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Drama Queen – Season 4 – Episode 3

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[Blinks House]



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Li Sugar


I walked into the living room and meet Angel and Babé.


Both were standing near the door like they were waiting for me.


“Hey girl, welcome back,” Babé said.


I headed to the staircase, ignoring her.



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Tch! I rolled my eyes and ascended upstairs, to my room.


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Dropping my bag on the bed, I walked to the drawer, opened it and took out a small white package box.


Smiling, I sat down at the edge of the bed and opened it revealing the glittering diamond necklace with a locket of I and Michel’s photo.


“It’s beautiful,” I muttered and took it out.


It was a gift from Michel on our first anniversary. That was three years ago.


Phew! I’ve been pretty unfair to it.. I locked it up in this drawer for the past fourteen months.


“Don’t worry sweetie, you’re gonna be on my neck from now on,” I said and wore it. “Cutie, it’s still so perfect on my neck just like I am for Michel. No one can be more perfect to him than me. A little ass is trying to be a threat but I’m gonna put her where she belong. Aw let me take some shots. I’m gonna send them to Michel. He should see that it still look so perfect on me.”


I took out my phone from my bag and took some selfie.


While I scrolled through the pictures, I smiled.


“No one can match my perfection. No one can be a threat to my relationship with Michel. I would climb up the mountains to bring down whoever it may be. I, Li Sugar say so.”


Tucking my hair behind my ear, my smile widened as I thought of the romantic context to write while sending the pictures to him, My Kim Michel. Mine alone.


A call came and I picked it.



Hello, I sent you some photos. She’s in a private car which isn’t Michel’s. It seems she’s heading to Nam-Dan. Should I keep following her?


Nam Dan?


She’s going to Michel’s home?


For what reason?! That bastard!



Keep an eye on her. Follow her to wherever she goes. That’s your job. I want to know where she went and how long she spent there. I said.


Okay ma’am


I ended the call and opened the message.


Three pictures were sent.




“This car. It’s Michel grandmother’s car. What the heck is the trash doing in there and why’s she going to Michel’s home? Could it be that Michel’s grandmother sent her car to pick the bitch?”


I scoffed.


“That can’t be…I’m trying to hold back my anger right now! How dare she go to Michel home..”


Another call came.


My mom.


I picked up.



Mom that bastard is going to Michel’s home. How dare she!



Sweetie calm down okay. You need to calm down



Don’t tell me to calm down mom. That bitch has no right to go there.



Sugar listen to me. I told you to let go. You should forget about Michel and move on. You broke up with Leo because you want him back but if he doesn’t want you anymore and had found someone else then let him go. You can’t do anything silly because of him right?


I scoffed.



Mom I thought you had an idea how much I love Michel but I don’t think you do. I’m gonna do everything to make him come back to me. I don’t care whatever it would be but I will bring Michel back to me and you see that little ass, I’m going to put her exactly where she belong I said.



Sugar, you can’t do anything silly. Don’t do things that would hurt anyone. You need to listen to me your mom.


Mom, right now you are behaving like dad and I don’t like it so I’m ending this call. Bye, I said and ended the call.


I dropped my head on a pillow and breathed out.







[The Kim’s residence]



Mona Lisa


The car pulled to a stop at the compound of the Kim’s.


I took in a long breathe in and out before getting off the car.


“Welcome ma’,am” A maid bowed to me as I got into the living room.


I bowed back cos it felt awkward being greeted that way by someone who might be older than me.


“Please come this way,” she said and led me towards Halmeoni’s room.



We entered and I met Halmeoni sitting on her bed with Mrs Kim sitting beside her and massaging her wrist.


A maid was clearing the table.


“Hello Halmeoni – Hello Mrs Kim,” I greeted, bowing twice, one to Halmeoni and one to Mrs Kim.


“Oh she’s here… That’s good. Welcome my grand daughter -In-law,” Halmeoni said.


What? Grand daughter in law?


“How are you dear?” Mrs Kim asked me.


“I’m fine, thank you ma. And you?”


“I’m fine, thank you,” she answered with smiles.


“Na-ri, leave my wrist, let Mi rae continue,” Halmeoni said.


Arghshhh! She didn’t even let me take a second break!


“Alright Halmeoni,” Mrs Kim said and got up.


I took her position and began massaging Halmeoni’s wrist.


“Oh your hands are still very soft and tender.. I like that,” Halmeoni said, smiling. I just smiled back.


“Have you been doing well?” she asked, looking at me.


I nodded. “Yes Halmeoni and you?”


“I’ve been fine. Recently I’ve been feeling very happy. Very happy..” she said. I smiled and said “It’s good to be happy Halmeoni.”


I was still massaging her wrist.


Mrs Kim and the maid weren’t in the room again.


It was just I and Halmeoni.


“Of course it is but this happiness is so special. You know why? Cos I’ve been having beautiful dreams day and night,” Halmeoni said with smiles.


“Really?” I said.


“Yes. Do you want to know about the dreams?” she asked.


“Yes Halmeoni,” I answered.


“Well… In some dreams, I see a beautiful white wedding in which my Tan is the groom and you are his bride,” She said with a grin.


What… Seriously. Did she had such a dream?


It felt good to my ears.


“And in other dreams,” she continued. “I see a handsome great grandson in my hands. He has the eyes and nose of my Tan and your lips and hair. Ah my great grandson would be really handsome and what about my granddaughter, she’d go for Miss Korea when she grow up,” she said, smiling broadly.


I could only do a sneer smile.


‘Isn’t it so early to start dreaming about great grandson from your Tan and me? Arshh… this is embarrassing..’


“You see Mi rae, I liked you immediately I saw you. I had no double mind and I’m not having any reason to search for faults in you like I did to Li Sugar.”


Li Sugar?


She’s not having any reason to search for faults like she did to Li Sugar?


What? She didn’t like Li Sugar?



She touched her forehead and exhaled. “Phew! I was really relieved when I heard that they broke up. The first time I met her… Ewwww! She carried this ugly aura that circulated everywhere. I found so many reason to dislike her and I really did. My happy mood automatically changes whenever she comes here.. But you see you my dear..” she smiled and touched my hair. “You are pretty.”


‘What? I’m pretty?


Is that what she actually wanted to say?


Tch… I thought she’d say something more nice.


Anyway, I smiled and said, “Thank you Halmeoni.”


“My wrist is fine now, thanks to you. I need to show you something, let’s go,” she said.


“Oh..okay.” I said and got up.


‘What could that be?’ I wondered.


“Get me my walking stick over there and help me to my feet,” she said and I did.


Soon, we were outside the house.


I had changed into another clothes given to me by Mrs Kim. I wore gloves, holding a bucket, weed cutter and rake.


Halmeoni was actually taking me to the farm.


It must be the farm she mentioned to me that day.


Argshhhh! I can’t believe this!!


We finally got there. It was actually a small farm situated at the back of the house.


Tomatoes , Chilli , Onions , Potatoes , cucumbers and carrots were the plants growing in the farm.


They were all in little little portions.


I’ve never stepped into a farm before so I don’t even know what to do.


But why would a very wealthy family like this be having a farm for?

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“You haven’t entered a farm before right?” Halmeoni asked.


“Yes. How did you know?” I asked.


“It’s written on your face,” she said. “but don’t worry, all you have to do is take out the little weeds growing newly. I will tell you how to,” she said with smiles.


I inhaled.


“But first I need to ask you this. Are you asthmatic or anything similar?” she asked.


I shook my head. “No”


“Good” she smiled.







[Silver House]






The line you’re calling is not answering, please call back later


I sighed and took the phone off my ear.


“Why isn’t she picking my call. This is the fifth time. I hope everything is fine. Yes mom. Let me call mom.”


And I did. She picked up.






Mom, I’ve been calling Mona but she isn’t picking my calls. Why?



Ehmm actually, your grandmother took her to the farm so I think she didn’t take her phone with her



I gasped. What! To the farm? Why? Why would Halmeoni take her to the farm?!


I don’t know but I’m sure she won’t get hurt. Don’t worry.



My goodness… Halmeoni is being more than astonishment to me with Mona. I thought that farm is only worked by a married woman? Why’s Mona there?


I’m confused myself.



I’m calling Halmeoni right away



What.. No..


I ended the call and called Halmeoni. Fortunately she picked it.


So she went with her own phone but Mona didn’t.



Halmeoni I spoke first.



Yes my Tan. Are you calling because you are missing your fiancé already?



Halmeoni, mom told me that you took Mona Lisa to the farm. Why?



She’s part of the family already and needs to know about this farm. Why are you talking like you don’t know the hereditary.


I thought it’s a married woman that is supposed to work in that farm Halmeoni. Why is Mona there?


She laughed. Are you worried about that? Ah you don’t need to. As far as you’ve proposed to her. She can work in the farm but I’ll have to be there with her.


Propose to her? When did I propose to her?



You are always being silly son. You proposed to her at that party. You announced to the whole world she’s going to be your wife. Isn’t that proposal?


What Halmeoni that can’t be a proposal. There was no ring and she didn’t say yes to it


It doesn’t matter dear. I have to go now.



No Halmeoni, give her the phone. Let me speak with her I said.



Okay then


I heard Halmeoni telling her to take the phone and the next second, she spoke.






Mona, are you alright?



Yes, I’m fine.. You don’t need to worry about me. It’s fun working in this farm.


Her farm sound like she’s alright indeed.



Are you sure you are fine? I asked.



Yes I am. I’ll be back soon.



I exhaled. Alright. See you soon. Take care of yourself and don’t forget to eat okay?


Yeah. I will.


I ended the call and sighed.


“Halmeoni is really surprising me. She talked about the farm to Li Sugar but she never took her there. Why did she take Mona?”



The proposal?


“Tch! Halmeoni is so scaring me. What kind of proposal is that! Oh…this is insane!”


Beep beep…


My phone beeped of a new message.


I raised my brow on seeing the sender.


Li Sugar.


“What message is she sending me?” I wondered and deleted the message without opening it.


I notification came in, announcing that the Day-1 of the talent hunt has not yield anything good.


None of the contestants is the anonymous singer but the Day-1 hunting is still ongoing.


I scrolled through the videos of the contestants singing to the lyrics of the song but a different tone.


They just composed a good tone for the lyrics but that isn’t the tone


The real song is Mona Lisa and she’s gonna surprise every damn person.


I smiled and scrolled to her picture.


A knock came on the door and my eyes went to the door.


The doorknob turned and the door opened.


I sighed on seeing Dr Dam.


“Arghhshhhhhh.. Why why Why are you here? I told you I’m fine Now…”


He smiled.







[The Kim’s residence]



(Hours later )





It has been a fun filled day with Halmeoni and Mrs Kim too.


Halmeoni and I worked in the farm and she told me the story behind the farm.


I got to know about Mrs Kim’s asthma and also about Li Sugar not knowing where the farm actually is situated in this house. Halmeoni told me all of that.




Then after the farming. I took my bath in a guest bathroom and changed back into my clothes.


I went back to Halmeoni and Mrs Kim and we had lunch together.


It was a great meal. Mrs Kim is so good in cooking.


I wish I do too, so I could make Michel whatever meal he want.




I’m I really wishing I’m a good cook just to make Michel meals?


No way!


But it obvious.


I smiled.


“You should go now before the weather changes. Anything can happen,” Halmeoni said.


I smiled. “Yes ma. It was fun working in the farm.”


“I know it is. When next you come, you are going to read me folklores. I love them very much. Tan always read them to me whenever he comes but you are going to be reading them to me from now on,” she said.



‘I’m going to be reading them to her from now on? Did she say when next I’m coming? Gosh. This woman is so troublesome..’


Anyways, I smiled and asked. “Should I buy new folklores books when coming next?”


“Good! That would be good,” she said.


I smiled.. It wasn’t from my heart tho.


Mrs Kim walked to me with a bag in her hand and stretched the bag to me. I collected it.


“It’s Michel’s favorite food. I packed a lot of it,” she said.


“I will give it to him ma,” I said.


“I told you to call me Omma,” she said.


“Ah yes.. Omma,” I said.


She smiled. “Let me walk you to the car. Halmeoni’s driver will take you back






I turned to Halmeoni. “Halmeoni, please take good care of yourself. Eat very well and take your medicines. I will keep praying for good health for you,” I said. “Can you pray?” she asked.


I laughed. “Ah yes.. I can pray.”


“When last did you go to church?” she asked.


I faced down and bit my lips. ‘Arghhhh this woman. Why would she ask me that. I can’t remember the last time I did. Was it last year or eight months ago? Arshhhhh! I can’t lie to her, right? What do I say’


“It’s been a very long time, right?” She asked.


I was about to answer but Mrs Kim interrupted.


“Halmeoni, why not let her go. It’s getting late already. Come on Mona, let’s go.”


“Yes ma..sorry, Omma.”


“You will come on Friday and we will go to church, ” Halmeoni said.


‘Ahhhh I’m relieved it’s not tomorrow.’


“Or should we go tomorrow?” she asked.


I immediately shook my head. “No Halmeoni, Friday is the best.. It’s the best,” I said.


She smiled. “Uhm Yes you are right. Let’s go on Friday.”


I bowed. “Yes Halmeoni.”




“She is troublesome right?” Mrs Kim asked as we got to the car.


“A bit,” I said with a grin.


She smiled. “It’s okay. I was once in your shoes and even now, she haven’t stopped but she’s fun and a mother-In-Law any woman would wish for. She’s just a bit harsh but also fun to be with.”


“You are right Omma.. but I don’t think she’s harsh at all, ” I said.






“Wow.. But I thought she was just a bit, but I think I was wrong. Thanks for letting me know. I own you a coin for that,” she said.


We both bursted into laughter.



“Take care of Michel. He’s no difference from his grandmother. Very troublesome,” she said.


I smiled. “Yeah you are right.”


“And take care of yourself too Mona Lisa. Bye.”


“Take care of yourself too Omma, see you next tomorrow,” I said.


“That’s right. See you next tomorrow,” she said.


I entered the car and waved at her.


She waved back.


When we hit the road, that was when I remembered my phone.


I took it out of my purse and gasped at the missed calls from Michel and from Rose mom.


‘Oh my goodness.. Mrs Jones. I’ve not spoken with her all this while. Is she aware that Rose and Tenten are back? Geez! I totally forgot about her..’


I immediately called her and she picked.



Hello Mrs Jones I spoke first.



Mona dear. How are you? she asked.



I’m fine. I’m so sorry that I haven’t called since then or even come around.



I understand dear. I saw everything. I hope you are very fine? she asked.



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Can you come with Rose and Tenten tomorrow? she asked.



Ahh yes, I will.



Alright dear. Bye





The call ended and I breathed out.




[Silver House]




Thirty five minutes later, I was back to silver House.


I walked into the living room and met Jeff and TedyA.


Blue was also there, walking about.


She saw me immediately and rushed to me.


I carried her. “Blue.. I missed you.”


Michel must be upstairs.


“Hello flower boys! How are you?” I asked with a smile.


“Welcome Mona,” Jeff said, returning the smile.


“What do you have in the bag?” TedyA asked. “It look like a meal. I can perceive the sweet aroma,” he said as he got up from the couch, walked to me and tried taking the bag but I didn’t let him.


“Sorry Foodie but it’s from Michel’s mom, for Michel,” I said.


“You don’t know all about Michel yet but we eat his mom’s meals a lot so just give me that bag gently,” he said.


I shook my head and said. “It have to get to him first.”


Jeff chuckled.


“I’m telling you that we eat his mom’s meal a lot. He doesn’t need to see it,” TedyA said.



“What’s going on here?” That was Michel as he descended down the staircase with J guy behind him.


Our eyes met. He smiled at me and I returned the smile.


“Ohh Hyung! Your mom got us a delicious meal,” TedyA said.


Michel got to me and took the bag.


“Who said it’s for we, it’s for I alone,” he told TedyA then smiled at me. “But I will let Mona eat with me.”


“What? Hyung. You can’t do that to me,” TedyA said.


“That’s unfair Michel,” J guy said.


“Come with me,” Michel said and took my hand. We headed towards the staircase.


“I’m I really not going to eat that hyung?” TedyA lamented.


“It’s really unfair. I wanted to eat too,” J guy said.


I inhaled. I have to do something.


“There’s something inside the bag that I need to take off. Let me have the bag,” I said.


“What’s that?” he asked.


“A dead cockroach,” I said.


“What!” He gasped and immediately dropped the bag in my hands.


Halmeoni told me at the farm that Michel is very scared of cockroaches and would scream out and pick race at even the tiniest one.


It worked!



I smiled and turned to the flower boys. Raising the bag up, I shouted. “Who wants to eat???”


“What!” Michel half yelled but I smirked at him and ran to the J guy and TedyA.



J guy collected the bag. TedyA gave me a thumb up and we had a high five.


“You are the best!” he said.


Jeff smiled at me.


J guy was already on the phone with Ms Oh, telling her to get three spoons, waters and dessert.


Michel gave me the look of -Should-I-just-deal-with-you?


I chuckled.


“Michel is eating too. Someone should call Best. Yo all should eat together it together,” I said.


I winked at Michel and he just chuckled, walked to me and took my hand.


“Come with me,” he said and pulled me along.


“What.. Are you not going to eat your favorite meal prepared by your mom?” I asked.


“I wanted to but you didn’t let me. Should I just call her and tell her that?” he said.


“What? Wait let me get the food from them,” I said and looked back.


Geez! They were already consuming the food.


“There’s no need,” Michel said.


Just then Best came running down the staircase.



“Wait for me. Don’t finish the food or I’m going to kill you all!” he shouted as he passed us.


Geezzz this idols drop their celebrity personality outdoor and Act like ordinary people indoor.




He held me to we got to the center between his room and mine.


“Uhm I have to go into my room and sleep, I’m a bit tired,” I said.


“Fine, let’s go in,” he said.




He smiled and pulled me along. We entered my room.


“You can’t be in my room. What do you want the others to think?” I said.


“You are my girlfriend. Of course they should think whatever they want to,” he said.


I raised my brows “Huh?”


“Sit,” he said and sat me down on the bed and sat beside me.


My heart started to pound.


I crossed his hand around my shoulder.


“Alright, let’s sleep..” he said and pushed me down with him. We dropped on the bed with our face up the ceiling and my head resting on his arm.


“Are you feeling sleepy too?” I asked him.


“Yes, I didn’t take a nap today cos I was worried about you..” he said.



“If you are feeling sleepy, you should go to your room and sleep,” I said praying he will do that.


He smiled. “Are you scared?”


“Scared about what?” I asked.


“That Jeff, J guy, Best and TedyA would think we are having… a wild play in here?”


‘Wild play? What is he talking about… How could he mention something like that..’


He went on. “I mean, we kissing passionately and maybe going further to taking off our -”


I instantly covered his mouth with my palm, cutting him short.


‘Is there anything more I don’t know about Michel, like him being a pervert?’ I wondered feeling so embarrassed.


‘How could he say something like that so freely without having a little shame eh.’ “Don’t say anything!” I told him then removed the hand. He chuckled.



“My grandmother was a trouble to you right?” he asked.


“No she wasn’t,” I said.


“That’s a lie,” he said.


“I like her a lot and I’m going there on Friday too,” I said.




I smiled.


“I want to sleep,” I said and closed my eyes.





Ahh! That grandmother of mine, is she trying to keep Mona away from me?


I missed my girlfriend all day and she’s still going back there next tomorrow?


Should I just travel out with Mona Lisa?







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