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Must Read: Secrets – Season 2 Episode 19

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Episode 19




7:59 pm, Radisson Blue.




“How is this possible?!.


That face, he works for me!” Idara shouted.


“Which of the faces do you mean?” Billy asked.


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“This one,” Idara said, pointing at Kelvin’s face on the mirror. “And who is the other face? Why do I feel I have seen him before?”


“You have. He is my son Jimmy. The man who was supposedly shot dead at the




“Oh my God!


Why was I told Maxwell shot him dead at the club him?”


“You were told that to have you believe he was dead for real. I need to find this other guy…Billy, we have to be careful, my son has so much dirt on every rich and



powerful man or woman in this city. You see this guy; he was the one I asked to kill Annabel.


He actually sent me pictures of Annabel on a table with her body torn apart. He lied to me. Annabel must be alive.”

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“The maxwells never stop to amaze me, they are full of shit. So you wanted Annabel killed? What for?”.


“Billy, for many reasons…dress up! We have got work to do. Obviously Kelvin is working with Jimmy. I think I can take care of them in one swoop by catching Kelvin.”


“How do you want to do that?”


“He doesn’t know I have found out he is working with Jimmy. I will give him an assignment which will draw him to me.


If I catch him, then I will have caught Jimmy.”






8:06 pm, Billy’s Home




There were over twelve cars packed inside Billy’s home. Guards were in their posts, armed to the teeth. All the security lights were on. The news of the abduction of Billy’s daughters had not reached them but the sudden inability to reach any of them was a concern to the heads of Billy’s private security team. Several calls had been placed to Billy’s sons but they would not pick up the calls. His sons were working together with Elizabeth. Amid the tense atmosphere in Billy’s palatial residence, a young girl arrived at the first gate to Billy’s home, dressed like a woe girl. She was garbed in knee-high boots, a shot and a sleeveless top, which was torn in front and at the back. She put her face on the security camera on the gate and yelled, You asked for a! Here I come!” She reached into her pocket, removed a packet of cigar and a lighter. She was about to lit the stick of cigar in her mouth when the electronic gate swung open and a swarm of armed guards rushed out and wrestled her to the ground.”


“Leave me! Fuck!” the girl shouted. The guards ran hands all over her body in search of weapons. All they found was a mobile phone. With the girl knelt down and guns placed on her head, they asked her, “Who are you?! Who sent you?!” Looking very unperturbed, the girl lifted her head and replied, “My name is Mattie. I am here to see El Pacho.”



“There is no El Pacho here! This is the home of former president Billy . We are going to keep you in custody until we determine your mission here!” the head of that unit of guards barked.


“There is an El Pacho here surely. I am here to deliver the goods he ordered!” the girl protested.


“What goods?” the head of the unit asked yet again.


“El Pacho paid for my ass. It is his for the night,” said the girl.


“Release the girl!” a familiar husky voice thundered from inside the premises. He had a pump action assault gun resting on his shoulder like Sylvester Stallone. “Ratty! Are you El Pacho?!” asked the head of the unit.


“El Pacho is my name in the streets. Release the girl!” replied Ratty. She stood to her feet, hissed, spit into the air and quizzed, “Pacho! These guards smell like skunk. Do they pay to have their baths here?”


“Watch your tongue little fly!” one of the guards warned Mattie. Mattie pumped up the you finger in his face, spit next to him and ran after Ratty.


Just when Mattie had reached Ratty, she remembered her phone. The head of the guard unit still had it. “My phone! El Pacho your skunk colleagues have my phone!” Mattie shouted. Before Ratty could say a word, Mattie was already running back to get her phone. “My phone! I want My phone now!” Mattie demanded as she stood in front of the unit head. The guy reached into his pocket, removed the phone and handed it back to Mattie. Mattie grabbed it and turned to leave. The unit head slapped her very hard on the buttocks and she screamed in pain. She turned and crashed a neck bending slap into the guy’s face and poised for a fight. “Men like you pay to slap my buttocks and you slapped it for nothing. Idiot! Drop your gun and fight me! Fool! Fight me if you can!” Mattie kept yelling. She was playing her part well. The guards had no clue what was coming next. Ratty had to go back and scooped up Mattie and slung her on his shoulder like a log of wood. Comfortably perched on his shoulder, Mattie rained a barrage of abuses on the guards as Ratty bore her to his bunk. Inside Ratty’s bunk, instead of having the raunchy sex Mattie had mentioned, she dug into her private part and brought out small device, the size of a wristwatch, and turned it on. Ratty dismembered Mattie’s phone and removed a pin-like object which he inserted into the watch-like device. In that instance the device began to blink, giving of a ping sound. “How many bombs are in place here Pacho?” Mattie asked. “Eight” “What?!


I was told only about three. My employers didn’t mention eight.”



“I changed things in the last minute. Billy is a beast. To get his attention, you have to be really loud. Eight bombs will do that.” Mattie studied Ratty curiously for a moment and asked, “Is there something more going on here that you are not telling me?”

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“Nothing Mattie. Blow this place up and let’s be on our way.” Mattie tore her packet of cigar and removed a small paper from it. On the paper were several four-digit numbers. Working very fast like a rat on the run, Mattie began to punch the number into her phone. When she was done, she dialed them. In that moment, ground shattering explosions began to rock Billy’s residence.


Buildings, vehicles and human beings were being torn apart. In the bunk where Mattie and Ratty were, they worked frenziedly to disfigure their looks. Ratty had been preparing for the mission weeks back. From a can in the bunk, they removed sachets of blood which they poured on their bodies. Limping and holding each other, Mattie and Ratty headed for the exit gate. Just some distance away from Ratty’s bunk, Mattie detonated another bomb. The impact took them down to the ground. Mattie rolled on top of Ratty, dug her knee into his throat with brute force, sending immense pressure into his head and chest. She then grabbed his head and turned it as hard as she could. Ratty’s neck snapped as blood spurted from his mouth and nose. “It was meant to be three bombs and not eight, El Pacho. You were working for someone else, weren’t you?” she whispered into his ears. Like a cheetah, Mattie made a dash for the exit gate. **


8:27 pm, Radisson Blue.




Billy and Idara were on their way out of the hotel when Billy got a call. It was his chief security officer.


“Hello sir! Julia Idris and Manga have struck us hard. Your residence has been bombed sir!” The words made no sense to Billy. His residence could not be bombed that easily. He was still processing what he heard, when a loud shout from the hotel reception jolted him. He descended the staircase, leaving Idara behind. On the phone, his security chief continued to shout,


“Sir! Sir! Your home has been bombed! Can you hear me sir? I said your home has been bombed!” In the reception, Billy joined stunned hotel guests watching live video feeds from Billy’s home as mighty inferno engulfed his palatial home. “There has been several detonations in the home of Billy. We have not been able to determine if Billy was in his home when the bombs went off. Stay tuned to this



channel for more details as we try to get you more information,” a female presenter said on the screen. From behind Billy, Idara watched in disbelief.


“Who did this?” she whispered to herself. A roaming aerial video shot showed people running in several directions inside Billy’s residence with fire on their backs or trying to help those in trouble. **




8;30 pm, Blue River Hotel.




Elizabeth was standing to her feet with her two hands on her head. She was stunned. Her eyes were glued to the screen on the wall. Like a weather beaten bird, she shook intermittently. The na.ked young man on the bed stood up and took her in his arms. She squeezed her eyes shut as hot tears rained down.


“I did not ask for this!” she cried bitterly… I asked for a failed attempt at bombing my father’s house. I did not ask for innocent souls to be killed,” she continued to cry. The boy held her firmly, trying his best to keep her calm. Then her phone rang. It was Mattie. “Who are you?” Elizabeth asked.


“I am Mattie, the person who detonated the bombs. Madam, we were set up.” “You are not meant to have a contact with me. Report to those who hired you for the job. Drop the call now!”


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“I am sorry madam; I cannot do that. I no longer trust those guys. Someone who knew about our plan hijacked it.”


“What did you say your name is, young girl?” “I am Mattie.” Elizabeth memorized the name. “Who do you think hijacked our plan?”


“My guess is Julia Idris and her husband or Idara Maxwell.” “Which of them can you reach to night?”


“Idara Maxwell. Julia and her husband are out of the country.”


“Mattie, I want you to destroy Idara and everyone named Maxwell tonight. Name your price.”


“Fifty million bucks in American currency. Deliver half of it tonight to a safe I will give you now. By morning you will wake up to the news of Idara’s death.” “Mattie, give me the location of the safe.” “Okay madam, I will send it to you now.”


“Hold on Mattie, you can earn 10 million more by killing those who hired you to bomb my father’s house.”



“Don’t bother madam, they are already dead. I killed them.” “Who did you say you are girl?” “I am Mattie.”






9:35 pm, Restaurante Spazio, Maputo..




A Bentley was driving Maggie and Annabel into the restaurant. A call came into Maggie’s phone. She picked it, “Has it been done?” she asked. “Billy’s home has been blown apart,” a voice on the other end said. “Was he in the house then?”


“No madam. He was out with someone. There are too many innocent casualties. There is a chance someone else hijacked the attack.” “Find out who did and wipe them out,” Maggie ordered.


“Okay madam.”


Jimmy was at a table inside the restaurant. He had a phone to his ear. “Sir we are done. It went as planned,” a voice on the other end of the phone said. “Thank you. Move on to the other plans,” Jimmy instructed.






8:35 pm, Radisson Blue




Idara Maxwell was still in shock over the explosions in Billy’s home. Sitting on a chair, she reached for her phone called to Kelvin. “Hello boy, you must have heard about the explosions, have you?” she asked.


“Whoever did that has no idea what he or she has done,” Kelvin replied. “Kelvin, meet with me in the next forty-five minutes at Eden Crest Suits, we have got work to do.” “Okay, I will be there,” said Kelvin. He had no clue it was a trap.


Billy had long left for an emergency meeting with his security chief and his team. Just when the city thought they had seen the worst, news broke that Billy’s daughters had been kidnaped. One billion ransom was being muted. Julia Idris and Manga were mentioned as the likely culprits. **




8:48 pm, The Militia Camp





Eve, Stanley and their team watched in utter shock as firefighters and paramedics fought to save the bomb victims. Their eyes did not blink. The images on the screen were seen only during war periods. “We can’t release the information just yet. With this, the public are likely to feel sympathy for Billy. They will see him as being unjustly persecuted by his enemies. I know Billy, he will play weak to use this to his advantage,” Clara said. “We can hold back the bits about Billy and release the information we have about the governors, Idara Maxwell, Julia Idris, her husband and every other person out there. Let us send them to war against each other. I know how to do this. We can make it look like Billy is fighting back with the information we will made public,” Eve said. “Do what needs to be done Eve,” said Mr. Banks.










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