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Adventure With The Slay Queens – Episode 17

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Episode 17
What hurts us is what heals us
And so I wait. I wait for time to heal the pain and raise me to me feet once again, so that I can start a new path, my own path, the one that will make me whole again.
Even though I never care about yemi, but she always did silently. I thought she was a bad person, but she got a good heart I never for once imagined . I wouldn’t believe she will die protecting me.
For days I wept for her, she died in my arms after confessing sincerely from her heart to me. She made me realize love is worth fighting and also dying for.
I attended her funeral, to pay my last respect and I was surprised by the numbers of student that showed up. Even Janet was there with Elizabeth and the rest.
Janet approached me immediately she set her eye on me.
” I’m sorry about her death, I never knew she love you ” she said.
I looked away, trying to hold back my tears.
” I got to know after she’s dead, excuse me please ” I said then I quickly move away from her.
I saw Johnson sitting on one of the tombs so I mentioned him closer.
” may her soul be in peace ” he said immediately he got to me.
” Amen, How do I battle with the death from the past ?” I asked pointedly.
” I promised to help you , but it’s seems my time as a ghost is over, My body has been found and I only got few hours before I will be drop down in the ground .” he said slowly.
“so what now? ” I asked sadly.
“I will tell you all I know, and all you got to do” he replied sharply.
” when I was still Wandering about, I saw you talking to a tree spirit, I listened to your conversation and I heard him telling you about the death from the past, he didn’t tell you everything you need to know, but he only gave you a warning. After you are long gone, I approached the spirit in his abode, and he told me this.
Long before you were born, your ancestors from the mother’s side was born with the gift of sight. But only the female child have this gift. It is a taboo for a male child to be born with this gift. Your great grand mother had a male child with this gift. And the child was killed because the child was a taboo and an abomination. Ever since then, there has been only a female child in the family, and one out of ten or twenty have this gift. Your mother happened to be born with this gift… Unfortunately she gave birth to a male child which is you and you have the gift. She knew the risk involve, so she ran away with you. You are born with a death destiny and your mother wouldn’t want that to happen to you. Knowing fully well the pain she went through before giving birth to you.
Your father and her took you to many places just to destroy the gift. They were successful at some point but the gift can never be suppress, it’s returned after you clocked 20, now that you have the full sight, the agent of death will surely find you.
You have three moons left to Change the death destiny.
Firstly you need to know that it’s impossible to fight away death, it will surely come one day. But you can send away the commissioned one.
It’s a dangerous path, but you have to risk it, you might die in process or you can wait till death come, so make a choice. ” he said.
I took a deep breath before replying him, even though I’ve survived alot of things. I still want to live life the fullest.
” proceed ” I muttered confidently.
” travel far through the sea, till you reach the world of the mermaids, I must warn you, you have zero chance of returning. If they welcome you, make peace with them and seek for a mermaid tears…”
“wait… wait.. wait… My mission to the mermaids world is just to get their tears? ” I cut in rapidly.
” yes, it’s the tears you need” he replied.
” then I will have to do it my own way, anything more? ” I asked.
“after you’ve gotten the tears. You will need the company of a great hunter to get you mojala. Mojala is a female dear with the ability to transform into human being. At the sight of the mermaid tears, she will transform into a human. She will give you a pot of the forest water which you will take to the grave of the first male child with the same gift as yours. Place both the mermaid tears and the forest water at his grave, he will appear to you with fury, cos his death came with a great pain. He will attempt to kill you, but make sure he doesn’t. Offer him the tears and the water and his soul will vanish forever. Cos his spirit is the death hurting you around. When he’s gone, the war is over. ” he said then he disappeared before I could say a word.
” thank you ” I muttered slowly into the air.
******* ********* ********* ******** ****** *******
Back in school, When Ayokemi saw me, she flew at me as if it’s been decades since we’ve seen.
Publicly, she gave me a kiss and not minding what the students passing by might be thinking. I’m grateful joy wasn’t around.
She threw different questions at me which I couldn’t answer all. She later dragged me into her car and drove me to her residence.
She prepared pounded yam with egusi soup mixed with different encouragement that could make someone go mad salivating.
After we are done eating, we began talking and I narrated some part of my adventures to her. I knew what her next move will be, So I made myself ready for any sexual move.
I will say the move came faster than I thought, she threw herself on me flooring me with her boobs along side with an uncontrollable kiss. A kiss I tried keeping up with, but I couldn’t. It was fast and rough. No one need to tell me how hungry she was to eat me up.
She dipped her hand into my trouser and she began robbing her hand to and fro On my yet erected dick. Well, no dude can stand that, it arose in seconds.
I guessed she transferred the spirit into me, as I hurriedly torn apart her top. unhooking her bra will take a while, so I just drag the bra up and access her full breast. I grabbed on one of her Breast, the bigger one to be specified.
Woman breast are always not the same. So I head for the bigger One which I know to be Very sensitive, I brought my head down and began sucking on the pair of breast.
She was losing it as she began to say different sort of things. Suddenly she pushed me away and rushed forward to my prisioned dick, I watched kneeling as she expertly handled my dick like a car gear. I guessed she drag in at gear five cos she hurriedly entwine my dick in her mouth. She gave me a long lasting blow job which made me almost cumming in her mouth, but thanks to the experience control, I didn’t. I balanced her in a missionary position then set her pussy on a locomotive fire. She appreciated in return by giving me a loud sexy soundtracks, meaning I’m doing a great job.
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I bleep her this way for several minutes before proceeding to another fu.cking level. She took charge of the situation and gave me a new fu.cking style which I’ve never had before, But I do see it in a Crazy porn video.
She walked briksy to the door, positioning her leg straightly on the door handle with her pussy widen for any kind of penetration. I felt a little more hardness on my dick as I attack hungrily from behind. I thrust in deeply into her honey pot, not minding whether it’s hurt or not, I care less anyway, all I know is that, it goes a long way in. Cumming at this moment is an understatement, I wondered where went my cum as I continue to bang her non stop for hours. Sometimes I love to see the champion begging. When she discovered my fu.cking goals and potential. She began begging for an end, which I failed to approve, instead I positioned her for the unbeaten doggy style and entered in from behind. I guessed she didn’t see that coming. Her soundtrack began changing to yelling, a pleasurable yelling I will say. My dick can withstand the yelling but my ears can’t. I wouldn’t want to go deaf just on fu.cking a pussy, so I summoned out my cum before she transform me to a deaf man. We both lie tiredly on the bed trying to catch our breath.
” you are a hell of a bull” she whispered.
” I will take that as a compliment ” I replied giving her a kiss.
I helped her to the bathroom and we both shower together. When night falls we hang out to a popular club house before heading back to her place to have a respectable night.
At 12 mid night, I found myself in an unknown wild Forest, in all directions came different voices and they were all echoing one word, which is death. I felt a tap on my hand which brought me back to reality, it’s a dream.
I woke up terrified, every used minute draws me closer to my death. I couldn’t sleep the whole night, my thoughts were on how to overcome the death from the past. Going to the mermaids world seems like a suicide mission to me, let alone have their tears. Doing this period an idea truck me. Perhaps I could get a help from joy, she belongs to the white witchcraft and might know a way I can get a mermaid tears.
When dawn arrived, I made myself ready then head to joy place. She demanded for a sex which I couldn’t resist, so I let her have it. After we are done, then I moved to my priority.
” do you know anything about mermaids? ” I asked.
“not really… little I will say” she replied back with a gesture.
” you know how to get their tears? ” I threw back again.
“hell no, you can only get that from a mermaid itself, why are you suddenly asking about mermaids? ” she asked curiously.
I wanted to ignore the question, but I felt the need for her know the highlight, I wouldn’t get any help if I keep it all to myself, so I quickly summarise some part of the story to her.
” I don’t know how you can get a mermaid tears, but I know where you can find a mermaid without going to their world, On every market day, some creatures will leave their abode and transform into human and set to the market to buy things they need, part of this creatures are the mermaids. Tomorrow is another market day, an opportunity for you to see one, you can hide at the sea and wait for one to come out. ” she said.
I took a deep breath before saying my fear.
” the mermaids are they scary creatures? are they evil? ” I asked slowly. She took her eyes away not knowing how to reply me back.
” I don’t know, but don’t tag them friendly ” she let out. I thanked her and we both gisted till noon before I head back to my place.
I got home and I found Janet waiting for me at my door way.
” hi janet, you didn’t inform me that you are coming ” I said surprisedly.
” I tried your line, it’s off. So I decide to wait ” she said with a smile. I checked my phone and I found out that it’s off.
” I’m sorry Janet I didn’t know that it’s off, probably the battery went down. You shouldn’t be waiting here alone for a big head like me ” I said with gentleness.
” big head that is worth waiting for, are you going to open the door or keep me talking right there? ” she said with a wink. I quickly open the door and let her in before she throw another one .
“what should I offer you?” I asked when she’s relaxed. She stood up, head to the kitchen and survey my food stuffs, then she returned back to me with a grin on.
” I want you to cook for me” she said. At first I thought I heard the wrong thing, I didn’t know when I began laughing uncontrollably.
” I’m a horrible Cook” I said still laughing.
” that’s why you need someone like me to help you with the thing you are bad at” she said then she walk into the kitchen. I sense some things but I remain quiet. She prepared fried rice with chicken and we both ate in the same dish. The food was delicious that I wish to eat more but I couldn’t. I was trying not to be a glutton before her. So I planned to devour the remaining rice in the pot once she exit, but unfortunately Ben, mayor and ope arrived. Without even asking, the three of them head into the kitchen and finish up the remaining fried rice. I felt like tearing them apart, but there’s nothing I could do in front of Janet, so I waited till she leaves before descending hell on the three of them.
Dawn arrived sooner than I expected, I remembered my conversation with joy, so I made myself ready and head to one of the biggest Ocean in town. I sat quietly by the Ocean for hours observing and watching the ocean currents, with the hope of seeing a mermaid coming out of the water. This went on for several hours, but to my greatest dismay, I didn’t even see a glimpse of fish let alone a mermaid. When I’m tired of waiting, I retired and head back home.
The following day, I changed location and head to a popular river, but I found a mermaid not. This go on for weeks, but not a single mermaid came in contact. I was losing hope, I even thought of reconsidering the option of going deep into the mermaids world. I was sitting by the river one evening when I felt a tap on my shoulder. I looked back but only to see a very beautiful lady standing behind me. Her beauty are of no match to all the ladies I’ve ever see in my life. I felt lost in her beauty, as I began to stare into her eyes speechlessly. And for the first time in my life, I felt shy in front of a lady. I was dumb, I don’t even know how to start the conversation. She kept staring back at me with a lustful eyes that could drive a man totally crazy.
” Are you here for a sea watching or you are here to fish? ” she let out after the prolonged eye silence. I quickly think of an answer to give her. I can’t tell her my mission but somehow I found myself saying the truth.
” I’m just sitting hoping I will see a mermaid coming out of the water ” It was out before I realized what I said.
“really? So you believe they are real? ” she asked curiously.
” not until I see one, I only hear stories about them, anyway I’m Ayo ” I said with a smile
” I’m Erica, it’s nice meeting you ”
“the pleasure is mine ” I replied.
She took a sitting position beside me and she began staring at the ocean, and at every fast wave, she will smile .
” I guess you are here for a picnic or something? ” I asked after I realized how lost she was with the ocean.
” tell me what you know about mermaids ” she asked.
” I don’t know much, just that they are beautiful and charming, I also heard that they are dangerous, perhaps they don’t like we humans ” I said with a shoulder gesture.
She stared at me for a while before taking her focus swiftly back.
” so what do you know about mermaids? ” I asked with a charming smile. But I got it ignored.( silent AGBELE)
I noticed some slight changes in her mood, all her beautiful smile are gone. She now focus her eye on the ocean with rage.
” you seems uncomfortable with me ” I said assertively.
She turned her eye at me and began staring directly into my eye as if she is reading something in my eye.
” if mermaids are dangerous as you said you should be dead by now ” she said calmly. I felt an electricity of fear running through my veins, I quickly look around and I found out that the shore is empty.
” you see down deep there ” she said pointing her finger at the ocean. I responded by a fear node.
” that’s where my home is” she said.
“you are a mermaid? ” I asked curiously.
“yes, but you won’t live to tell anyone ” she said and all of a sudden I saw her fingers growing long and sharp.
” I should have see this coming, how on hell did I not know… ”
“because you are a human ” she let out interrupting my speech.
” I’m not just not an ordinary human, I have the gift of sight, I see things, I should have see who you are when I set my eye on you ” I said with a shrinking fear. She let out a smile then she returned her fingers back in.
” I casted a spell on you, it a strong spell that blinds human, now I know why you can still see, perhaps I should pluck out your eye for dinner?” She yelled out. Her words sent a cold shiver through my veins, I could have try my luck challenging her but I knew the situation can’t be solve with violence, so I went calm and speak softly to her.
“What do you want from me ” I asked slowly. She turned her head and look at me with a lust glance.
“you are worthless to me, I should just take your life right now ” she said trowing her eyes sorrowfully away. I sense some pain in her words, I moved closer to her then hug my hand around her neck. She was surprised by my reaction as she looked puzzled.
” you ain’t scared of me are you? ” she said slowly.
“No, I’ve seen more creatures that you could ever imagine and also, not all mermaids are dangerous ” I let out slowly.
” you are just a mortal, you know nothing about supernatural world, let alone a mermaid ” she retorted. I took a deep breath and walk some steps away from her.
” I know more than I’m saying ” I said convincedly.
” I need help, I’m struck outside, I can’t go back to my world. I lost my power to an evil being, I can’t breathe underwater ,I don’t have the entry password, am lost ” she said sorrowfully . I move closer to her then pet her shoulder softly.
” how can I help you? ” I said warmly to her.
“I need the password, the longer I stay on ground the closer am I to death, please I need the password ” she said pleadingly.
” I don’t quite get it, how is the password like, is it an agglomeration of digit or patterns… ”
“it’s a diamond shell, it worth billions to you mortals of the world, but it a life to we the mermaids. I can repay you with riches if you help me get it” she cut in.
” coincidentally, we happens to have the same faith… I don’t want your riches, I want something else ” I muttered. She looked surprised as she began to wonder what I may possibly want from her.
” No mortal could refuse such a great offer of richness, what else could you desire? ” she let out loudly.
” what’s good in riches without a life, my days are numbered,very soon I will be no more, except if I get a mermaid tears, and that’s the reason why I’m here. If you promise to give me your tears, I promise to get you the life shell back. Do we have a deal or not? ” I said swiftly. It took her some minutes before nodding in agreement to my proposal.
“so where can I find the diamond shell” I asked. She dipped her hand inside her gown pocket and drew out a leather map which contains so many places and location , down in the map is a shiny spot, I wonder what the shiny spot is about, so I helped myself with a question.
“What’s that shiny Spot about? ” I asked with perplexity.
” that’s where the shell is, whenever the shell is moved, the location will change ” She replied.
” very well then, let me go get the shell for you ” I said then I made to move.
“wait, I forgot to tell you something, it’s not as easy as you think. It’s a dangerous path you might not return…”
” I’ve always been in paths full of dangers all my life, but I always survive, that’s one thing I know ” I said then I move away from her.
When I was some kilometers away from the beach, something changed in the map. I sat down and began studying the map, for hours I was there calculating directions and bearing. Then a mysterious thing began to happen, whenever I look at some certain place in the map, the region will be clean away from the map, this continues till there’s nothing left in the map, the map was null and there’s nothing left in there. I became confused as I turned to search for Erica, but I found her standing right behind me. I wonder how long she’s been standing behind me.
” are you following me? ” I threw directly at her.
“No.. Yes… No.. Yes… I…I… have… No…where to go”
She said with her head facing down.
“thank God you are here, the map is empty? ” I let out loudly.
“really? ” she rushed towards me and snatch the map away from me. She look at it for minutes but she didn’t see anything.
“How possible!” she muttered to herself.
She looks back and she began staring at me, I wonder what she’s looking at, as I began to move back slowly.
” you have the map in your head, all the map has been transferred to your head” she said slowly.
“what ?” I retorted.
” yes, I don’t know how you did it, but all the map is in your head. You have a world compass in your head ” she said with a glimpse of joy.
” what do you mean? Believe me, my head is completely empty right now. There’s nothing in there ” I said rather jokingly.
” close your eyes, and imagine that you are lost ” she said.
“No, I’m not doing that. That’s madness, how can I imagine that I’m lost in an area I know fully well. ” I replied.
” just do it big head!!! ” she let out angrily.
” ok..ok ” I said then I closed my eyes, I imagined that I’m in a lost place then I opened back the eyes. I didn’t know when I exclaimed the word..’wow’
“Erica are you seeing this, or am I the only one seeing it” I said with excitement.
” I’m not seeing anything, what are you seeing? ” she asked.
” more than I could possibly say, I see navigations, short cuts, possibly route I never knew it’s existed, and there’s something showing me a direction, this is awesome!!! ” I shouted with an unspoken joy. I was expecting Erica to be happy as well, but her appearance seams troubled.
” don’t be too happy, I have a good news and a bad news for you ” she let out slowly. That got me perplexed as I wonder what the news Could possibly be.
“news?let me hear the bad one first” I said with a glimpse of fear.
” you are now a wanted being by all creatures in this world, either good or evil, but evil mostly ”
“and the good news? ” I cut in her speech.
” you are the only one that know the where about of the shell, which makes you a priority to me” she muttered.
” non of them are good, you just added to my life problem!!!” I yelled out angrily.
” Yea, it seems so, but we made a deal and there’s no going back” she echoed pointedly. I felt lost like an orphan, with a little hope of survival.
” I’m homeless, can you please take me in,you are all I got” she said with a pitifully voice. I wanted to decline her request but her reaction melted my heart.
“follow me” I said and she obliged happily. I was sure be ready to answer all various questions from my neighbors and friends, even with the fact that she’s a beauty.
When we got home, I prepared some noodles for her Which she ate hungrily like an ape.
“so what happens if you couldn’t get back the diamond shell within the time limit? ” I asked immediately she finished eating.
” I Will lose everything, I will be completely human ” she said drastically.
“I thought you said you will die” I rumbled.
“I will be… if I’m human ” she retorted.
” it’s better we go search for it by tomorrow morning ” I said,then I helped myself with a rough sleep on the rug.
I woke up the following day at 7 am in the morning, Erica was still lost in a snoring sleep, I wonder if that’s how the mermaids sleep. I woke her up with a tap, but I was surprised when she anomalously burst into a Chuckling.
” Do you know you snore alot” she said immediately my eyes met hers.
“No, you are the one snoring!” I retorted.
“says who? I was mimicking you. That’s how you were the whole night ” She rumbled back.
“Sweet Jesus!! have you been keeping tab on me? ” are yelled loudly.
” No! You humans are found of raping, I was scared you might want to… so I stayed awake all night. ” she said with an increased high voice . Her words cooled down my nerves, I guessed she have a trust issue with some humans she has encountered it.
” OK I understand you, I’m sorry. I’m not that kind of human, so can we go look for the shell.? I said calmly, and she nodded with a smile. We had a snacks for breakfast then we head out.
I activated the mind map, then I began following the direction being shown in my head. After walking for an hour I was stopped all of a sudden by Erica.
“Do you see where you are going into!!!? ” she screamed out loudly.
” I think it’s time you open your eyes and see the real world and not just a mental map!!! ” She added more aggressively.
“where are we? ” I asked with a little confusion.
“at the entrance of a forbidden forest, no one go in there and come out ” She said with some hand demonstration.
I took a quick survey of the forest, I can see evil aroma moving dangerously in the air. Saying I wasn’t scared will be an understatement.
” so what do you suggest we do? ” I asked trying to hide my fear.
“I suggest we turn back and leave!! ” she retorted. I agreed to her suggestion then we both turn to leave. All of a sudden, I heard a distant voice calling my name. We both stopped on our track and face each other surprisely.
“could that be coming from the forest? ” I thought out loudly.
Slowly, Erica turned back her head, and with a trembling gasp, she let out.
“Ay, there’s something behind us…Run!!! ”
To be continued….

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