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In Love With My Brother's Best Friend – Episode 45

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Chapter 45

Words are lost
Mouths are closed
Even through the silent pause
You take it all
Table talks
Getting through the car ride home
It could be a late night call
You take it all
Anchor to hold
You leave me room for my imperfections
When I’m a mess and you jump right in
If I drift in the wrong direction
You turn the tide and you calm the wind
Anytime, everytime I get lost
You will find me
You will find me
Anytime, everytime I get lost
You will find me
You will find me
You will find me
You will find me
You will find me

“Mommy, will you marry uncle tom?.” I was taken aback by the sudden question.
What the heck, who is getting married to who?
“Who told you that Sierra?.” I knelt down and cupped her face.
“Mommy, just tell me the truth will you marry uncle, Tom.” She said sadly.
“Oh no, baby I won’t.” I felt anger building up.
“I’m no longer a kid you know, you can share with me, mommy we only have each other uncle Ethan, grandma and grandpa are not here.” Tears rolled down her cheeks.
I gasped.
“I know that you don’t love daddy anymore right? I wish I had like other kids, mommy I won’t force you to love daddy if you don’t want.”
I felt my heart get heavy.
I don’t know what to say about this or what to think even do.
My heart hurts for my baby.
“Baby do you know that mommy saw daddy yesterday?.”
Sierra’s eyes brighten up with joy.
“Mommy really? What did dad say and when will he come back?.”
Sierra asked me all this bunch on questions.
“You will see him soon and ask whatever you want okay? And behave.”
I think tomorrow we will have to visit him.
I dragged Sierra with me to Imagine Magazine.
Chief Editor Cherry welcomed us.
“Sorry but I had to bring Sierra with me.” It was holidays and which means schools we’re closed.
“It’s okay” Cherry Blossom laughed.
Indeed this woman is beautiful.
“Thank you.” I smiled.
“We today’s there’s a ball and I’m sure you can find the juicy headline.”
“This is your first test.” Cherry Blossom explained.

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