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Romeo And Juliet – Episode 13

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Chapter thirteen


Vivian pov


I got dress and went back to where vin was.


“U look beautiful,” he complement.


“Thanks, but don’t u think we are bit early for a dinner?” I asked.


“Come on, I just want us to hang out before we got to them” he said.


‘Ok,” I said.


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“We should get going, I want to take u somewhere,” he said.


“Ok where is Ryan?” I asked.


“Why are u asking for Ryan?” He asked as his face turned red.


“He is my body guard,” I said.


“Well he left, I sent him home” he said.


“You sent him home?” I asked.


“Yes, I did it for his health” he said.


“U sent him home without asking for my permission” I said.


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“Am ur fiance,” he said.


“And Ryan belongs to me, don’t u ever mess with what belongs to me” I said.


“I will come to the dinner myself,” I said and left him alone.






I got to Ryan’s house, and knocked on his door.


He opened the door looking handsome as always.


“Why are u here?” he asked smiling.


“Can I come in?” I asked.


“Sure,” he said and I entered.


“I heard about what Vincent did, am sorry it is all bcoz of me. I mean how can he send u out” I said.


“I knew it would make you angry…..”


“U talk too much,” he said and hugged me.


“Am just angry that he sent my man away” I said while he pulled me away gently.


“Ur man?” he asked smiling.


“Why, u don’t like it?” I asked.


“U know there are many guys dat will literally beg me to call them dat” I said.


“Really? But those guys are not as handsome as me” he said.


“And since when did you have d courage to speak” I said.


“Since I started dating you,” he said and drew my head closer.



“Dis beautiful woman,” he said and kissed me.


“I love u,” I said in the midst of the kiss.


The kissing was getting tensive when he pulled away.


“U should get going or you’ll be late,” he said.


“Yes,” I said.


“See u later,” I said and pecked him.


“See u too,” he said and I left his house.



Ryan pov



I felt sad after she left, if I hadn’t pulled away from the kiss it might end up somewhere else.


But I didn’t want her to leave.


I went to my chair and sit when someone rang the doorbell.


I ran to the door thinking it was Vivian. But I was disappointed when I saw Lydia in front of me.



Vivian pov


I arrived at d restaurant where am to meet Vincent and his parent with my dad.


I entered d room, they reserved for us.


I greeted Vincent’s parents and sat down.


“Why didn’t you and Vincent come together,” his mom asked.


“She was busy with something,” Vincent lied.


“I see,” his mom said.


“Let’s eat,” my dad said.


I picked my fork and knife and dig into d steak in front of me.


“U too look cute together,” his mom said while I coughed.


“Have some water,” Vincent said helping me with a cup of water.


“Am okay,” I said.


“Are u sure,” his mom asked.


“Yes,” I said.


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“So I and ur dads have been thinking, and we’ve made a decision. Instead of u guys to wait till a few months.” “U guys should just get married in two weeks time,” she said excitedly.


“Thanks mom,” Vincent said.


“What?” I asked surprised.


“Two weeks?” I asked.


“Yes, Vincent’s mom said.


“But?” I said protesting.


“No buts, dat is our final decision” she said.


While I looked at my dad.



Ryan pov



“What are u doing here?” I asked.


“U should at least allow me to come in,” she said.


“Come in,” I said rudely and she did.


“What do u want?” I asked putting my hands in my pocket.


“U shouldn’t treat me like dis, u were more friendly last time we met,” she said using her hand to rub my chest.


I moved her hand away.


“If u don’t have anything to say, then u should leave” I said.


“U know when I was coming all my thought was just too see you, but that all changed when I saw Vivian leaving ur house,” she said.


“What do u mean?” I asked.


“I know u and Vivian are dating and I know her dad and Vincent’s parents doesn’t know” she said.


“What do u want?” I asked as I frowned.


“What do I want?” She said.


“I want u,” she said.




This is trouble.


There is fire on the mountain.


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