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My First Foolishness – Episode 6

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Episode 6


The search to find Chijioke, my daughter’s father began, I went to his family house in Onitsha and I was told his parents had moved to Lagos and I wondered why Chijioke’s father didn’t mention it, when I met him few months back at Onitsha. I was doing all I can to locate them, but it was futile. I was disappointed as I have raised my daughter’s hope of getting to meet with her biological father and grand parents.


I got to a stage, I lost hope of ever reconnecting with my first love Chijioke. “What if he is married?, What if he had moved on? He never knew that I was pregnant with his child, talk much of having a 9 years old daughter, this is too complicated” I had told myself.


I tried all I could to convince my daughter that she was destined to have only a mother. But I promised her that I will be both, a father and a mother to her.


“No mom, you can’t be a father to me, you are my mother and I love you so much, I still need my Father in my life but I know it’s not your fault that my father is not with us, you have tried your best for me, even though all my friends at school have



their own father, I won’t complain. I am happy I have you” Catherine responded one warm evening and lost words and was thrown into a dilemma, it was obvious that Catherine needs her father and I had to do all I could to reconnect with Chijioke . I regretted telling Catherine alot about his father, I wished I concealed some details, She was just a child, she won’t understand everything.

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That evening was so emotional for me as I reminisced on my life and everything that I had went through. I was in tears, I remembered how Chijioke always professed his love for me


Ironically, we are like a puzzle pieces now more than ever before, but the memory of the time we spent together and the knowledge that Chijioke truly loved me, made my heart leap for Joy.


My feelings for Chijioke will eternally be unchanged. My respect for him runs deeper than the darkest depths of the ocean. We met at the wrong time, and that’s okay.More interesting stories from TOPSTER STORIES App. I have come to accept it, and hope that someday, maybe somehow, we’ll meet again and he will meet his daughter. More interesting stories from TOPSTER STORIES App.I wondered if he will still be in love with me, wherever he was. Sadly, I cannot tell my heart when to stop beating for the person who has stopped listening for its rhythms.


One thing is infinitely certain: Chijioke will forever be the one who woke me up-My first love and only love and for that, I will always love him.


After that evening, I stopped mentioning any thing that has to do with Chijioke to Catherine. That girl was indirectly putting pressure on me to look for her father but what can I do. I can not leave our life in Awka and move to Lagos and start looking for Chijioke’s family at every nook and cranny in Lagos. I have never been to Lagos but I have heard stories that Lagos was far bigger than our state and I don’t want to lose my way. Who do I know in Lagos? “Let the will of God be done” I had prayed silently.


I concentrated on my Job and showered more Love on Catherine, so she could lose up a little and forget about finding her father for a while .



Then one day, I got a letter from my Boss’s Personal assistant, my boss was away for three months, he travelled out for a business trip and all his responsibilities was shifted to his Personal assistance.


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I was curious when I read through the letter, in the Letter It stated that I was transferred to Lagos to resume my job at the company’s new branch in Lagos.


I had mixed feeling about the news, leaving Awka was something I could never imagined will happen and going to Lagos, was like a dream come true.


But still I was not in the right frame of mind, all I want was to see Chijioke again and relocating to Lagos is a step towards seeing him again.


When I broke the news to My daughter that we were moving to Lagos, she was in smiles because she understood what that meant, but when she thought of her friends at Awka, she began to feel the same way I felt, i was in a state of confusion and uncertainty, as I don’t know if I will ever be able to locate my first love. Moving to Lagos won’t guarantee anything because we might not be able to meet Chijioke’s family, I had no idea of where to find them in Lagos, Lagos is a big city, but I was prepared to try and see what happens.




To Be Continued




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