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Romeo And Juliet – Episode 11

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Chapter eleven


Vivian pov



Among the things am afraid of lose is losing people I care for. I don’t think I can survive losing people, maybe bcos I don’t have much of them




Suddenly we heard a gunshot


Who was hit?


I looked at my hand and there was blood, warm and thick ‘Why is blood on my hand?’ I thought.

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I looked at Ryan and I could see him in pain, even though he tried not showing it.


The others came to us.


That was when it occurred to me dat Ryan was d person shot.


He fell to d floor.


I look at my hand, the blood of the man I like, the one who came for me, risking his life and that of his team, his men. I couldn’t move I just stood frozen where I was.


“Miss Suzy, we have to get out of here,” Lucas said.


I only heard his words but I couldn’t move.


Just looking at my bloody hand.

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“Miss Suzy,” he shouted while I flinched.


“We need to leave,” he said.


“Ok,” I said crying.


“Let’s go,” he said. We scampered away, I was terribly afraid and I could see the nervous looks on lucas for we know not who’d shot at Ryan or where the shot came from, while Douglas carried Ryan.


We were taken to an SUV vehicle.


While in d vehicle, I just kept looking at Ryan who was in pain.



The fact dat I couldn’t help him puts me in pain.


“Miss Suzy,” Lucas called.


“Miss Suzy,” he said shaking my body.


“Yes,” I said.


“I need u to apply pressure on his wound,” he said.


“How? I don’t think I can do it” I said crying.


“Do u think he will be happy if he sees u crying, I need u to be strong for him to be strong,” he said.


“So apply pressure while I drive, the others are going to look for d shooter,” he said.


“U can do dat right?” He asked.


“Ok,” I said.


“Put pressure on the wound with this towel,” he said and I did.


I put my hand on where Ryan was been shot.


He entered d car and start driving.


I looked at Ryan wincing in pain.


“Dis is bcos of me,” I said crying more.


“That is not going to help,” lucas said driving even faster.


“Don’t say any regretful words to him, it is not going to help him” he said.


“We are almost there,” he said.


“It is going to be Ok,” Ryan said holding my hand.


“U are awake?” I asked.


“Uhn,” he said.


“U are going to be Ok,” I said.


“I know,” he said smiling.


Come to think, I’ve never said or done anything for Ryan. All I do is blame and insult him.


“Stop crying,” he said.


“Am not,” I said.


“I like u too,” he confessed while I looked at him shocked.


“Why are you telling me now?” I asked crying more.


“Right? I should I have said it right then but why am I saying it now” he said.


“We are here,” lucas said and parked d car.


He opened d car door.


While some nurse brought stretcher and carried him in, both me and lucas followed him but was stopped in front of the emergency room (er)


Some hours later, my dad and some other officers came.


I was admitted bcos of my wounds.


I woke up the next day at d hospital.


“U are awake?” my dad said.


He was with Vincent.


“What happened?” I asked.


“Don’t u remembered, u were admitted to d hospital,” my dad said.


“I know, just feeling dizzy” I said.


“Thank God u are safe,” Vincent said.


“Where is Ryan?” I asked worried.


“He is safe and he was discharged,” my dad said.


“What?” I asked.


“But we were just admitted yesterday,” I said surprised.


“It been a week, we were even worried bcos u didn’t have fatal injuries,” my dad said.


“Then where is he?” I asked.


“He is no longer in d hospital but has not resumed duty at the camp,” my dad said.


“So where is he?” I asked almost shouting not caring about the way I behave.


“I heard dat he is in his uncle’s house,” my dad said.


“Do u know d place?” I asked.


“No but I could ask,” he said.


“Thanks,” I said and remove d drip tube injected into my hand.


“What are u doing?” Both Vin and my dad asked.


“Am going to see him,” I answered.


“What!” My dad said.


“He saved my life, seeing him is d least I can do” I said.

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“Ok but one of my some of my men are going to follow u, Mrs Jane was arrested but u might still be in danger,” my dad said.


“Last time I checked, they couldn’t protect me” I said.


“But still,” both him and vin protest.


“I will be fine,” I said.


“Then let me go with u,” vin said.


“Ok,” I said smiling.


“Text me d address after u find out,” I said.


“If u don’t mind I need to change,” I said.


I changed my dress and secretly left d hospital I don’t plan on taking Vincent with me.


I hailed a cab and left.


My dad had already text d address.



Vincent pov


“If u don’t mind I need to change,” Vivian said and we left.


She is acting weird, she seems to care for Ryan.



Ever since he left she hardly talked to anyone.


I just feel threatened.


“Is she not taking a long time to dress?” Her dad asked.


I’ll go check on her, I said and went to her ward.


“Vivian are u not done?” I said knocking on her door.


But no one responded.


“Vivian, are you there?” I asked but no one answered.


I entered d room and saw no one.


“Of course,” I said and angrily left.


“Where is she?” Her dad asked.


“She is gone,” I said.


“Shit,” her dad said.


I just feel threatened, it seems like Vivian like Ryan or is it bcos she paid more attention to him dat makes me jealous.


And also Ryan he stayed in Vivian room when she was unconscious day and night.


He only went home today bcos the general forced him to.


There is something going on but what?



Vivian pov


I arrived at d address sent by my dad.



I ring d door bell, but it took a few moment before d door opened, just enough to note the exterior of house, the front were nicely kept, the house had a homely feel and average looking unlike our family mansion


“Ryan,” I said smiling.


“What are u doing here?” He asked.


“What?” I asked.


“Are u sick or something, how could u come here. What if someone attacked u he said.”


“Come in,” he said and dragged me in.


“Are u sick?” He asked.


“I only came here to see if u are Ok, it seems am not welcome” I said sadly.


“It is not like dat,” he said rubbing his face.


“U should go back home,” he said.


“What?” I asked.


“I’ll take u home,” he said holding my arm.


“I don’t want to,” I said and remove his hand.




“I don’t want to, I came here to see u.”


“Why do u like pushing me away, just admit dat u like me,” I said.


“U said it urself so why is it so hard for u to just admit u do?” I asked.


“I don’t like pushing u but I have no choice,” he said.

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“Then why? Why acting cold to me?” I asked.


“Bcos it is d only way for me to stop u from liking me or so I think.”


“U are getting married soon, there is no way to be together with u” he said.


“We can be,” I said.


“How? What about ur dad and Vincent?” He asked.


“I don’t care,” I said.


“I do,” he said.


“I care, I will be ruining ur relationship with ur dad. I can’t be bring myself to do dat” he said.


“I guess dis is how u want it” I said as tears rolled down my cheeks.


“For once do u ever care about me, about the pain I will be passing through bcos of u?” I asked but he didn’t answer me.


“U are not going to answer” I said.


“Then I will leave, good bye” I said and turn to leave but he held me back.


“I want u to, I deeply do” he said while I cried more. “Am a greedy person, once I have u I will never let u go.” “Do u still want to be with me?” He asked while I nodded.


“I will never let u go again, am going to become greedy and more selfish for u.” “Am not going to let someone else have u,” he said.



“Do u still want me?” he asked.

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Yes, I said.


“I want u,” I said.


Suddenly he pulled me closer to him while I starred at him.


I could feel his breath.


I was breathing heavily.


“I like u,” he said.


I was about to respond but couldn’t when he crushed his lips on mine.


I waste no time responding back to d kiss.


It felt good, sweet, I didn’t want it to end.


I put my arm around his neck and brought our bodies more closer.


It is miracle to be loved by someone u love.


And so our love story begins.




Finally, they are together.



Love u guys .

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