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Lonely (Season 2) – Episode 26

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Episode 26




With money,life could be so easy. But on the other hand,money can’t buy everything.


With the necessary connections and a wonderful lawyer,mum got me back my properties and I officially became a land and property owner. Of course,I gave all the papers to mum. She had given me everything I needed and hoped for in life. I knew those documents were not enough to pay her back for everything but at least,I started from there.


It was more of a reunion. We were all happy including Chine. She had insisted on leaving for the village but mummy refused,telling her that she would live with the Kalus till she’s ready to settle down.


While we partied and drank wine, Ken was mostly beside me,never leaving my side. We were about eating when I asked Chine to go up and call Kamsi,who had gone up to take a call outside the loud music. I watched her climb the stair,admiring the way her hips has expanded due to the pregnancy, I don’t know but she turned immediately and her foot slipped,then she fell,rolling down and landing at the foot of the stair. She zoned out immediately. There was blood on her head and blood coming out from her body. I froze. Ken and Gospel rushed to pick her while mum shut down the music. I started crying immediately. How can I loose the remnant of my sibling? As they carried her out,I didn’t move. I couldn’t move. I just watched them leave while mum followed,saying something that I didn’t get.


Kamsi came down and immediately she saw blood,she started screaming,asking me what had happened. I still didn’t say a word. She pushed me down on a cushion,yet I didn’t say anything.


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She started calling everyone but nobody answered their phones. In my state of shock,I wished she could read minds. It was as if I had lost my voice.



They didn’t come home that night and I didn’t leave that cushion. Kamsi sat down beside me,saying things I couldn’t hear. We remained that way till morning when Ken came in with Ted.


I still couldn’t speak,my brain hadn’t registered what was happening so I couldn’t hear whatever they were saying with Kamsi. I saw the look of fear in Ken’s eyes as he carried me out of the house,into the car and straight to the hospital where I was admitted immediately.


I don’t know how long my eyes were closed but when I woke up,the first person I asked after was Chine. The nurse who was beside me said she’ll call her for me,but instead,Kamsi came in.


She sat on a chair beside my bed and held my hand.


Kamsi: Doctor said it was shock. How’re you?


Me: Where’s Chine?


Kamsi: She’s fine.

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Me: Let me see her please.


Kamsi: You can’t. You’re not healthy .


Me: Please let me just see her. I need to see her.


Kamsi: I’ll call Ken.


She left immediately and my heart started beating. She was hiding something from me and I must know what that thing was. I’m sure Ken will never lie to me.


The door opened and Ken came in alone. I smiled at him and he gave me a peck on my forehead.


Ken: How’re you?


Me: I’m okay. How’s my sister?


He breathed out,but his smile never disappeared so I had hope.


Ken: She lost the baby before we got here but she’s fine. Though she’s in coma now but doctor has said that she’ll be fine.


Was I happy or not? I was lost in mixed feelings.


Ken: Kamsi just left to get you food and change of clothes. I’ll stay here with you.



He sat down and held my hands in his.


Me: Have you eaten?


Ken: Yes.


Me: Where’s mum?


Ken: We asked her to go home. She’s being here since the night Chine was brought here and when you came,her worries doubled and she refused eating or sleeping. Gospel had to forcefully take her home this morning.


I was grateful. I had love around me and it served as a protection. It was all that I needed to be happy.


I was discharged that day so I went in immediately to see Chine. She looked so peaceful while she was in a far away sleep. I heaved a sigh and said a quick prayer.


Ken drove me home to see mum later in the evening. We hugged each other and shed a little tear before she made me promise her that the next time I’ll be in a hospital bed would be when I’m about to deliver. Ken and I laughed and I made that promise,not sure of when it will be but I was hopeful,once I’m done with school and working,I’ll get a better man to love me………………..that’s what all

ladies say anyway.







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