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Her Demonic Lover – Episode 14

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Chapter 14











It’s been weeks with Rose and I’ve grown so attached to her and I feel she feels the same to me too.


So exciting and fun to be with her and I finally get to smile genuinely and happy without any pretends.

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Many times I forget the reason why I’m here or who I really am.


I sat on the bed beside her watching her sleep peacefully.


She looks so beautiful, calm and seems it she bothers about nothing at all.


I touched her face and trailed my hand on her cheek down to her lips.


It suddenly felt hot in the room,


so hot that I didn’t need anyone to tell me we had a guest.


I turned and it was my Father, .


I fell on my knees immediately and bowed my head almost touching the ground.

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* What are you waiting for? *


He spoke and the air from his mouth could burn.


* Forgive me Father but I’ve no idea what you’re talking about * I said still in a bow.


* She’s truly in love with you bring her blood to me !!*


He spoke and I raised my head to glance at Rose and turned to Father




You do not have a lot of time. You will not only be banished but will suffer greater punishment if you fail this task *




He told me and vanished.


I bowed again.


I looked at Rose and my heart started beating fast.


I’m having second thoughts this now but I’ve worked so hard to sit on that throne and


I deserve it more than any of my seven brothers.


I can’t let anything get on my way, on my way to reign.


What’s wrong with me?


Why am I finding it difficult all of a sudden.


I can’t let my emotions get to me.


Infact I have no such emotions,



I am Prince Lucian of the mighty and I will reign.


I stood up and stared at her.


But she’s in love with me truly how can I take her life?


“Your soon to be reign will cease and one of your seven brothers will sit on the throne ”


words of the the silent demons echoed in my head.


No I can’t let that happen, I won’t let that happen. I have to do this!


I laid on the couch and pretended to be sleeping when I heard Rose’s door crack open.


I felt her walk up to me and touched my cheeks, she slowly bent and pecked my cheek.


I couldn’t help it I smiled and opened my eyes.


She flinched and moved back


* I thought you were asleep *


She said nervously picking on her finger


* I felt someone kiss me so I woke up, who was that? * I asked and raised my eyebrows. * How should I know? *


She replied and ran into the kitchen.


I laughed at her expressions.


I got up and walked to the kitchen door, stood and leaned on the door watching her.


She was standing scolding herself for kissing my cheek earlier and hitting her head.


She turned and fell down when she saw me.


I ran to her and carried her like she was weightless on the counter.


Her cheeks grew pink and I wanted to burst out laughing on how cute she looked. * You’ve become so clumsy, stay here i will prepare breakfast * I said and smiled.


She looked away and I chuckled.


I went ahead to start preparing breakfast and whenever


I turned toglance at her she would look away from me quickly.


I served and carried her to the dinning then we started eating.


How can I do this Father?


How can I kill this woman?


You tell me cause I don’t think I have the slightest idea.






I was at work preparing some chicken curry sauce but all I could think of was Lucian.



I kept smiling to myself just thinking about him and it really makes me all giddy that I’ve been smiling all day to myself.


Everyone is looking at me strangely.


The way he takes good care of me is so romantic and I couldn’t help falling in love with him.




There I finally admitted it to myself even though I’ve been arguing with Jane I wasn’t in love with him.


Apart from my sister I’ve never felt so comfortable with anyone before and


Lucian I feel like he’s a Godsent cause since he came into my life it’s been all good.


I just wish I can finally have a chance to be happy with someone in my life to stay for good.


I hope he really is the right one and that my love is not unrequited.


I poured the sauce in a sauce bowl and served it with Rice.


* Order number 9 ready *


I said and rang the bell.





Her Demonic Lover



He’s a demon



She’s human



Fantasy Romance



By Shantel



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