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The Pink Clouds – Episode 6

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The next day, Richard was sitting in a lecture theatre waiting for his lecturer to come. He had been sitting there for the past hour going through his book. At about 10 am, the rest of the students started rushing into the lecture theatre indicating the arrival of the lecturer had arrived. He gathered all the books he was reading and put them in the bag that was beside him. When he looked up, he unexpectedly saw Janet .




The moment he saw her, he felt so warm in his heart like never before. He kept staring at her and couldn’t take his eyes off her. More than ever, he wanted to speak to her. When she got close to him, she smiled at him and waved. Richard was so happy and didn’t know how he could respond to her. She passed him and proceeded to seats at the extreme of the hall and sat down.


All that Richard wished for was for the lecture to finish so he could talk to her. Throughout during the lecture, he kept turning back to look at her to the extent that the lecturer noticed him.


“Is there anything at the back that we should know of?” The lecturer asked as he walked to Richard who was sitting in the front row.


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“No sir,” Richard smiled.




“Pleased concentrate, this is unlike you,” the lecturer said and turned and walked back to the stage and continued his lecture.


After the lecture was over, all the students started leaving the lecture theatre. Richard was sitting in the front waiting for Janet . She was united with her friends and they talked and laughed as they walked to leave the hall. When they got to where Richard was, he stood up and approached them. “Hey Janet ,” Richard said. “Hey Richard, give me a minute,” she replied and they proceeded to their class representative who was by standing by the entrance of the lecture theatre. Janet and her friends laughed as their class representative talked to them. Even though Richard was dying to talk to her, he instantly felt that she needed to be left alone. He proceeded to his bag and took his bag and headed to out of the lecture theatre. As he was walking, his head was filled with words he couldn’t say. Even though he tried to act normal, he was deeply hurt inside him. He thought the night they shared meant something to her, but the way she acted made him thought otherwise.




As he was about to leave their faculty, he heard someone calling him. He turned and noticed that it was Janet . He stopped walking and waited for and her friends to get where he was. “You guys should go ahead first,” Janet said to her friends.


“Alright, you should meet us in Auditorium when you are done,” one of the girls said.


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“So, how are you doing?” she asked Richard.




“I am doing well I guess,” Richard responded.




“What’s with the long face? Is something wrong?” she asked when she noticed no sign of smile on his face.




“Nothing is wrong, I was told that I long more handsome when I make a long face,” Richard replied.




“Whoever the hell told you that is a terrible lair,” Janet laughed.


When Richard saw her laughing, it made him forgot about short moment of heartbreak he had.




“Oh really? I bet you don’t just don’t want to admit to the fact that I am handsome like that,” Richard smiled. “Alright make that face again let me take your photo. You will be a better judge to yourself more than anyone,” Janet said as she brought out her phone.




“That won’t be necessary,” Richard responded.


“By the way, why didn’t I see you yesterday?” Richard continued by asking.




“I caught a terrible cold from the previous rain,” Janet responded.


“Oh that’s bad, I hope you are feeling better now?” Richard asked.




“Much better, I can say I’m healthier than you,” Janet winked.


“I hope what you said is true,” Richard smiled back.




“The last I fell sick was almost 4 years ago,” Richard answered.


“Really? As far as could remember, there has never been a day I am completely healthy. I have been sick since my birth,” Janet revealed as she stopped smiling.




“What has been bothering you?” Richard asked.




“When I was a baby, I took an overdose of drugs that was meant for adults. I miraculously survived as it affected my liver, heart and kidneys,” Janet divulged.




When Richard heard that, he became terribly shocked.




“I hope you are all better now?” He asked curiously.


“Actually not,” Janet responded.




“If i were you, I will be very serious with my life. I will avoid anything that will make fall sick, including not been caught in the rain like the day before yesterday,” Richard said.


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“Do you mean I shouldn’t have fun just because I am sick? Everybody dies eventually. So why shouldn’t I enjoy while I’m still alive? I know of many people who are healthier than I and they die at a very young age. One should not live a sad life because of fear of death; one should live happily because life is precious. It doesn’t matter how long you live your life, what matters is how happy you live your life,” Janet stated.




Richard became speechless and couldn’t say a word. He just kept staring at her like he was seeing her for the first time.




“Are you feeling sorry for me because I’m sick? You better not be, because I hate those who feel sorry for me,” Janet said as


she frown her face.




“I am not feeling sorry for you, I just wish I could be as confident and optimistic as you are,” Richard smiled.



“Please don’t say that,” Janet said as she started walking.




“Walk me to auditorium, I will meet my friends there,” Janet continued. “Alright then” Richard said as he started walking beside her.




“I love your clock by the way,” he said referring to the wrist watch she wore.


“Clock?” she asked confusingly.


“Yes that thing on your hand that you use for timing,” Richard smiled.


“Oh do you mean my watch?” she asked after looking at her hand.


“No, that’s too big to be considered a wrist watch ” Richard teased.


“What? In case you don’t know, this is the latest wrist watch that ladies wear. But you will never know because you don’t have a girlfriend,” Janet teased back.


“If I have a girlfriend, she won’t wear clocks like this on her hand. Isn’t it heavy for you? I wonder how you even manage to lift your arm with such heavy object attached to it,” Richard said.


“Enough with the sarcasm Richard,” Janet said after she stopped laughing.


They got where her friends at the auditorium which was located at the extreme of the faculty.


“Alright Richard, we will talk later,” Janet said as she walked to the auditorium.




“Hey Janet !” Richard called her.




“Yes!” she answered after she stopped walking and looking back.




“Your clock looks beautiful on you,” Richard smiled.




“Thank you,” she smiled back and continued walking. She entered the auditorium while Richard turned and walked back to their faculty. When he arrived at their



faculty, he met Prof. Grace heading to her car. “Good afternoon Ma’am,” he greeted her.




“Good afternoon how are you?” She requested. “I am doing well,” Richard replied.




“Can you do me a favour?” She asked. “Yes I can,” Richard replied confidently.




“I want you to take my car and go Rebecca’s school and pay her school fees. I’ve been caught up with work and I don’t have free a time,” she requested.




“That won’t be a problem,” Richard answered. He received the money from her and her car’s key. He walked happily to the car because he had long wished to drive in cars like that, it was the most expensive car in the whole faculty.




He entered the car and drove to Rebecca’s school. On his way to the school, people kept looking at him as he drove in the , that made wish he owned a car like that. He parked the car in the parking space that made guest at Rebecca’s school. He met an old man who happened to be the security guard of the school at the entrance of the school.


“Good afternoon sir,” he greeted him. “Good afternoon,” the old man replied.


“Please sir, I came to pay the school fees of one of your students,” Richard revealed.


“Alright, go that office over there, they will attend to you,” the old man pointed.




“Thank you sir,” Richard appreciated and walked to the office.




“Good afternoon Sir,” Richard greeted the man he met in the office. “Good afternoon how are you sir?” he replied.



“I am doing quite well sir,” Richard responded.




“How may I help you?” The man asked.




“I come to pay the school fees of one of your students,” Richard responded. “Who is the student?” the man asked. “Her name is Rebecca; she is the daughter of Prof. Grace ,” Richard answered.


“Oh I know her, let me have the money,” the man requested. Richard handed him the money after which he was given a receipt for the payment.




He walked out of the office in an attempt to find Rebecca’s class and give her the receipt. He met a girl and asked her for Rebecca’s which she showed him close to the fence by the right side of the school gate. As he walked to the class, he was reminded of his secondary school. The building was very similar to his previous school. Two classes per building with doors and windows made up of up of metal sheets. The classes were fenced with yellow flowers with a little space provided for entrance. He entered through the flowers and climbed on to the veranda of the class. He suddenly saw Rebecca crying while her teacher was shouting at her.




“This is a very simple thing that you can’t understand. I don’t even know what kind of brain you have. Even a primary school kid can solve this problem. You are the dumpiest girl I have ever seen, I don’t care who your mother is, what I say is really the fact,” the teacher yelled.




When Richard heard that, he felt an anger he never felt before. He felt as if the blood the in his heart boiling. “With all due respect sir, you don’t deserve to be a teacher,” Richard said and all the students in the class turned and looked at him. “And who the hell are you?” The teacher asked. “I’m supposed to be her guardian,” Richard responded.


“Honestly sir, a good teacher is he who is compassionate, supportive and patience to his students. And from the way I see it, you have lost hope in her and no longer



patient with her, and good teachers aren’t supposed to be like that. I have gone through all my junior years receiving insults from my teachers. But when I came to ss2, I met an amazing teacher that changed my life entirely. I was able to win an award as the best Mathematics student in the whole country because of her. From that moment, I realized that is not only how the teacher teaches you that matters, their behavior towards you and how they teach you also matters. So please sir, don’t lose hope in her, try and change her,” Richard stated.



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The teacher remained silent and couldn’t say a word. Rebecca was completely surprised by what Richard did and couldn’t stop looking at him. “Come on Rebecca, let’s go home. I believe is almost closing time,” Richard said.




Rebecca slowly walked out of the class to where he was standing. He held her and walked with her alongside him. They walked some few steps away from the class when the class bell for the school rang. All students started walking out of their classes. When they saw Richard holding Rebecca’s hand, they started shouting. Richard didn’t care what they rest of the students will say. He walked out of the school to where he parked the car. They entered the car and started the engine of the car. Even after they entered, the rest of her school mates did not stop looking at them. They kept looking until they drove away. He dropped her home and she turned to leave without saying a word. “Rebecca!” Richard called. She stopped walking and turned to look at him.




“Please allow me to teach you well. I really do believe in you. If I could make in the condition I was before, I believe everybody can,” Richard encouraged.




“Give it everything you have. Your soul, your heart, your passion and whatever it takes. I’m positive that you will make it,” Richard encouraged.




“Thank you for today,” she said and she turned and walk home.



In the evening, Richard went to the Agric garden close to the dormitory and sat there. He brought out his computer and put on his headphone. He laughed as he watched some funny videos online. He was happily enjoying alone. When he looked up, he unexpected caught Rebecca staring at him.Kindly share out more interesting stories from using the floating social media icon button at the bottom of the screen.




She quickly looked away nervously. She was walking with her little brother with his little hand in hers. She wore a red shirt and a pair of black jeans. Richard wanted to stand up and meet her, but something stopped him. After she walked to a certain point further away, she still turned and looked at him. She looked extremely beautiful but Richard tried to put away all thoughts away other than her being a secondary school girl.


He continued watching his videos until the place became completely dark. He stood up and went to his room and took some biscuits before leaving for his night studies. He went to one of the theatres and sat there alone. He brought out his books and his laptop. He turned it on and started downloading some items before he will start going through his book.







Meanwhile, Janet was with her childhood friend who was in her third year studying mechanical engineering. Janet had been with her for the past 3 hours talking and laughing in her room.


“I have to go to our department, we have a tutorial organised by the students of our department,” said Janet ‘s friend as she stood.




“Oh come on Riskat, why can’t you just relax for today?” Janet said trying to stop her friend from going.




“I have to go, we are having a test tomorrow. And the lecturer is completely harsh,” Riskat said.





She was a tall girl with an age of about 22 years old and dark in complexion.




“Really? Do you mean you are going to leave me here alone?” Janet asked pretending to be sad.




“Okay, you can come with me,” Riskat assured.


“Alright, but I hope the boys in your faculty are not stupid because boys in this school can act crazy,” Janet said.


“Well, I can assure you that they are not as crazy as the boys of your department,” Riskat laughed.




“What? Let me tell you something. There have been two boys that have been stalking on me since the first day I came to this school, and they are from your department. Even my friends are complaining about the boys from your department,” Janet stated.


“Are you going to follow me or you are going to sit there and keep talking?” Riskat asked as she walked out of her room. Janet stood up and ran after her.




They walked for about fifteen minutes before arriving at the department of mechanical engineering. When they arrived, Riskat discovered that the tutorial had already started in a small lecture theatre. They quickly entered and sat in the middle because the front sits were already occupied. The tutorial was been has been carried out by five of the best final year students of the department.




“Are they lecturers of this department?” Janet whispered in Riskat’s ear.




“No they are final year students,” Riskat whispered back.


Riskat brought out her book and write down what was written on the board, while Janet only watched what was going on. One of the boys was looking at her that started to make her feel uncomfortable.



At some point, she wished like getting up and leaving the hall.


But remembering the fact that she came with her friend made her change her mind.


About an hour later, the tutor came across a problem he couldn’t solve. He invited the rest of mates to give a try, but they were all unable to solve it.




“I know of someone who can solve this,” Janet said jokingly, and the whole students turned and looked at her.


“Oh really? And who is that person?” asked one of the tutors.




“She is not even from our department? Why is she even here?” a girl from the students asked.




“Oh please, we are all here to learn. There is nothing wrong even if she not from this faculty,” the tutor said.




“Who is this person you said can solve this problem?” the tutor asked Janet.




Janet started feeling nervous seeing the seriousness on their faces. She was only kidding when she said and didn’t really mean it. And if she reveals to them that she didn’t mean it, they will think she is childish and it will ruin her image. She began to regret why she even followed Riskat in the first place. Suddenly, the thought of Richard came to her. She somehow knew that she will be relieved if she mentions Richard because he had the best result in the faculty.




“Is Richard, the guy from the computer engineering department,” Janet finally said.


The moment she said that all the students there started laughing.




“Isn’t he a 100 level student?” asked one of the students.



“Yes, he is,” Janet responded.




“This is a 300 level problem. Besides, it is easy to get good grades on the 100 level. Once he gets higher, he will know what it means to be in engineering,” one of the tutors said. “Well, you don’t know what he is capable of,” Janet replied.


“Please Janet, stop embarrassing me,” Riskat whispered to Janet.

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“Oh will please get him to come here? We would love to see what he’s capable of,” one of the final year students smiled.


Janet ‘s heartbeat increased. She started regretting why she dragged the conversation up to this point.




“Can you please call him for us?” one of the final year students said again. Even though Janet was nervous, she acted confidently as if she had it all under control. She brought out her phone and called Richard.






Richard was busy with a book when he received a call from Janet. He didn’t know she was the one calling because had deleted her number. He picked the call thinking it was one of the regular friends.




Richard: Hello who is this?




Janet: don’t tell me you don’t have my number




Richard: come on I was just kidding.



Janet: Will you please come to hall 104 in the department of mechanical engineering?




Richard: I hope is not something serious?




Janet: No is not, but I urgently need you




Richard: Alright, I will be on my way.


.Richard took a taxi went to the faculty of engineering. He entered the faculty and headed to the department of mechanical engineering.




He looked around and noticed the lecture theatre Janet described to him. He walked to the lecture theatre and was surprised when he saw a lot of people in it. The hall went silent when Richard entered.




At that moment, Janet ‘s heart was beating faster than ever, thinking that she will encounter the worst embarrassment she ever had.




“Is this boy you are telling us about?” one of the tutors asked.




“Yes, he is,” Janet replied nervously.




“Alright Mr Richard, your friend said you can solve this problem, will you please take a look at it,” the tutor continued.




“Alright,” Richard said as he climbed onto the stage of the lecture theatre.



He walked to the board and peered at the board for a minute before he asked the tutor to hand him a marker. Janet was so relieved when Richard collected the marker from the tutor.


Everyone was surprised when Richard started solving it. As for Janet, she didn’t care if he was solving it wrong or right. The fact that he made an attempt has saved her from the embarrassment she feared. About five minutes later, Richard was done solving it. The final year students were left completely flabbergasted.




It was from his solution that they were able to notice the mistakes they have been making.




“But did you attend a diploma or college before coming here?” the tutor asked startlingly.




“No, I didn’t,” Richard replied.




“You are really a genius as they described you,” the tutor said.




“Come on let’s go, Richard,” Janet said. When Richard turned, he noticed her smiling at him the entrance of the lecture theatre.


All the students were silent watching them as they walked out of the lecture theatre.


When they got out, Janet started laughing.




“What really happened?” Richard asked.




“You are my hero today, I don’t know what trouble I could have gotten into if you hadn’t come,” Janet said.



“Really? I’m glad I’ve made your day then,” Richard responded.




“You were really amazing, how comes you are so good at calculations like this?” Janet asked.




“I don’t know, I just find in fun,” Richard responded.




“I wish I could start to see calculations from your perspective,” Janet revealed.


“But you are supposed to love it since you are an engineering student,” Richard urged.


“Well, I have never expected that I will end up studying an engineering course in the university, that’s why I never took Mathematics seriously in my secondary school,” Janet narrated.


“I used to fear mathematics too, but I met a teacher that changed that. I will never forget her for the rest of my life,” Richard told.


“Oh, is she even a woman?” Janet asked.


“Yes she is,” Richard replied. “she taught me how to see mathematics as an interesting game of finding solutions to problems. Since then, I began loving calculations. I look for problems on my own and solve them,” Richard continued.


“That’s wonderful. When I was in secondary school, I wanted to be a medical doctor, but unfortunately, that didn’t happen,” Janet revealed.


“Do you still wish to be a doctor?” Richard asked.


“I don’t think so, it was later that I realized that being a doctor means taking a lot of responsibilities,” Janet revealed.


“What about you? Was being a computer engineer your original dream?” She continued by asking.


“Actually, I didn’t know what to study. I just love anything that has to do with calculation, that’s why one of my friends suggested that I study computer engineering,” Richard revealed.



“Wow! I can see that you trust people easily, to the extend that you to allow them to choose a career for,” Janet said surprisingly.




“Oh yes, I love calculations that’s why I don’t think he made the wrong choice for me,” Richard replied.


They got the gate of their faculty and sat on a rest bench. They talked for more than an hour before Janet said that she is hungry.




“Hungry? Didn’t you eat before coming out?” Richard asked.


“No I didn’t,” She replied.


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“You could have eaten something before coming out,” Richard responded.




“Yes, so would you please accompany me to go and eat?” Janet requested.




The moment Richard heard that he became shocked because he had no money with at that time.


He became confused and couldn’t think of what to say.




“Well I can go alone if it will cause you trouble,” Janet said noticing Richard silence.




“No I will accompany you,” Richard replied and they stood up and made their way to one of the most expensive restaurants in the school.




Richard had only been to such restaurants once. After noticing how expensive their foods were, he decided they are no place for him. Suddenly, an idea came to Richard. He brought out his phone and texted Paul requesting for help.




They arrived at the restaurant and Janet ordered two plates of fried rice. He looked around in the restaurant and noticed that all students present were on sort of a date. The tables were all occupied by a male and a female student. Seeing himself sitting like that with Janet made him felt like they were also on a date.


The waiter brought the two plates of rice as Janet ordered.


“I would like to have 2 cups of ice cream,” Janet ordered just when the waiter turned to leave.




At that time, Richard wished he could stop her from ordering, but he made himself looked as if it wasn’t a big deal. About 5 minutes later, the waiter brought their ice creams. They talked and laughed as they to the extent that Richard felt like he was dreaming.






About 10 minutes later, Paul arrived at the restaurant. When he saw Richard and Janet, he became totally amazed.




“Hey Janet,” Paul said as he approached their table.




“Hey!” She said back with a smile on her face.


“Why don’t you join us here?” Richard said and Paul drew an empty chair and sat next to Richard.




“Was she…” before Paul could finish his statement, Richard kicked him on the leg.


“Was what?” Janet curiously asked.


Before any of them could reply, the waiter came with their bill.



“Here, I will pay it,” Paul said as he brought out his wallet.


“What? Who do you think you are to pay for our food?” Janet asked angrily.


“Please calm down; don’t you know that I’m Richard’s best friend?” Paul answered.




“Well, I was the one that brought Richard, so I will handle the bill, not anyone else,” Janet said and she took out her credit card and handed it to the waiter.


After they were done, the three of them stood up and walked out of the restaurant.




Richard and Paul accompanied Janet to Riskat’s dormitory where she will be staying for a while before going to her room.




“Thanks, Richard, I really am grateful for today,” Janet smiled.


“The pleasure is all mine,” Richard smiled back.




“Alright then, I will see you in the morning,” Janet said as walked into the gate of the dormitory.




“See you too,” Richard replied. Richard and Paul remained still and watched as Janet walked into the fence of the hostel. More interesting stories available @


“Oh my God Richard, when did it happened?” Paul asked astonishingly.




“The day you left me at that stupid party,” Richard replied.




“Why didn’t you tell me about it?” Paul asked.





“Well, I don’t think is that important,” Richard replied.




“What? What do you mean by that?” Paul asked.




“I think you are misunderstanding our relationship,” Richard replied.




“What’s there to misunderstand? You guys went to Love palace. What other proves do I need other than that?” Paul asked.




“We went there because she is hungry,” Richard replied.




“If she is really hungry, why didn’t you go to Mama Toyin’s restaurant?” Paul asked.




“Come on, stop interpreting this with a different meaning,” Richard insisted.




“Alright, if you say so,” Paul replied








Janet was sitting by the bed of Riskat going through her phone when Riskat returned.


“Hey, when did you get here?” Riskat asked as she walked to Janet.




“A couple of minutes ago,” Janet responded.




“That’s cool, you guys really created a scene at our tutorial today. What was his name again?” Riskat asked.



“Richard,” Janet smiled.




“He is actually good. Of all the guys you ever had, he is the best,” Janet replied.


“Really?” Janet asked.


“Yes, of course, you guys look cute together,” Riskat winked.




“Oh we are just friends,” Janet replied.




“I’ve never seen you going to love palace with any of your male friends,” Riskat laughed.


“Who told you we went there?” Janet asked.




“I saw you with my own eyes,” Riskat replied.




“Well the thing is, we just went there without considering it to be some kind of romantic relationship,” Janet replied.




“That’s good for you then,” Riskat smiled.


She sat beside Janet and they talked at length before Janet announced that she was sleepy.










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