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Patricia (Season 2) – Episode 15

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Patricia & Alicia P. O. V.


(Patricia’s office) “Is it true of what I heard?……………. You and Ronato are


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together now? “asked Alicia. “Yes Alicia. It isn’t a rumour. It’s the truth “she replied. “You don’t mean it “said Alicia, feeling very happy. “Well at first, I thought it was a nightmare. But I realized that it wasn’t. It’s real. You know what, I’m really so excited having Ronato with me. He is so handsome and lovely too “said Patricia. Me too. I’m really so much happy for you…………… But hold on a


second friend, what about Liliana?. I’m sure you know what you are getting yourself into “asked Alicia. “Yeah you’re right. Liliana can be so irritating. And she might even try to get back at us “replied Patricia. “Exactly “said Alicia. “But you don’t need to worry about me Alicia I’m certain we’ll get through this. Everything will surely go back to normal, to the way it was. I just need to attend somewhere very quickly. I’ll be back very soon. I’ll also ask the director’s permission before I leave “said Patricia. “Alright. But where are you going? “asked Alicia. “Relax friend…………. Just think of today as the solution to all challenges of love “said Patricia as the both smile to each other.






Ronato & Liliana P. O. V.



(In Ronato’s car) “Where are we going exactly Ronato? I’ve been asking you for a while now, but you refuse to tell me where exactly you are taking me “said Liliana. “Don’t be in haste Liliana. It’s a surprise. We’ll soon get there “he replied. “Alright then “she said. After five minutes, a car double-crossed them and they stopped the car. “What the heck! Who the hell is this? “said Ronato as he got down of the car. Then Liliana did the same. Licandro then came out of his car as well. He happened to be the owner of the car trespassing. “So it’s you? “said Liliana. “Where do you think you are going? As long as I’m alive, I won’t let you two be together “said Licandro. “Leave us alone Licandro. Please…………… Leave us in peace “said

Liliana. “You jerk. You really got some nerve, ugh?…………… Don’t you


understand, she doesn’t love you. She doesn’t want you. She doesn’t have anything to do with you. It’s me she loves. Only me “said Ronato. “Ronato that’s enough “Liliana said softly. “Just who do you think you are, ugh? You have no right to meddle in our affair. It’s between Liliana and I. So just mind your own business “said Licandro. “I said that’s enough you two. Just leave me alone. Ronato please get me out of here “said Liliana as she turned her back to enter the car, buy Licandro ran after her and held her on her wrist. “Please come with me Liliana “he pleaded. “You scumbag “said Ronato as he punched Licandro on the face. Then the both beginning to fight. Eventually, Licandro fell down and lie flat after getting one last punch Ronato. “What have you done Ronato? You’ve killed him “said Liliana as she started beating Ronato on his chest. Then she ran towards Licandro’s lieing position, whose face is full of injuries and blood. She kneel beside him and lifted his head up. “Please stand up Licandro. Don’t do this to me. Don’t leave me yet. Don’t give up just yet. I love you so much. I never imagined this would happen to you Licandro. Please wake up my love. Please for my sake. I regret everything I ever did to you. I shouldn’t have left you. You have always loved me. But because of my act of covetousness, I went with someone else. But still, you never stopped loving me. Please don’t leave me this way. I’m promising you from now on, I’ll never leave you “she said, crying bitterly. “Please my love. You have to wake up. Wake up Licandro. I need you. I’ll die if I lose you. You are the only man I’ll ever love, until my last breath “said Liliana as she put her forehead on his chest. Then after that, Licandro’s eyes open and rose up. “Wow my love. You are back. I can’t believe it. Thank goodness. So you are not going to leave me again? Thank you so much “said Liliana as she hugged Licandro tightly. Then after the hug, Patricia came down of Licandro’s car. Then walk majestically towards them. Licandro rise on his feet after he set his eyes on Patricia, giving her a loving happy smile. “Thank you “he thanked. “It’s nothing Licandro. We are friends, remember? “said


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Patricia as she smile back at him. “What’s happening here? “asked Liliana who is looking at their smiley face. Even Ronato who should have been scared is not. “Can anyone explain what just happened to me? “she asked again, feeling frustrated. “Calm down Liliana. What happened just now is just a game. We want you to realize how much you really love your beloved Licandro. And how much he means to you. And gladly, you were able to realize that on time “replied Patricia. “Was this your idea? “asked Liliana. “Yes it was………….. And I’m really sorry if


we have to get you scared in order to make you realize everything “said Patricia as Liliana went ahead and embrace her so tightly. They both smile, even together with Ronato and Licandro. Then Licandro moved towards Ronato. “Your punch is really hard you know. I nearly died when you gave me that last punch “said Licandro as the both burst into smile. “But thanks anyway. I know it’s for the best ” Licandro added. “Anytime bro. And I’m really sorry for all those bad time “said Ronato. “It’s nothing man. We should forget all about that now. It’s all in the past. Besides, I see that as part of love challenges. What matter now is that we were able to overcome all of it. Let’s just leave all that behind us. And the most important thing now is that we are friends now. Aren’t we? “said Licandro. “Of course we are “replied Ronato as the both embrace each other with a big smile on their faces. “Thank you so much Patricia……….. “said Liliana. “You are such a good person.


And an intelligent human being. Thanks a lot for letting this to happen. We have always been enemies. I hope we can become friends from now on “said Liliana. “Why won’t we? “said Patricia as they both ended up hugging each other once again with a beautiful smile on their pretty faces. Then they all return back to their various partner. “So honey, are you riding with them back home? “asked Licandro, trying to tease. “Of course not. Why would I ride in someone else’s car when you are here with me “replied Liliana as they all burst into laughter. “Besides, Patricia is also riding in Ronato’s car. So I don’t want to be an hindrance to the both. They should also have a nice time “she added. “What do you mean by that Liliana? “asked Ronato. “Well I already know that you guys are in a relationship now “she replied. “Hold on, how did you know that? “asked Ronato. “Even a blind man will know you two are very much deeply in love with each other “said Liliana as Ronato and Patricia burst into a lovely smile. “Oooooooh, so that’s why. That’s why you told me the other day that you are doing this for me because we both want the same thing. Now I get you. But why didn’t you tell me this earlier? “asked Licandro. “Because I know you would know eventually. Besides, those time we were together, I haven’t admitted my feelings to Ronato. So that’s why I chose to remain it a secret till the right time “replied Patricia. “Hmm! “said Licandro. “All



in all, thank you once again Patricia and of course you too Ronato. It really means a lot to me. And to be frank, you guys deserve each other “said Liliana. “You don’t really need to thank us Liliana. Believe me, it’s nothing “said Patricia. “Well then, we’ll get going now. We’ll see you next time “said Licandro. “Alright take care “the both chorused. Then Liliana and Licandro both enter their car and drove off the spot. After those two had left, Ronato then pull Patricia towards himself. “I’m so happy to be with you my love “said Ronato. “Me too “said Patricia. “Can you really what my eyes are saying? “asked Ronato. “What is it? “she asked. “I feel like kissing you right now “he replied, smiling. “Oh common. Don’t be naughty. We are in public, remember? “said Patricia as she pulled Ronato’s cheek. “Ouch………it


hurts “he shouted. “Oh sorry my love “said Patricia. “Well I don’t care. I’m not ashamed of you my love………… As long as I am with you, I can do anything. And


you know why, because you make me happy “said Ronato as they both burst into a lovely smile. After that, Patricia’s phone begin to ring. Then she removed it from her pocket and picked up the call. “Hello who is it?……………


Director?………………… What? Alright I’m coming right away “said Patricia as she


hanged up the call. “What is it my love? “asked Ronato. “The director just called me. He said he’s at our house. Our house just burned down “she replied. “What! “he exclaimed. “I’m really sorry but I have to go now. We’ll meet at the hospital “she said. “No way. I can’t just leave you like this. I’m going with you “said Ronato. “Okay then. Let’s hurry “said Patricia as they both enter the car in a hurry and drove off the spot.






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