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Crazy Rich Asian – Episode 12

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Chapter 12 semi finale


James pov


“What was that for” rissa yelles at candy angrily


I was really pissed too ,i know she angry but she really went too far


“Candy i can no longer work for you as a cook anymore am leaving”i said coldly and head upstairs


“Am leaving too”i heard rissa yelled at me


“James” rissa called as she entered my room and saw me packing


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“Wait are you serious when you said you are leaving”she asked and i nodded


“But why i thought you love rissa and you are ready to do anything”rissa said


“If she really loves me then she will stop me from leaving “i replied her and she nodded sadly


“Give me your contact”she said and i gave her


I know am suppose to fight for love her but my life is at risk


While we were at the sitting room ,i peeped at candy’s laptop and find out she hacked into our station system


It is only a matter of time before she finds out that i am working as an undercover detective


I dont know what shes looking for there but am very sure ,someone told her something and shes about to find out


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In a matter of minute if i dont leave this place i will be dead with the way things are going between us


I just pray she dosent confess her feelings for me now


It being long i prayed but this time arround i knelt down and muttered some prayers before heading downstairs with my things


i saw candy still focused on her laptop and i became nervous immediately


She looked at me head to toe before facing what she was doing again and i kept praying in my mind



“am leaving “i managed to say


“The door is wide open ,do you think i need you “she yelled angrily


I starred at rissa who pretended to be crying


“I will see you at the house james “rissa said and i nodded


I walked to the door it scanned me and showed green and i passed i walked close to the second one composed myself it shows green to and i felt relieved instantly


I walked outside with so much joy in my heart ,i felt like i should start rolling on the floor and thank God because he answered my prayers


i took a cab to my apartment and entered , Gosh i missed the house so much i never thought i will return back


immediately i wrote a resignation letter and sent it to the station i work


With the money i made from candy’s house am going to open my own resturant with it


am already missing candy so much i wished fate brought us together in an entirely different way ,i wont let her go




Candy pov


“I need a new cook asap and a female”i said sternly and end the call.


“Candy why is it so hard for you to admit the fact that you are inlove with james ” rissa said


“i thought you guys are a thing”i replied


“No matter what i did candy james still had eyes for you”rissa said



“But you guys had sex “i asked


“We had sex but we didnt make love those are two different thing besides it was a mistakes ,(Topster Stories ) Read more interesting stories @,and also how many guys have you brought in here and had sex with them in james presence “rissa said and i kept mute


“I understand how you feel towards guys but that guy is inlove with you candy ,james is different “rissa added and left


when james said he was leaving i thought it was a joke until i saw him walked down stairs with his stuff


wanted to stop him ,wrap my hands around his body and listen to his heartbeat and tell him how much i love him but i couldnt something kept drawing me back


I guess its pride


I starred at my laptop because i was loosing concentration in what i was doing


They sent a spy to me and thats what i have been trying to figure out but the thought of james kept clouding my mind and making me loose focus and am very close to knowing who the spy is


I opened a file and something caught my eyes


“James Cartel” a detective and sent undercover to candy’s mansion


Am i seeing double or it is because james left am seeing things i thought


I rubbed my eyes severally but who am i kidding james my cook is the spy


i almost fainted











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