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Crazy In The New York City – Episode 15

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Kat’s Pov


Dear Adrian Vandermir, today would be your end. You’ll finally pay for all your sins and I would end your life, poor Julia.


She’ll be going to New York City to visit her lover but the same lover would come to Brooklyn and breath is last breath. How sweet.


I take one last look at Adrian’s office, he wasn’t there.


I leave the company and drive to the subway station.


Celine’s Pov


Adrian, Mary and I watched as the firemen brought out the remains of the house, I was confused.


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How did this happen, who hates us so much to the extent of killing us, Mary was devastated, she couldn’t say anything.


I walked closer to her and a*ssured her everything was going to be okay but it didn’t seem like it was going to be okay.


I lost the challenge and I also lost a home.


“Wait?” I said and grabbed his hand, I checked his wrist watch and I smiled with relief.


“Adrian I won the challenge, you came to my aid even before the time had expired” I said happily.


“Oh wow.. Good for you” He replies uninterested in the challenge.


Mary sat on the floor and I could see how sorry Adrian was, who knew he had a heart.


“Where am I gonna stay Celine, it’s over” She cries out.


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“It’s not over Mary” I said and walked to Adrian.


“What?” He asked suspiciously, am sure he already knew my plan.


“Let’s make a deal” I said and folded my hands.


“Speak up” He urges, I swallow nervously before saying anything.


“Remember I said if you lost the challenge you’ll have to say a speech and then you also said you’ll donate 20 million?” I asked.


“Oh no I don’t remember, obviously am a dumbo who doesn’t remember anything” He states sarcastically.


“I’ll cancel all that if you help mary get a place to stay” I stated.


He smiles and nods his head.


“Why should I do that?” He asks.


“Please” I pleaded desperately.


He sighs and enters his car.


I don’t understand why he has to be so inconsiderate, a normal human being should understand our predicament. Yes I won the challenge but it’s not about the challenge anymore. It’s about Mary.


Adrian walks out of his car and looks at me, I wonder what must be going on in his mind.


“Get in the car” He orders and I smile softly at him.


“Thank you Adrian” I appreciate, he pulls me by the arm and stares at me.


“Don’t think am doing all this for you, I know this is better than paying 20 million and saying some bullshit on media” He releases me and enters the car.





“Wow ” Mary says for the fifteenth time, it was obvious she was not going to leave this mansion any time soon.


“Your room is bigger than my whole house, you didn’t tell me you were living in heaven” She says looking around.


“Stop exaggerating Mary” I said and throw a towel at her.


“What’s this for?” She asks .


“Go take a shower, you look like a failed cooking competition” I mock, she arches her eyebrow and walks inside the bathroom, next thing I heard was Mary’s scream.


Hoping she had not hurt herself, I ran inside the bathroom but Mary was just there standing with widened eyes like she had been possessed by a spirit.


“Mary are you okay?” I asked poking her.


She looks at me and holds my shoulders.


“Celine, if I die please bury me here”


I face palm myself, relieved at the fact that she wasn’t hurt in any way.


“Mary seriously” I groaned tiredly.


“If I had known, I would have blowed up my house myself. Every disappointment is a blessing” She says and starts to take off her clothes.


“Hello am still here” I said.




I laugh and walk out of bathroom, I walk out of my room and head to Adrian’s.


I knock before entering, he was treating to his wounds, how didn’t I notice it.


I rush to him and collect the wool, he hesitates are first but I wasn’t ready to give up.


I clean the bruise at his elbow, I knew it hurts maybe a little but it still did.


“Thank you for saving my life” I said and stand up to dispose the wool.


I take out a fresh one and apply it to it, he pulls my chin up and our eyes lock.



“Why are you doing all this, acting like my P.A, living with me and a challenge, why did my mother asked you to stay with me” He asked, I tried avoiding his eyes but that didn’t work.


“Don’t look away Miss Greene” He says and looks at me again.


It wasn’t easy to have eye contact with him, my heart was doing some shitty business looking at him so deeply.


“Tell me Celine” He pressurizes.


I couldn’t tell him I was doing all this for Julia and because his mother asked me to change him, He’s going to get upset.


“Am doing this because I believe you are a good person, I know my sister hurt you badly but I also know you were capable of loving, have always seen you as a beast incapable of humanity but today you saved my life and have come to believe you are a good person” I said, I saw his eyes soften at my words.


Have never said something like this before, have never opened my heart to someone.


Adrian stands up and walks few meters away from me.


“I’ll be going to Brooklyn this evening, come with me as my P.A”


I was confused, why does he wants to go to Brooklyn where I was born.


“Am seeing Julia” He says and I felt a prick at my heart.


“Julia…” I questioned.


He walks closer to me and stands opposite to me.


“Why?” I asked and regretted it immediately. Who am I to ask him that question.


“She wants to see me, obviously she’s still in love with me. Who can resist my charm” He says and looks at me.


“Well you can” He says disappointed.


I fake a laugh and glare at me.



“There’s nothing in your charm, you’re just like other guys” I say, he wasn’t happy with my statement.


“Oh really” He says and pulls me closer to him, my chest was glued to his.


“Adrian what are…”


“Am like other guys right, if I was like other guys the great Celine Greene would have broken my nose right now” He says and I pull out my hands to punch his face but he was quick to catch it.


“What happened, you’ve become so slow”


“Adrian let go of me” I said trying to release myself.


He chuckles and kisses my forehead then releases me.


“Be ready by 3” He says and walks out of the room.


I remove my phone from my pocket and think of calling Julia.


I should ask her why she wants to see Adrian but I dip my phone back in my pocket.


It was none of my business, I walk out of his room and head to my room.


“Where’s mary??” I looked around but she wasn’t there.


“Hey lover girl” She says and taps my back.


“Where have you been?” I asked.


“Listening to you and Adrian’s conversation. You don’t want him to see your sister and the jealousy is so obvious” She says. I avoid eye contact and sit it on a sofa.


“What are you talking about Mary” I asked feigning ignorance. She sits beside me and smiles warmly.


“Look girl it’s so obvious, I mean you can lie to Adrian but not me. You have feelings for Adrian”


“No I don’t” I said and stand up.


“And even if I do what difference does it make, I won’t even have feelings for myself besides it’s obvious he’s still in love with Julia. Julia is far better than me and I won’t hurt my sister”


“Okay Celine what’s stopping you from accepting your feelings. Is it because you believe Adrian is in love with Julia or because you think you don’t deserve to be loved by Adrian” She asks.


“None of them matter , I don’t believe in all this love. It only exists in fairy tale and real life” I said and walked out of the room.


I walked down and met Mrs Vandermir standing there.


“I saw the news, where’s Mary. Hope you guys are okay”


“Mary’s upstairs in my room” I said and she looks at me bewildered.


“Adrian lets another woman in his house. You are too good Celine. And how’s Mary am sure she must be in shock” She says and I almost laughed out.


“Yes she’s in shock”


A different kind of shock.


“Mrs Vandermir” Mary yells from up, she runs down and hugs her.


“How are you Mary??” She asks.


“I don’t even know, I just had my house blown up for no reason” She replies.


“It’s going to be okay, where’s Adrian?” She asks.


“He went….” Mary interrupts me.


“He’s preparing for a date” She replies immediately.


“A date…” She looks at me and smiles.



“Am so proud of you Celine, I knew you would make it happen”


She thinks am the one going out on the date, it wasn’t me.


It was Julia and if she finds out, she’s not going to take it lightly.


Adrian’s Pov


I walk inside the living room to see the three women standing there. Now my house was smelling of women.


“Mom” I said and walked closer to her.


“So tell me where are you taking the pretty girl to?”


I was confused until I saw Celine making faces at me, I was able to understand her.


“It’s erm, it’s a secret mom, I don’t want Celine to know now” I replied and she gives me a teasing look and pulls Celine closer to me.


“Ohhh the two of you look so good together” She says and sheds a tear. Oh mother


“If its okay with you, I’ll love to take your woman out to my make up salon, so i can give her a make over”


“It’s not necessary Mrs..”


“No consider it a gift” Mom says and hugs her again. Women and their drama. I could feel Celine was nervous talking to her mother, am sure she would be


surprised when she finds out the real surprise I laid down for her. She might think we are going to see Julia but I have different plans for her, something to make the crazy lady cringe.


Celine’s Pov


Mrs Vandermir and I drove to her salon, it wasn’t what I imagined.


Her salon was as big as Mary’s house and when we walked in, her workers drowned my confidence that is if I was a normal person. But this girl doesn’t care at all, that’s why she’s called crazy.



She asked me to sit on the “special seat” where the highest paying customers sat down. I was honored to sit there.


She asks one of her best workers to make my hair, the lady seemed rude.


She looked at my hair and made a bad remark at it.


“Your hair looks like you picked up from the dumpster”


“So does your face” I replied immediately, I don’t have time for stupid ladies. Mrs Vandermir who was watching the whole drama laughed and told her not to mess with me.


“That’s the craziest girl in NYC Susanne, she’ll break your nose” Mrs Vandermir says and excuses herself.


She digs the comb in my hair and pulls it out like she’s trying to pull skull out.


“Ouch. Does the pulling depend on your life”


“Shut up” She says and hits the comb on my head. I stand up snatch the comb from her and hit it on her nose. She wasn’t expecting that.


“Be grateful honey, I could have used my hands. Now be fast about it” I said and sat down. Her co_workers were murmuring, it was obvious they liked what I did to her.




I looked at the mirror doubting if I was the one, I looked so beautiful that even I knew I was beautiful.


Looking at the reflection in the mirror made me remember Julia, I looked exactly like her.


The door opened and Adrian walked in the dressing room, mouth agape and dropping his car keys on the floor, embarra*ssed he picks it up immediately.


“Glad I could have that effect on Adrian Vandermir” I said and looked at the mirror again, all this was just a waste of time. Once I get home I’ll be washing all this off and become plane Jane.


“You look stunning” He compliments me.



“I look Julia Greene” I said and saw him change his countenance.


“Even without all this make up, Julia doesn’t come close to you and that’s the truth” He says and gives me one of those looks, I avoid them and head out of the salon, he walks behind me.


I bid Mrs Vandermir goodbye.


“That’s my car” Adrian says pointing at the car.


I noticed people were already taking pictures of Adrian and I as we entered his car.


“Guess who’s making the headlines today” Adrian says and chuckles before entering the car.




We got home and Mary obviously loved my looks.


“Danm am going to Mrs Vandermir salon for my birthday” She says.


“Am going to change my clothes and wash off the makeup”


“Why?” Mary asks.


“Because am not going on any date okay” I replied and head to my room. Adrian grabs my hand and stares at me deeply.


“We are going like this and we are going now” He orders and pulls me out of the house.


Mary’s Pov


It’s so danm obvious that Celine loves Adrian and the feeling is mutual, He’s so possessive of her and he doesn’t miss a chance to touch her.


My phone was ringing, the caller is Julia.



Hi julia



Hey mary, am in NYC and I was hoping if we could meet before am done with what I came here to do


I don’t understand NYC, I thought you and Adrian were meeting in Brooklyn


How did you know about my meeting with Adrian



I just know and I also know that your sister is in love with Adrian




Whats that supposed to mean cough and catarrh.


the coldness in her voice could give someone



Am saying your sister is in love with Adrian and Adrian feels the same for her even though they’ve not accepted it yet, last time I checked you are getting married next week


Wheres Adrian



On his way to Brooklyn



But we were supposed to meet at NYC she ends the call and I decide to call Celine and tell her what Julia said but I heard her phone ring in the room.


She forgot her phone at home.


Julia’s Pov


I wonder why Adrian would go to Brooklyn instead of coming to the hotel straight, I pick up my phone which I had already thrown in anger.


Am going to have to call Celine and tell that crazy lady to stay away from Adrian.


An update news comes up, I almost ignored it until I saw Adrian’s name them.


I click on it and what I say made me mad.




Pictures of Celine and Adrian together was uploaded.


I throw my phone out the door in annoyance.


I can’t believe Celine would still Adrian from me.




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