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In Love With A Prostitute – Episode 18

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Episode 18


The thanks giving Sunday finally came, the church was bubbling with a whole lots of excitement. The service kick started around 8am with people cladding their best attire. David sat in the midst of the congregation, his eyes scanning for Omolara’s fair face but he couldn’t find her. Although she made no promise to come but he wished she would grace the service with her presence.


While he was thinking this, someone suddenly tapped his shoulder. He looked in the direction and his face meet with sister Folake’s smiling face. “Happy Sunday brother David.” She greeted before sitting beside him.


“Wish you the same sister Folake?” He replied with courtesy.


“This is going to be a glorious service.” She said.


“By God’s grace. ” He replied absent minded.


“Last month was wonderful, the choir’s ministration was whao. ” She said but David didn’t reply. She wasn’t sure if he had heard her.


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When she realized he wasn’t listening to her, she playfully gave him a jab.


“What are thinking about brother David? ” She inquired.



“No, am not thinking about anything. Am just… ” Before he could finish his sentence, he suddenly saw a figure in a very beautiful gown walked in and take a seat at the other row. He swallowed hard in anticipation and when the figure took off her big eyes glasses, he was elated to see that it was Omolara. David waved at her and she waved back happily.


“Who is that?” Sister Folake asked.


“She is a friend. A very good friend. ” He replied.


As the service went on, the newcomers were invited to the front seat. Although Omolara was feeling reluctant to go, David through pleading eyes persuaded her to. She walked with other first timers like her to the front seat. After they have been seated, the pastor’s and elders came to greet them one by one.


“I really appreciate you honouring my invitation. ” Mrs Amandi said when she got to her.


“It’s really a pleasure ma.” she replied.

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Omolara’s heart almost jump out when she suddenly sighted Chief Dennis : a very good customer at the club amidst the elders coming to greet them. She froze when their eyes met while he greeted her. She was fully consumed with guilt, she wanted to get out and run as far as her leg could carry her but she couldn’t. A lot of eyes were on her.


“I had made a terrible mistake coming to the church.” she thought.


She looked back and saw David’s soothing eyes happily staring at him. She also noticed the lady beside him doing all she could to attract his attention.


“David is making a very big mistake falling in love with me, I need to let him know before he falls too deep. ” she thought.


David could barely wait for the service to be over before he went to approach his friend.


“Am so happy you showed up Lara. ” He said.


“I wasn’t going to come but I don’t want to disappoint your mom.” She replied. An usher came to call Omolara as a visitor to a private meeting with the ministers but David politely shooed him off.


“So let go have lunch at the house.” He said.


“Am sorry I can’t, I need to get home. ” She said.


“Nope, you can’t. Mum would be waiting for you. ” He said and succeeded in persuading her.


Omolara was feeling relaxed during the lunch. Although Pastor Charles wasn’t present because he had a meeting with the junior pastors, Mrs Amandi was a very good host.


“This is a very lovely meal ma. ” She said.


“Oh really, thanks. I cooked it in the morning before we went to church. ” Mrs Amandi said.


“My mom is a very good cook. ” David added.


“I can’t agree more. ” Omolara said.


“So Omolara, where are you from? ” Mrs Amandi asked.


“Am from Oyo state ma. ”


“What of your parents? ” Mrs Amandi questioned again.


“My Dad died when I was young but my mom is still very much alive. ” she replied.


“Alright. Are you a born again Christian? ” Mrs Amandi asked and Omolara was short of answer to respond with..



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