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A Man From Another World – Episode 11

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The next day,Celine is finding a way to kill Melissa,she poisoned Melissa’s food,and kept it in where she normally keep Melissa food, and she ordered her to go take her food from the kitchen,the little girl went into the kitchen hurriedly to take her food,cause she has been starving since from the previous day.


Sebastine already knew what Celine was capable of doing,he already knows her heart and mind,so he appeared into the kitchen even before Celine told Melissa to go take her food,he removed the poison from the food,and dissappeared.



Melissa took her food and sat to eat it hungrily, Celine watched with pleasure how the poor girl will die from the poisoned food,she already cooked out the lie she will tell her husband Rick.


Melissa ate the food with relish and thanked her step mother, Celine laughed and played with Melissa like never before, cause she thought Melissa will die that day,so she do not want to make it suspicious to the girl that she was planning something against her,cause Melissa was a very clever girl, Melissa as well was surprised why all of a sudden her step mother talked happily and playfully with her.


Thirty minutes to an hour passed ,no sign that Melissa was complaining of pains or uneasiness, Celine became worried ,and thought to her self that Melissa was no ordinary girl,that her mother gave her witch that was why she did not die through her poisoning,but how is that possible, Celine thought.


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Melissa went out to play with Flora her sister and her friend,but flora drove her away ,then Flora’s friend got pissed by her actions and left Flora all alone in the playing field,flora blamed Melissa for it,and threaten her not to come home,if not she will receive the beatings of her life, Melissa was so scared cause flora will do anything to make her mother beat her,so she did not go to the house that time,she stayed outside,then slept off on the bench she normally stay,when she is alone,she always feel safe there.


Sebastine decided to protect her while she slept,and he decided to show himself to her when she wakes up.


Melissa “Who are you,huh?”,she stood up in fear,and looked at the stranger before her


Sebastine” Oh you are awake”,he said smilling


Melissa”Who are you,and why are you sitting here?”,She asked again, sitting properly



Sebastine”,Calm down girl, am not a bad person,my name is Sebastian, what’s your name little one?”,He asked but did not tell her all the details about himself


Melissa”,Am Melissa “,she said sadly


Sebastine”,why are you here all alone,where are your parents?”,He asked pretending not to know about what’s going on,not to frighten the girl

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Melissa”,My mother left me when I was a baby,my father went on a business trip,and my step mother and daughter threaten to beat me up,if I try coming into the house, that’s why am alone out here”,she said trying to hold the tears from dropping


Sebastine”,Oh I see,it’s ok, don’t cry little one,it’s getting late now follow me”,he said trying to cheer Melissa, but Melissa refuses cause she don’t know him, but he insisted,then she went with him to a restaurant,he bought food for Melissa and water to drink,she ate to her fill, and thanked Sebastine.


Sebastine told her that,he would always help her any time she is in trouble,he played with her for a little while, to gain a bit of the little girl trust,he bought some Candy’s and biscuits for her,and told her to eat them whenever her step mother do not give her food, then he took her home.


Rick came back from work that night,he asked about Melissa from his wife,she told him that Melissa was no where to be found,and she has looked for her every where but could not find her,Rick got pissed and annoyed with his wife,he went to check in Melissa’s room and found her sleeping soundly . He shouted on his wife , which she ran to Melissa’s room,she nearly fainted cause she knew that Melissa did not pass the door into the house,so how come she is in he


r room,she was worried and kept suspecting Melissa to be a witch.


Rick got pissed that night,and suspected Celine to be maltreating Melissa,but Melissa look good and doesn’t look like someone who is been maltreated ,he stopped thinking about that,and he went to take his bath then slept till the next day.



The next morning Melissa woke up early,and did all her house chores and went to school,she did not see her father cause she went early in the morning,even before flora sluggishly woke up to start preparing for school, Melissa was already out from the house, cause she don’t like to be late to school,she always goes early to school,and this alone add more salt into the hatred Celine has for Melissa.



















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