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Room Mate With The CEO – Episode 28

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Chapter 28



The real Derrick



Claire’s POV



I opened my eyes and found myself in a bed… I look around the room… It’s a strange room. So I’m no longer in the hospital. I move my leg do that I can run to the door and find way to leave… Maybe go back to Killian and tell him about the baby… Even if he doesn’t accept it… At least he should know. But when I moved from the bed… I fell with a loud thud.





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Then I noticed my legs are tied together…. I reach out loose it… But I


couldn’t feel my hands… It’s just as if my hands are dead. What in God’s name happened to me.



“Ahhhhhhh!!” I screamed.



The door open and Derrick strode in… He stood in front of me.. a victorious smirk playing on his lips.



“Easy…. Bae”



“I’m not your bae!!” I shunned him.

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“Well, you don’t have a choice… In two days time you’ll be my bride… But before then we need to take care of that bastard in your womb…. I love


anything related to you but not that bastard, it reminds me of that asshole”


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“I will never let you hurt my baby… I’d rather die than be with you… I never knew you are a monster. The Derrick I know is not like….. ”



” Like what? ”



” A heartless monster… Derrick…. You… ”



” That’s enough!!… Actually I don’t want you to think I’m unreasonable… So I had a fair deal with Killian…. If he gets here in time he can leave with him


and I won’t cause a fuss.,… But I bet you.. he won’t make it, wanna know why… Because he doesn’t even know our location” he lets out a wicked laugh.



I really thought Derrick is a good guy… He was responsible, gentle and caring back at Knight Gaming…. What happened to him? Why did he changed overnight?



“You see this” my eyes grew wide.. when I saw a syringe in his hand.



A blue substance is inside the syringe…. I don’t know what it is but I know it


definitely won’t do me any good…. Especially my baby…. Killian’s baby. I



wish I knew this would happen… I wouldn’t have storm out of the restaurant like that… I would have gone back to the penthouse and wait for Killian.



“This is what I’ll inject into you

….. Don’t worry I’ll be as gentle as I can ever


be… I’ll be painless and boom….

That thing in your womb will be gone and


you’ll be as good as new”



” That will never happen”





” What can you do?… You can even move your hands…. Just relax”



I growled lowly… I wish I could reach out and pluck out his eyes and feed them to the birds. He laughed sinisterly.



“Actually… I have a surprise for you” he head towards the door and a burly man in black clothes.. pushed in a woman… Her head covered in a sack.



He removed the sack and a gasp left my mouth….. The woman in front of


me is none other than my mom. But how? She already left for morfield… How did Derrick get her here?






“I told you your mother will be a witness to our wedding…. So here I fulfilled


my promise” he said from the door and left.



” Claire…. What’s going on? Why did your boyfriend kidnap me?…. And why


are you tied up like that? ” My mom asked.



I drew in a long breath… I guess I have to tell her the truth after all……




“Mom… The truth is… Derrick is not my boyfriend”



” What do you mean? But he told me… ”



Forget about what he told you.. Mom. I’m the one you should trust… I know I lied to you repeatedly… But I did it for a good reason” I told her.



Surprisingly… Her reaction is far different from what I imagine… She is oddly calmed.



“So who’s responsible for this pregnancy? Were you raped? ”



Killian Knight” I said.



The CEO of Knight Gaming! ” Mom exclaimed quietly.



Do you know him? ”



“Yes.. I did some research after you left. Now back to our discussion…. If


Killian is responsible then how did Derrick come in? ”



I begin to tell my mom everything that has happened….. Starting from how I


was cheated out of my savings… How I met Killian and Derrick… All this while she was listening carefully.



“But this Derrick you’re talking about are you sure there isn’t more to him than what he’s letting out?”



What do you mean Mom?”



I heard some of those men call him…. young boss. Do you know about his family background?” I shook my head…my Mom lets out a sigh.


“I think Derrick is involved in some dirty business” Mom said.



But Derrick doesn’t strike me like that kind of person….. Is this obsession?



Killian’s POV



I entered my car and ignited the engine…but before I could drive from my garage… Luca’s phone begin to ring.



“It’s Dave”



Dave is the investigator Lucas hired…. Lucas received the call and put it on


speaker phone.



“Yo… Lucas” Dave said from the phone.



“What did you find?”



“Derrick is not Derrick at all…his real name is Shane Rodriguez… he’s the second son of the famous drug lord ‘Anthony Rodriguez’…. he’s not


mentally stable and was sent to rehab center….but he escaped three years


ago and claimed to be sober…He applied for internship at Knight Gaming with intentions of bringing Killian Knight down” Dave said.



“Bring me down? But I don’t even know him” I thought out loud.



“Only he can tell you why he wants to bring you down” Dave said.



Then how is he connected with Chloe? Are they old time lovers or..?”



They aren’t lovers… Chloe met him outside Knight Gaming the day Killian fired him…. Chloe’s intentions of meeting with him was to get his help in



getting Killian… Derrick will get Claire and Chloe will get Killian.. it would have been a win-win situation…but I guess Chloe won’t be able to get it..she….” Dave trails off…unsure of completing his sentence.



“Why?” Lucas asked.



“Some of my men saw Chloe’s body…our guess is.. Derrick killed her” Dave said.



Blood drained from my body.. I feel my body tense. Derrick is a psychopath…who knows what he’ll do to Claire.



“Dave we have to go… Claire is with that psychopath right now, who knows what he’ll do to her or my baby…we need to go save her right now” I said…


though my voice is firm….I’m trembling inside.



“Alright” Dave hung up.



“Call the cops in that area and tell them to surround the case something happens” I told Lucas.



” Noted!”



With that I speed down the road….I don’t care how many rules I have to


break today….I must save my family….



Wait for me Claire…….



To be continued…




So Derrick is actually a psycho?





I love you all

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