.


“To pick you up.” He said and ignited the car.


“I don’t remember begging for a ride.” I said.


“But I wanted to give you one.” He smiled.


“I didn’t ask for it!” I snapped.


“Jeez will you be grateful for once?” He complained.


_Can you believe this guy?!_


“When have I ever been ungrateful?” I flashed him a look.


“Uh… I got you ice cream, you hated on me. I kissed you, you bit me. I gave you a ride home yesterday, you hated on me. I’m giving you a ride now, you still hate on me.” He stated and I suddenly felt guilty.


“You make it sound really bad like I’m the one to blame for everything.” I said with a tone of sadness in my voice.

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“I’m sorry.” He said.


“I am the one to blame and I’m here to fix things.” We were already in the parking lot in school and he switched off his car and leaned forward, caressing my face.


“You’re so beautiful.” He said looking deep into my eyes, then my hair then my nose, down to my lips. I felt a blush forming already.


“Are you a goddess or something?” He asked and I could feel my cheeks were really red.



“Can you please allow me to fix things.” He touched my lips and I just wanted to kiss him so bad but I had my dignity to retain.


“We’ll be late for class.” I said interrupting his romance session and a part of me regretted it. I looked over my shoulders and saw him frown, clenching his fist then my lips drew to a wide grin.


I had English class and I made my way to the back seat as usual. Beside me was Mabel. She took an unfriendly glance at me and believe me, I gave her the you face.


English was over and everyone started to leave the class but Mabel decided to stay and sign her death sentence. I just had to stay back and enjoy every bit of nonsense she was spitting out of her mouth.


“What do you have with him?” She stood from her chair and put one of her hands on her hips.


“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” I muttered without taking an eye off my phone.


“But he never stops talking about you.” She whined.


“Okay you’ve gone nuts.” I smirked.


“No I’ve not. Look, Max is mine!” She came a little too close that I could smell her strawberry breath then she started walking away.


“Cool then have him.” Still staring at my phone but she halted and turned to look at me.


I gave her a loud chuckle, which left her growling and marching out of the class.


_Phew! Now that this is over, time to find my best friend_



“You mean he’s been stalking you since then?” Thelma said with her eyes wide open which earned us a scold from Mrs Allison, the geography teacher.


“Sorry ma’am.” Thelma said nervously.

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“Yes what do I do?” I whispered.


“Just play him.” She replied a little too loudly and finally we were sent out of the class.


“Thank God, I hate geography.” I smiled as we walked out of class.


“So where do we go from here?” She asked.


“The locker room maybe?” I suggested and she agreed.


“I have a plan!” She said grinning ear to ear.


I loved it whenever she was like that, she had the kind of vibes I liked.


“Let’s hear it.” I smiled.


“You don’t like him do you?” She asked.


“Well…” I said.


“Nicole!” She snapped.


“I may a little but I still want to mess with him.” I said excitedly.


“Use him, make him bow to your feet, amaze him till he begs for more then dump him in the end.” She said smiling and to be honest, it sounded kind of ridiculous.


“Are you kidding me!” I scoffed still doubting that she said this.


“Thelma what happened to your ‘I don’t break hearts rule’ I said doing air quotes.


“Chill, let’s just try it with this guy since he’s a jock.” She said.


“I don’t know.” I was a bit skeptical.


“Please just this once.” She pleaded with puppy eyes.


“Alright fine!” I obliged and we broke into a warm hug.












Oh ow! Nathan’s in trouble. The poor guy But I like what they’re up to let’s see how it goes



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