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Thank You Next – Episode 13

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“Of course I’m not.” I punched him on the shoulder.


“So who’s responsible?” He smirked and he was back to his jerky self again.


“For what?” I chuckled.


“For taking the first round.” He smirked.


“Are you really gonna ask me that!” I stood up

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“I’m sorry.” He said, swallowing hard.


“So did he do it?” He said and I sniffled a little.


“Well?” He said a little louder than before.


“Yes!” Tears ran down my cheeks and I hugged him again.


“I’m gonna kill him.” He thundered, clenching his fist so hard his hands started to pale out.


More and more tears kept making its way down my cheeks as I realized he did it without protection and I would either be pregnant or get sick!


“Don’t worry, it’ll be fine.” He said stroking my hair.


“How are you doing my dear?” Mrs Stark, Nathan’s mom opened the door, looking at me with a worried face. She was nice enough to let me sleep over.

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“Come here let’s clean you up.” She held me close and tightly, leading me to her own room so I could use her bathroom.


“Don’t be scared honey.” She said, holding my chin up so I could look at her.



“You’re a beautiful Lady, even a drunk man wouldn’t treat you that way.” She said and I felt a tear forming as I remembered last night.


“It’ll be fine.” She smiled and gave me a hug.


“But he didn’t use protection. What do I do? I’m not ready to have a child now. It’ll ruin my education.” I said breaking away from the hug.


“I have all the things you need, just get in the shower and wear those clothes on the bed then come downstairs for breakfast.” She smiled and left me in there.


I rushed my shower and it really helped me to ease my tense head.


I looked at myself in the mirror after dressing and saw a scar on my face then I broke into tears again.


“I swear Shawn, you’ll pay for this.” I muttered under my breath.


“Want some eggs?” Mrs Stark offered and I nodded in affirmation while Nathan just stared at me.


My mom hadn’t rang me yet but I was less bothered about that.


“Here take this.” She said, offering me some pills.


“What is this?” I asked so innocently.


“Oh they’re just contraceptives. Take them while its still early so you won’t get pregnant.” She said offering me a glass of water.


“Thanks ma’am.” I said before gulping down the pill she gave me.


“Your mom is really nice.” I said to Nathan after his mom had left for work and we were supposed to be in school but he got us suspended!



“Yeah.” He chuckled and slumped in the couch, picking the remote, tuning in to every boys favourite Chanel… Football.


“Thank you.” I muttered after a long silence.


“What?” He said amused.


“I said thank you.” I said and he turned down the volume of the TV.

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“Did she just?” He said grinning widely.


“What?” I said, getting slightly irritated.


“You just said thank you, do you know what that means?!” He said, standing up and laughing loudly and I felt kind of embarrassed.


“You’re a really nice person Nathan and I’m sorry for misjudging you in the beginning. I thought you just wanted to play me like you do with every other person.” I said fiddling with the strands escaping from my clothes.


“Oh I am a player.” He said.




“No not that I’m–”


“So you are playing me!” I cut him off.




“I knew you never really liked me.” I yelled, jerking up and making for the door.


“Nicole!” He yelled, holding my hand and dragging me to himself.


“I fu.cking like you.” He whispered rather huskily and before I could get myself together, he smashed his lips against mine.


“How do I know that?” I said with a teary voice.


“Those clothes you’re wearing.” He said, letting go of me.


“What these? I’ll return them.”


“They fit you perfectly.”


“Thanks.” I smiled, sadly.


“Whose are they anyway?”


“They’re my sister’s.” He smirked sadly.


“You have a sister?!”


“Yeah but she’s dead now.” He stared at the floor and went to sit back on the couch.


“Oh I’m sorry.” I felt bad for him for once.


“You look a lot like her!” He said swallowing hard. I could see he was trying to fight back tears.


“She disappeared when she was 8. Mom actually bought those clothes in advance for her you know.” He chuckled.


“I’m so sorry for reminding you of her. I’ll return the clothes once I get back home I promise.” I said, sitting on his lap.


“No no no. You can keep em. Now you know why my mom was being so nice to you.” He smiled sadly and we started kissing again.






“I really did that?!” I woke up in Ray’s house and he was telling me all about last night.



“Yea dude, you really messed up.” He said gulping down his milk.


“Well how do you know?” I said raking my hair with my hands.


“Nathan called me and told me all about it.” He said nonchalantly.


“Nathan was there?!” I freaked.


“Oh God what have I done to myself?” I said pacing around the room.


“I told you to stop taking that stuff mahn.” He said.


“I had to take it then so I would be stabilized.” I complained.


“Well now see what it has caused you huh!! It knocked you out and you raped an innocent girl!” He scolded.


“Aaahhhh!!! Dude I’m sorry okay? I didn’t mean it that way! Maybe I took a little too much.” I cried.


“Well you’ll be explaining that to Nicole.” He said and I could hear a tone of disappointment as he left the room.


I wanted to kill myself.


_How could I have done this? And to the girl I like damn it!_ _I have to see her_




I must say, a night at Nathan’s place really made us bond a lot more that I expected.


He gave me a ride home and surprisingly, no one was home. I suspected, mom didn’t even come home last night.



_Phew! It’s better she doesn’t know else she’d ground me till I grow old_ Yea she was really that overprotective.


Me:: Hey babe.


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Thelma:: Hey! I’ve been calling you but your phone was off. How was the date with you and Shawn?


Me:: Really long story.



Thelma:: Seriously?!


Then there was like 3 minutes silence.


_Looks like she put me on hold_



Me:: What?



Thelma:: I just got sent out of History class.



Me:: Oh sorry



Thelma:: No it’s okay, who likes history anyway?!


She giggled.



Me:: Thels I’m crushed right now.



Thelma:: Why what happened?



I was about to say something when I heard something fall downstairs. _Who could that be?_



Thelma:: Hello? I’m waiting.



Me:: uhh I’ll call you right back.


I said, hanging up on her.


I got downstairs slowly with my heart thumping really fast.


“Aahh!” We screamed simultaneously.




_What the is he doing here?_


“Look Nicole I’m–”


Before he could say any other thing, I picked a knife from the counter and stabbed him.


“Oh my God.” I gasped, covering my mouth, realizing what I just did.


“Fuck!” He yelled.












Say no to hard drugs oh!



I’ve said my own

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