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In Love With A Prostitute – Episode 25

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Episode 25


David came home to meet the drama Don Carlos has created for him. He met both his parents seated at the living room.


“Good afternoon mum and dad?” He greeted but none of them replied.


“Hope everything is alright? ” He asked when he noticed the expression on their faces but when they still didn’t answer, he thought he should let them be. He was heading for his room until his mother called him back. “David come here. ” She said and he obeyed.


“What have we done to you that you have decided to soil our Image?” She asked. David was shocked by this question, he thought this was about his coming home late. He prepared himself to reply and convince them that he hasn’t turned a black sheep.


It’s not really what you are thinking.” He said.


What wasn’t? Was it the fact that you spend nights in a club or that you have been sleeping with an harlot? ” His father asked.


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“What! ” He exclaimed in surprise.


“I regret ever sending you to study abroad. ” His Father said.


“Buttttt I didn’t do anything. ” He stammered and his father flung an envelope at him.


He quickly picked up the envelope and checked the pictures inside. David was taking aback by what he saw. One of the pictures showed where Omolara was dancing na.ked in the club, the second showed him watching her and the third showed the two of them lying on a bed almost na.ked. David wiped his face with his palm to be sure he was seeing clearly.


“This isn’t me. I diiiiiidn’t sleeeep with her. ” He managed to say.


His father wanted to launch an assault on him but Mrs Amandi restrained him. David stared at the photograph to find a point to prove that the man in the photograph wasn’t him and luckily, he found one.


“Look, the man here is having a star tattoo on his shoulder. ” He said as he removed his shirt and showed them his shoulder.


“I don’t have any tattoo. The picture was fabricated. ” He explained.


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“But that’s your friend in the photograph or was it also fabricated. ” Pastor Charles said.


“Am so sorry, I only knew few days ago. ” He said. “Cut the crap, you liar.” Pastor Charles said in anger.


“Darling please calm down.” Mrs Amandi said trying to pacify her husband.



“Dear how can you tell me to calm down, the man threatened to blackmail me with this pictures unless I pay him a sum of three million naira. ” He explained.


“Oh my God! I swear to God, I did nothing with her. ” David said almost in tears when he realized the consequence of his actions.


“What are we going to do now honey? ” Mrs Amandi asked.


“Since the photo was fabricated and David had convinced us that he committed no immorality with the lady, am going to pay the man just to protect the church’s image. But henceforth I forbid David from ever getting out of this compound. ” Pastor Charles delivered his verdict and went inside.


As soon as Omolara got to work that night, she was told Don Carlos requested her presence so she went to see him in his office.


“Oh my dear Cherry, come have your seat. ” Don Carlos ushered as soon as Omolara stepped in.


She was feeling a little bit nervous because of what she had done and also because of the expression on the face of the hefty security beside Don. She summoned courage and went to sit before her master. “How have you been? ” He asked.


“Fine sir.” she replied.


“Let’s talk about your late friend, have seen her mother lately? ” He asked and Omolara was shocked.


“You see, I have always known something like this is bound to happen, that’s why


I placed a bug on the phone of every single one of my employees. Although I never


thought you could betray me. ” Don said.


“Please Don am so sorry. ” Lara pleaded in fear.


I know the boy forced you to take the step and that’s why am going to forget it ever happened. ” He said.


“But the day I see you two together is the day you die. ” He added.



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